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  1. Indiana sale of handgun
  2. Are tube fed and detachable magizines bound by the same rules and a few other ?'s
  3. Full auto OK'd for the general public
  4. Please send a tea bag!
  5. the right of self defense
  6. So much for "Facts"! American guns in Mexico
  7. Protect Our Right To Keep & Bear Arms -- SIGN THE PETITION!
  8. Can I get a CPL in michigan?
  9. Federal bill may end Canadian firearms registry
  10. The 90% myth on firearms to Mexico
  11. Will a CCWp show up in court records ?
  12. I need a little help with an anti
  13. Did something get banned today?
  14. Unbearable Permit Times In Indiana
  15. A Moment Of Silence
  16. The REAL causes of gun violence
  17. Acceptable Gun Laws
  18. Bloomberg and Burris
  19. New York: 6 Anti-Gun Bills...
  20. send drudge an email
  21. Health Rationing for Seniors
  22. Treaties and Gun Control
  23. Gun Shows
  24. In the past couple weeks ...
  25. Obama's Gun Ban List - is that a joke?
  26. Revolution Timing?
  27. Feds undercut civilian supply of ammunition
  28. Loaning a gun to a CA resident.
  29. Anti-depressants: Should we spread the word
  30. The odd man out - Liberal Constitutionalists
  31. Gun Control is humiliated again...
  32. Fox is reporting another shooting.
  33. Illinois Question
  34. Licensed to Kill?
  35. Maryland laws
  36. New gun restrictions on a national level?
  37. Need an explanatin of law language please
  38. Public discourse is off the mark.
  39. Un-American????
  40. It's time . .
  41. Self defense question
  42. South Dakota self defense questions spurred by self defense shooting in Brookings
  43. Feinstein Wants New Assault Weapons Ban, But Will Bide Her Time.
  44. "If I Only Had a Gun..."
