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  1. Texas felon... on gun laws.
  2. NYS sawed off shotgun laws?
  3. Replies from PA Reps.
  4. What some socialists actually think on gun rights
  5. This guy understands the Second Amendment....
  6. Obama Activates Election Campaign to Push Gun Control
  7. Full text of Feinstein's bill
  8. New AWB - Poll Taxes?
  9. post to my facebook friends
  10. Universal Background Checks????
  11. Tom Coburn Supporting Registration?
  12. Possible straw sale entrapment attempt?
  13. It cant get any easier folks.
  14. County Sheriffs Can Block Federal Gun Control
  15. Ny/ erie county disapproval
  16. Mandatory Firearm Insurance
  17. Florida laws about carrying without a permit.??
  18. Texas CCW Question
  19. CBS Programming
  20. class action lawsuit question
  21. DE Again Honors VA ?? !! ?? !!
  22. Need some help fellas
  23. A Few Thoughts On The Bill
  24. Interesting Crime Stats analysis video
  25. New Bullet Button Law in California, Advice
  26. Carrying disassembled handguns
  27. Email this editor and tell him thanks
  28. What state has the most in depth CC course requirements
  29. Mental health review
  30. Permit to carry a knife
  31. Response from MA Gov. Patrick's Office
  32. San Diego CA police chief...in a generation.
  33. Dywinski v. State Of New York (SAFE Act Challenge)
  34. Thomas Sowell On Gun Control
  35. Arkansas SB71 passes 28-4, now to the House...
  36. NY SAFE Act and the CMP
  37. Response from Senator Carl Levin(D) Michigan
  38. Bills Introduced in California
  39. New Pro-Gun Democrat Senator
  40. 11 More Bills Introduced in NJ
  41. End run around the 2nd amendment, EPA lead ban.
  42. CCW Bill Introduced in IL
  43. Any Criminologists Out There?
  44. El Paso County, CO Sheriff will not enforce new firearms laws
  45. Reply from Sen. Michael Bennet
  46. Looking or some kibitzing on a letter to Adam Smith...
  47. Here's what we're up against
  48. More work with that FBI Spreadsheet this time on AWB and Shall/May Issue
  49. Did the Feinstein bill change re: transfers?
  50. Magazine quantity (not capacity) limit?
  51. Washington state firearms freedom act HB 1371
  52. CA Handgun able to be registered if not CA certified handgun?
  53. Incorrect Quotes
  54. Antique Firearm Exempted from gun laws
  55. Collector's firearms seized in NM
  56. Spats McGee’s Federal Constitutional Primer
  57. Wyomings Upcoming Gun laws
  58. New bill introduced in MN to limit mag capacity to 10
  59. Oregon Magazine Ban
  60. Henson Ong: Legal Immigrant's eloquent 2A defense
  61. MN Follows and "Improves" on NY Bans
  62. When Democracy Results in an Illiberal State
  63. How's this argument against magazine capacity limits?
  64. Gun laws broken
  65. The Court of Public Opinion
  66. Is there a way to hoist Congress on their own interstate trade petard?
  67. Media Censorship ??
  68. Super Bowl ad - anyone see it?
  69. new WH petition
  70. "Shot Heard Around the World"...
