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  1. Magpul Breaks Bad, Continues Sales to LEOs in Ban States
  2. Good News from GA Sen. Isakson
  3. Shipping brass that is primed
  4. Is gun registration prohibited by law?
  5. LWRC
  6. Another SAFE Act Unintended Consequence-- Illegal to transport an AR15 with Ammo
  7. LWRC threatening to move out of MD
  8. Trouble shipping a BP musket
  9. New Colorado Gun bill bans standard pump shotguns
  10. Bad Plaintiff, but Good Law
  11. Locked Gun Containers/4th Amendment Rights
  12. Hypothetical: Getting hunting license just to target shoot in woods?
  13. Another order to show cause in New York?
  14. CA Gun Laws and Curent Lawsuits: A CGF Rundown
  15. Shotguns to be outlawed in CO?
  16. Indiana Senate calls for U.S. con con
  17. Sequester Blues
  18. Pistol Permit Approval/Denial Scenario
  19. Wilson Cmbat will nolonger provide any services.
  20. FYI - Nevada No Longer Honors Arizona
  21. Onondaga County Legislature NYS SAFE ACT town hall meeting.
  22. jeopardy
  23. Transfer Question: do I have to ship to the destination FFL
  24. Trafficking Bills in the Senate
  25. Support from Maryland Delegate Kevin Kelly, plus Maryland Sheriffs
  26. DHS Drones to determine if person is armed and to intercept cell phone signals
  27. Senators to Dine with President
  28. ACLU to look at "militarization" of local police
  29. NRA political endorsements
  30. Florida SB1678: Anger management class need to buy ammo
  31. Oregon firearms background check
  32. Transfer to son
  33. Confiscation scenarios
  34. CNN - more mis-information: "Study links gun laws and lower gun mortality"
  35. Sen. Graham Offers Alternative Background Check Bill Backed by NRA
  36. federal civil lawsuit filed in the Andrew Scott case...
  37. National FOP
  38. Open Letter to Senators McCain and Graham
  39. Project Veritas shows police telling the questioner "You're on your own"
  40. How Obama Silenced Gun Control Groups
  41. Mandatory gun ownership
  42. For the AZ crowd
  43. Interesting Self Defense Shooting - Eagleton
  44. 2A and the viability of recalling a senator
  45. Massachusetts Handgun law
  46. Arrest record
  47. The Future of Gun Rights
  48. Editorial against Florida Stand Your Ground, and my contribution to "comments"
  49. New York State safe act ?
  50. Please help
  51. Bizarre Oregon bill increases complexity of CHL testing
  52. GA Congressman Changes Position
  53. WA Background Check Stalls IN House
  54. Town Of Geddes NY SAFE ACT vote tonight
  55. S.649: Reid's Base Gun Control Bill
  56. Utah House Bill 76 gets Senate approval.
  57. Sen. Carl Levin, Gun ban on TERRORIST!!!
  58. Sporting exemption
  59. If the 2nd Amendment can be restricted why not restrict the 1st?
  60. NYS Pistol Permit Application Process
  61. Washington State background Bill FAILS
  62. Brady Center paving new ground.
  63. Last Chance for Colorado!
  64. NICS, Felons, and Disenfranchised voters.
  65. colorado's John Morse says your sick and need cleansing!