  45. Grade Obama
  46. Pelosi Makes It Official
  47. READ
  48. 20/20
  49. Good News, Obama not reinstating ban
  50. Westchester County NY Pistol Permit Application
  51. Can my wife carry one of my guns?
  52. Stockton CA militia being formed
  53. US President Barack Obama authorised navy snipers to kill three pirates
  54. Does VA have the Castle Doctrine ?
  55. 4 years of action
  56. Idaho: Employees to keep guns in their cars
  57. Getting Alaskan in Ohio - Write your representative!
  58. Great Thomas Sowell Article on Gun Laws
  59. Permit for CC in Maine problem
  60. Guns in america
  61. Promising shift in 2nd ammendment advocates ?
  62. CA handgun transfer question.
  63. Funny / Educational Law Question
  64. Help me out, Texas gun laws
  65. question about selling a pistol
  66. Tea Party Events
  67. Illegal info given at Buck's Gun Rack in Daytona, FL
  68. parks rule- contact obama administration
  69. Legal query: can I have a non-FFL welding shop modify a gun *part*?
  70. Attorney: Shot justified
  71. Flipped flag for distress.
  72. PA pistol transfer question
  73. Department of Homeland Security report targets veterans
  74. Racist History of Handgun Bans in America
  75. This from a Veteran friend of mine
  76. Age 18 + MT Law questions.
  77. Selling Firearms For Profit
  78. Obama Seeks to Reintroduce Failed 1997 U.S.-Mexico Weapons Treaty
  79. The new phenomenon of mass murders in schools and the workplace
  80. Arguments used in the Brady Campaign website
  81. The "90% myth" comes from Obama, now
  82. What is up with U.S. Census ?
  83. Ever hear of the DDTC? This is why ammo is so expensive!!!!!
  84. Local non-political activism - Our Responsibility
  85. CCW
  86. Help regarding Oregon CHL holders personal information disclosure
  87. Anyone know how to get an FFL license in NY states?
  88. DC and a Handgun
  89. Firearm Transfers
  90. Incorporation Thread - Nordyke is out!!
  91. Incorporation - The 9th Circuit Ruled Today
  92. Anything crazy you have dealt with (laws/rule)
  93. A question about a traffic stop
  94. Illinois Laws for Out of State residents
  95. How to obtain a FLL in Michigan? Help or Suggestions?
  96. marine base gun laws
  97. Concealed Carry in California
  98. Anti reactions to Nordyke
  99. Lautenberg "Closing te Gun Show Loophole"
  100. What part of the Nordyke fallout might look like.
  101. Form of ID for Log
  102. Intersting AWB Read from MSN
  103. AWB poll
  104. We are on the verge of becoming criminals.ACT NOW!
  105. Gun IQ
  106. Firearms/Vehicles in California
  107. Carrying in National/State Parks in CO
  108. "Qualifying" for RTKBA
  109. Inebriated/drunk/alcohol/beer Home Defense
  110. What is next after Nordyke?
  111. Rifles and a stupid Question
  112. Random Scenario Question
  113. Question about the 2nd Amendment (well regulated militia)
  114. Getting the Lead Out
  115. KY adult education carry question
  116. Jimmy Carter on gun control - I am ashamed...
  117. Pilot buying guns
  118. Stand up for your 2A rights - BOYCOTT T.G.I. Fridays!!
  119. Concealed Carry Question - Florida
  120. Back-door Gun Control
  121. Wachovia (Statesboro, GA)
  122. The USA committed suicide November 4th 2008
  123. Governments Backdoor To Gun Control!
  124. Shipping ammunition
  125. leaving nys
  126. E.J. Dionne Jr.: President must take aim and stand up to gun lobby
  127. I hate to say it.....
  128. Conn. Senate OKs machine gun ban for children
  129. driver's license + CC permit
  130. Justice Souter Announces Retirement
  131. The Supremes sing again: Dean v. United States
  132. Relief in sight for California - Safe Gun List Challenged
  133. Heller & SCOTUS -- who voted which way?
  134. 13 anti-gun bills just passed NYS assembly on 4/28/09
  135. What if you found a Barrel of Fire Arms berried as Destroyed.
  136. FL law protects homeowner who shot woman in SUV
  137. New Article in Guns & Ammo concerning BAN
  138. Information needed on California law…
  139. Boston MA concealed carry
  140. Gov. Ed Rendell "Assault weapons difficult to operate . . .
  141. anti gun brief in chicago case
  142. Don't have a lawyer...
  143. Colorado Pro-Gun Legislation on Gov's Desk
  144. S. 941: To Reform BATFE
  145. The NY Problem
  146. 2A Questions: Please Explain
  147. Trip to Cancun (not Swine Flu related)
  148. Australian Gun Law Report
  149. Malfunctioning AR case
  150. Texas: Campus-carry bills are dying!!
  151. Sue Your Attacker?
  152. SAF, Calguns Challenge Arbitrary Denial of Right to Bear Arms In California
  153. new bill could shut down the internet
  154. California and the 500 S&W?
  155. gun carry in smokey mountains
  156. Is there any state where open carry is illegal?
  157. Incorporation Continued
  158. Could this really be legal?
  159. Business premises laws and requirements?
  160. Defenseless in Illinois
  161. Constitutional Convention
  162. Want to build an AR15 from receiver up. How?
  163. Illinois NRA members - NRA/ILA may need your input
  164. anyone hear anything about....
  165. Nj pistol Permit question
  166. Missouri college carry bill.
  167. Letter 2 Editor, re: AK-47 Saves Life, Captures Murderer
  168. Law question on brandishing
  169. Getting guns around Canada
  170. Defining Dangerous and Unusual
  171. Homicides in the United States
  172. Texas: Campus-carry bills
  173. Questions about IN laws
  174. Texas Couple Shoots 4 for Trespass. Boy, 7, Dies
  175. hr2159
  176. Defining Dangerous and Unusual, Part II
  177. Breaking/Entering & Unlawful Entry
  178. (ACTIVISM) Florida Legislature is raiding concealed weapons licensing trust fund
  179. National Parks Carry update
  180. Access to Body Armor
  181. Extremists & Veterans
  182. Quick Question On Federal Law
  183. Guns In National parks Back?
  184. Court limits gun suit in LA Jewish center attack
  185. This ain't right. The new face of American law enforcement.
  186. Treaty to Register Firearms?
  187. State Gun Laws for Active Duty Military
  188. California and the Mini-30
  189. Recruiter CCW
  190. Akins attorney petitions scotus in accelerator rifle stock case.
  191. exporting bullet components
  192. FTF Transfer in Illinois
  193. Sometimes being bullet-proof is not a good idea
  194. The Insurrectionist Idea
  195. A "Distraction Blow". What is this bull scat?
  196. ***URGENT - TAX Imposed on Second Amendment Rights in Florida!
  197. A bipartison Video documentary.....
  198. what they don't teach in school anymore
  199. talk of secession
  200. We need more Blacks in the NRA
  201. Transporting gun through no gun zone
  202. Harold Fish Case Arizona
  203. rain water nows belongs to higher authority
  204. gln beck on the 10th
  205. Attn Northern Virginians!
  206. He Called My 8 Year Old "A Little Terrorist"
  207. 2nd Amendment Vote! Help!!!!
  208. Rahm Emmanuel: If its between that Terrorist list and the NRA...
  209. Politico: Democrats hold fire on gun control
  210. Few questions about Felonies & Guns.
  211. Alert: 9th circuit to vote on en banc hearing for Nordyke
  212. Gun Rights under assault
  213. Urge your Congressman to Oppose the AgJOBS Amnesty!
  214. On The Verge Of A Legislative Victory Click and send
  215. It passed
  216. WI. Gun owners need to read this!!!
  217. Pistol License-Yaphank
  218. Michigan purchase law
  219. Police CCW exemptions
  220. Regarding selling a gun
  221. Loaded, Open carry in Yosemite?
  222. federal law providing defense.........
  223. What constitutes brandishing?
  224. Concealed Carry in Oklahoma State Parks
  225. El Monte and Alabama excessive force incidents and End of Chase Syndrome
  226. Private party transfer of a gun from Nevada to California of a non listed handgun
  227. History behind high capacity magazine ban?
  228. Pistol transfer
  229. Liberals ask how they lost gun, Guantanamo votes
  230. NYC Owners Beware.
  231. President nominates Sotomayor for Supreme Court
  232. C&R and 922r question..... C&R Log book
  233. Firearms in checked baggage?
  234. Crime Rate & Concealed Carry
  235. 2nd Amendment March comes to NJ!
  236. Department of Public Safety - Denial
  237. Police Captain Shoots Son When Son Attacks Mother
  238. Something that makes you want to go "postal"
  239. Obama Declares War on America’s Gun Owners With Supreme Court Pick
  240. PR hits the fan
  241. Senate Bill SB-2099 real or not?
  242. An Open Letter to Obama
  243. Handgun family sale in CA
  244. Does denying civil rights by treaty equal breach of contract?
  245. Blacks and gun control
  246. Charges dropped against Black Panthers
  247. Why get a state permit?
  248. Who knows I own a gun?
  249. Boston Mayor Rejects Idea to Arm Police Officers With Military Assault Weapons
  250. FFL business