  71. Background check penalty
  72. What do you do in emergency confiscation
  73. Congress May Place a Tether On The EPA
  74. House Republicans Letter to the White House
  75. Welcome to the Newest Moderator at The Firing Line
  76. Drones authorized to attack Americans
  77. Minnesota AWB in process
  78. Well Regulated
  79. By-partisan House bill on gun trafficing
  80. Hypothetical stock ownership question regarding NFA weapons.
  81. FBI agents and there AR-15s at the Alabama hostage crisis.
  82. Failed Background Check once...always Fail?
  83. Oregon State capitol
  84. Background check delay over 30 days now
  85. Chicago's New Policy: Decreased 911 Response
  86. Violence Prevention
  87. NICS Ops Report - Interesting Metrics
  88. CT circumvents process to pass Anti-gun bill...
  89. CO AWB and other new anti-self-defense laws
  90. Philly guy wins
  91. Email exchange between me and an opinion writer at the Kansas City Star
  92. Any historians out there?
  93. Why it is useless to debate anti-firearms legislators
  94. Did I Miss Something?
  95. Assaulted Kickstarter II - Why Should I Donate?
  96. Gun Facts vs Emotion
  97. Wisconsin 7th district rep, Sean Duffy
  98. Mystic shopping assignment or more? Please share w/ sales staff!
  99. EX-LAPD Officer goes on rampage!
  100. California Legislature Following New York
  101. Heard on CBS 880AM this AM on Osgood file..
  102. Virginia Woman Charged with Dealing w/o a License
  103. FL & PA Reciprocity Changed! -- OH & AZ Non-Resident -- Other Info
  104. This is a different look at the Consititution
  105. Paypal High Capacity Policies
  106. Standing order of protection
  107. Two lines of questioning and reasoning to take to any one for more gun regulation
  108. Pittsburgh PA area radio DJ in hot water over guns....
  109. NC Residents Please Write State Reps
  110. Do I lose my firearm after "discharging in certain municipalities" TX
  111. S&W: Preserving America's Rights
  112. How many here have seen this video?
  113. Arizona Pro Gun Bills Package HB2431, HB2432 & HB2433
  114. Letter on the constitutionality of gun control
  115. Article by Robert Levy on law.com re: gun control
  116. Old news? S&W also has the Ruger-like send-a-message!
  117. Sen Bob Casey of PA - his anti-gun auto-reply
  118. Universal Background Check Opinion
  119. Links to write ur reps in C.A.
  120. TN passes PRO gun bill
  121. Davis V. Grimes, MA re: Arbitrary Denials of LTC
  122. HR 538: Ban on the FN Five-seveN pistol
  123. Randy Barnett's Letter re anti-gun proposals
  124. PA gun laws
  125. The weapon of choice employed again?
  126. Dave Hardy Letter to Cruz, re "Assault Weapons"
  127. ND private sale laws
  128. The NY Journal-News wants names of Ky. gun owners
  129. UPDATE; new Florida Div of Licensing SOP/law for US veterans.....
  130. Meanwhile in New Jersey
  131. Right to Shoot From Above
  132. It's Time to Choose a Side
  133. I wrote my US Senator and got a reply
  134. Kagan a convert?
  135. Good news for 2A - Lautenberg will retire
  136. Trophies of war
  137. NY Dems tell Repubs to be quiet on confiscation
  138. Denied in colorado
  139. Curious about, not letigious
  140. how does this work
  141. This is what they all want
  142. MN Legislators Walk Out on Firearms Expert Testimony
  143. A response from the other Senator from VT
  144. Well they got me
  145. ALABAMA rules?
  146. Transferring possession? Is it a sale?
  147. Cheaper Than Dirt - Pleasant Surprise
  148. Question on best temporary transfer method from ffl to related 3rd party
  149. Frustration with the Kansas City Star
  150. Are you on a waiting list for mags, now a looming ban (CO). Crap, what now?!
  151. Cato Institute web page with stats on defensive gun uses
  152. Surprisingly even-handed Bloomberg article
  153. Time for the big name mfgs. to turn up the heat
  154. Letter to read
  155. Washington State Senate Bill 5737
  156. Please help us fight against New Mexico's version of the AWB
  157. The media, guns, politics, and money
  158. logical reason to keep "high cap magazines"