  66. US Senate Committee Approves AWB & Mag. Limits
  67. Confiscation in California
  68. More drivel from Connecticut's leadership
  69. Colorado Ballot Measures Coming
  70. Possible backlash for gun control attempts?
  71. Open unloaded carry
  72. Political correctness
  73. Free States and terminology
  74. Tough break for Florida gun owners & 493 license holders....
  75. Colt shuts plant, workers talk to Conn. law...
  76. Lawsuit in Illinois re:Cook County’s $25 tax on firearms
  77. Mailing Guns
  78. No PA sales to NJ residents.
  79. NY State ,Hannity & D Smith
  80. Idahos new enhanced concealed carry permit
  81. MAK 90: CA legal for CA resale?
  82. When trial courts go stupid on self defense law (aka, know the law)
  83. Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly
  84. A question of obeying the law
  85. Nullification of gun laws
  86. Gun Control Common Sense
  87. The Fight Has Officially Been Brought to a NJ Gunowner's Front Door
  88. More states passing laws to nullify federal firearms laws
  89. colorado new laws
  90. So, "which" mag is it, .223, or .50?
  91. AWB Removed From Base Gun Control Bill in Senate
  92. Denver Post item; CBI, gun buying perspective....
  93. Private sale out of state?
  94. Want something that will make you "Fill your shorts" ? Read our Connecticut Senate
  95. Assault Weapons Ban proposal pulled
  96. SC/ND Sign Agreement. CO Limits Mags 15 Rds.
  97. The Perils of Scalia
  98. A Second Amendment scholar “schools” us all.
  99. NYSRPA files suit in Buffalo
  100. Fun with the Brady Campaign.
  101. In theory, this has been debunked multiple times on TFL...
  102. Quote from Professor John Lott in "Debacle"
  103. "Prohibited person" for drug use - how does that work?
  104. Stay the course
  105. Arkansas: Movin' on up! (I hope)
  106. FOID Application Question--What to Expect?
  107. NJ gun rights question
  108. Does Heller provide protection from another AWB?
  109. Glock mags on July 1st in CO
  110. entertainers to avoid
  111. More questions on S.374 The Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013
  112. Amendment 139: Opposing the UN ATT
  113. Buffalo Wild Wings and No Guns
  114. background checks and ATF forms, ATF keep?