  159. Letter my best friend wrote to his Senator in Tennessee
  160. NY Introduces Insurance Bill
  161. What about a recall vote?
  162. Hornady helps the cause..
  163. Washington State bill mandates police searches of people who own semi autos
  164. Makes me mad
  165. Want to send a letter to Firearm Mfg's
  166. Colorado Gun Owners - Don't Surrender!
  167. Magpul and leaving Colorado followthrough
  168. NY: Reciprocity bill
  169. More bills to watch
  170. A Repository of Reliable Sources & Citations
  171. MN Steps Back from an AWB and Magazine Limits
  172. Retrospective on MA Gun Law "Crackdown"
  173. another clown legislator, this one pro gun
  174. The Judge Tells it Like it Is
  175. Attention Nevadans and NV Visitors
  176. To send a message to Firearm Mfg's
  177. antigunners in South Africa
  178. Yet Another Irritating KC Star Editorial
  179. MO bill with Takings Clause issues?
  180. Newsmax article on Joe Salazar comments in Colorado
  181. Ohio is now introducing an "assault weapon" ban
  182. Looking for clarification on a New York State gun law
  183. Oregon's Proposed AWB and Mag Limits Die in Committee
  184. Joe Biden Thinks 2 shots is enough
  185. Briefs Submitted in Challenge to San Francisco gun law
  186. Getting a gun at a flea market.
  187. Does 2A protect armed drones?
  188. Special Citizens
  189. Doudle Barreled Joe offers advice in Danbury CT
  190. Which states is it illegal to ship high capacity magazines to?
  191. Remington Arms leaving NY?
  192. Has anyone else seen anything on this?
  193. College violates the law over gun permits - Iowa
  194. Some observations
  195. Absence of Naysayers
  196. A great comparison to the 'assault weapons ban' debate: ban smartphones!
  197. Peterson v LaCabe .. 10th Circuit LOSS !
  198. Response from Sen Rob Portman (OH)
  199. Oregon Antis One-Up the Rest _ Merged Threads
  200. FOR THE ILLINOIS RESIDENTS:Concealed Carry is here
  201. Anyone else get this E-mail from the NRA
  202. VA disqualifying disabled veterans?
  203. This Judge has it right
  204. We have the upper hand with manufacturers
  205. Connecticut Gov. Malloy raises the bar.. makes Coumo look like a whimp
  206. Let's turn up the heat on the large manufacturers
  207. No right to conceal
  208. Rand Paul and David Keene Q&A Session
  209. Bad news from Arizona?!?!?!?!
  210. Beretta Considers Relocation from MD
  211. Chicago - Out of State Gun Purchase with "High Capacity" Magazine
  212. Gun Control poster
  213. Two new Idaho laws
  214. Straw purchases/sales: time factor ?
  215. Illinois Carry Down During Crucial Push
  216. legality of AK pistol
  217. How I learned to stop worrying and love the anti-gun nuts
  218. missouri law
  219. firearm in company vehicle
  220. Bill will reject additional federal gun regulation in KY
  221. our goverment taking our guns?
  222. Registries and the defense against one-
  223. NE Now Honors WI. NM Adds Another Quirk. Many Changes in Laws
  224. a new & different world...
  225. milwaukee sheriff david clarke recommends gun training for personal safety
  226. Holtz v. State of New York
  227. House Judiciary Chairman On UBC
  228. PRO gun bill in Oregon
  229. Do ccw's require concealed mags?
  230. Churches with schools, CCW?
  231. Responce to my letter from my Senator.
  232. Utah hb 268
  233. What Is An "Assault Weapon"?
  234. traveling thru calif
  235. Why is the gun industry so STUPID?
  236. Wilson Combat does the right thing!
  237. Operation Mountain Standard is a GO!
  238. Biden says shoot through door - man arrested for doing so
  239. Magpul gave up the fight pretty quick...
  240. Bravo Co. Takes a Stand
  241. SAFE Act Exemption for TV and Movies
  242. Operation Mountain Standard
  243. Updated HR214/LEOSA?
  244. Lost pretty much everything imporant in my wallet
  245. Transfer of a gun with no serial number on it.
  246. UTAH house votes on open/concealed carry bill
  247. Magpul Breaks Bad, Continues Sales to LEOs in Ban States
  248. Good News from GA Sen. Isakson
  249. Shipping brass that is primed
  250. Is gun registration prohibited by law?