  115. Sen. Reid Beefs up "Base Bill" to Destroy Gun Ownership
  116. Denied god given right
  117. That "militia thing"
  118. Maryland members take note...
  119. NAGR and NRA
  120. Do we really want enforcement of current laws?
  121. I keep hearing talk about "open carry" becoming legal in MS???
  122. Good Pro-Gun Interview
  123. Alaska/Wisconsin Conditional Reciprocity - Other Info
  124. New Chicago Sun Times article on IL gun owners...
  125. Sikh Man Claims Gun Laws Violate Religion
  126. New Florida bill(s), changes to gun owner(s) SOPs/mental health...
  127. How likely is the ban on 10+ round mags to pass?
  128. Question about the Lautenberg Amendment
  129. Legality of manufacturing your own 1911
  130. New Mexico Honors Alaska . . PA Only Honors Maine Resident Permit
  131. Background checks
  132. BATFE FAQ ... Gone?
  133. Idaho Legislature Acts Up!
  134. Can this be reversed? New Gun Laws in CT?
  135. Voter registration of Adam lanza and mother?
  136. HR 1369: Require Insurance for Gun Owners
  137. NICS wait period
  138. A disconcerting email from The White House
  139. So We In Connectcut Are A Joyous Lot Now
  140. US domestic opposition to UN ATT
  141. One-Time-Use Magazines
  142. Maryland SB 281 AWB passes the Senate
  143. We can use Bloomberg's money!
  144. the reason magazine bans work
  145. ACLU against pending background check legislation in the Senate
  146. A Blue Slip in the House
  147. Pro-Gun Laws Gain Ground
  148. Second thread with more questions
  149. Beretta officially gone?
  150. calling all in Ohio to oppose new gun laws
  151. Uh-Oh, is this true?
  152. How many jurisdictions force families wanting one HD gun to have two?
  153. Firearm Transfer in CT
  154. Ohio Law / Open Carry
  155. Guilty by association?
  156. BUSTED: Mark Levine Exposes Dianne Feinstein on Gun Control
  157. Getting a stolen rifle back from ATF?
  158. What 2nd Amendment?
  159. Camping and Carrying in Tennessee
  160. RI AWB coming, please help!
  161. Kansas Law ...
  162. Keep the message alive!
  163. New Mexico Honors South Carolina – Kansas to Honor All – Other Info
  164. School: Americans Don’t Have Right to Bear Arms
  165. Missouri Governor's Escapades
  166. State Legislators Responding to the People
  167. Bipartisan agreements?
  168. Fed law and state law
  169. FYI – PA no Longer Honors AZ and VA Non Resident Permit/Licenses
  170. Compromise?
  171. Firearms confiscation has started in New York
  172. The gun grabbers are turning up the heat: confidence or desperation?
  173. Question for those more versed in gun laws than me...
  174. Cruz/ Paul/ Rubio Filibuster defeated in senate
  175. A liberal response
  176. I reiterate
  177. Toomey-Manchin Amendment
  178. Richard Burr & Kay Hagan Betray NC & USA
  179. NY behind the scene in Albany
  180. Tresmond Legal Defense Fund - NY Gun Confiscations / Civil Rights Case
  181. Why do politicians think they are above the law?
  182. Remington Gets Huge Gov't Contract - Decides to Stay in NY
  183. Amendment 14th + 2nd Amendment = ....
  184. A Letter from Senator Coburn
  185. What Amendments would we like to see on the Toomey-Manchin Amendment?
  186. Ammo Giveaway
  187. Can somebody tell me what this means
  188. Army sergeant arrested for legal possession of a firearm
  189. Discrimination based on state of residence, CCW
  190. S.649Update
  191. Background checks - controversy
  192. Our civil rights are on the way out!
  193. PA & Non-Resident Permits…… AR To Honor All … Other News.
  194. contact your reps again
  195. NBCnews.com; ATF revokes CT gun shop license...
  196. Obama Wants to Cut the FFDO Program
  197. Kind of out of the loop here
  198. Boston: "We have gun powder purchase laws here"
  199. Today's the day - Vote on S. 649
  200. After Boston is our reloading hobby at serious risk?
  201. Senate to Vote on Amendments to Gun Legislation 4pm 4-17-13
  202. So with today's vote - what next?
  203. Shall Issue Bill up for vote tomorrow in Illinois House
  204. San Francisco bans Black Talon ammunition
  205. Would anyone know last time BATF were sued over stockpiled 4473s?
  206. Boston area: Do you now live in a police state?
  207. Chief Kessler
  208. Massachusetts class A license
  209. Executive Powers & Mental Health
  210. P AND I and/or P OR I as re: National Reciprocity
  211. Door To Door Searches and Civil Rights?
  212. Text of Proposed Coburn Amendment to S.649
  213. Con Law 101: Commerce Clause and State level AWBs
  214. city parksand bar an grills
  215. rape/mental heath/gun control?
  216. interstate transfer
  217. Gun law "compromises"
  218. ? about what Defines "PERMANENT" magazine mod
  219. NJ joins the parade of new gun laws to be proposed
  220. Posse Comitatus laws
  221. NC: Contact committee to move HB 937 to the floor for vote
  222. LaPierre article in new issue of American Rifleman
  223. Finishing an 80% lower at a "build party" now illegal in California?
  224. Rumor on executive orders and imports
  225. Recent reorganizing of State Defense Forces?
  226. Norman v. State (FL)
  227. NC: HB 937 Restaurant Carry headed for vote. Contact your Reps!
  228. Magazine Capacity Limits?
  229. AMMO Act?
  230. Question on searching: Canada border
  231. Hypocrisy of gun grabbers
  232. Waiting for gun permit in Indiana
  233. Extra mags and Reloads for CCW
  234. Gun Control Fight Not Over Yet
  235. Criminal armed with a taser
  236. disparity of force in retreat
  237. WA Drops FL, Maine Permit Info Private, WV to Honor More
  238. Background Check At The Ballot Box
  239. Shipping Handguns via Fedex
  240. So why can't kids own guns?
  241. Black powder carry laws
  242. Airport parking and weapons in vehicle
  243. The Frog on the Stove...
  244. Jim Manley on Concealed Carry on Campus
  245. LEOSA subject to to state magazine capacity laws
  246. HR 1565: Universal Background Checks (Again)
  247. Silence
  248. Con Law 101: Revocation of Naturalization
  249. Con Law 101: Selective Prosecution as it pertains to David Greggory
  250. Travesties and Zero Tolerance Policies - NC members in particular should take notice!