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  1. Switzerland and guns at home
  2. URGENT: For the Illinois Gun Owners
  3. Gunbuyers right to a fast background check
  4. California FFL Requirments!
  5. Will We Be a Protected Class?
  6. Odd-ball question v Florida
  7. Guns on campus debate at Ok State University
  8. Will the rule of law prevail?
  9. Texas Girl On Gun Control. Bravo!
  10. LI DA Rice makes nine arrests
  11. From Chicago With Love: Getting Paid for Civil Rights Litigation
  12. OK Campus Carry Bills need your help to survive
  13. National Reciprocity part Deux
  14. Wyoming- It's getting closer
  15. CCW permit and Rehabs (Mississippi)
  16. Idaho Bill Proposed
  17. DOMA not defended
  18. GOA email about American Affordable Health Care Act and 2A rights
  19. Ya can't make this stuff up. A Looney law for real.
  20. Pennsylvania: Firearms Owners Against Crime
  21. Can I make a private sale of shotgun in Wisconsin?
  22. Borrowing a Firearm in NJ
  23. Driving to California with handgun...
  24. FIRE MISSION - Open Carry in Virgina State Forests
  25. What are the laws on protecting your car from a burglar
  26. Fire Mission-Virginia Carry in State Forests
  27. Colorado Constitutional Carry passes House Judiciary Committee
  28. Illinois AG says release names of gun owners
  29. Self-Defense in Detroit, Mi
  30. Decriminalize self-defense (USA Today 3/1/2011)
  31. Constructive Posession Law?
  32. CCW holders keep an eye on this one
  33. 2A March Madness
  34. Restoration of firearms rights for misdemeanants
  35. front firing blank replicas
  36. Connecticut is at it again!
  37. Shipping firearms via USPS
  38. We Did it.
  39. How to carry a pistol in a car in California
  40. What do you guys think of the NRA?
  41. Did the Fore-Fathers commit terrorism, under the guise of the 2nd Amendent?
  42. Washington Times: Gun Grabbers Without Hope
  43. S.C. concealed gun bill passes
  44. Modifying an Ak in NY?
  45. Air travel
  46. NC, Dare to Hope?
  47. Knife rights
  48. CCW question in Indiana
  49. The most dangerous political appointee of Obama's presidency
  50. The Castle Doctrine Will Protect Me!
  51. The Weapon Shop of Isher by A. E. van Vogt
  52. Dirty Harry may be moving to Arizona.... :D
  53. Unlicensed CC carry question
  54. Is there a legal way?
  55. Need some help with clarification. v. Fl law
  56. Castle doc and a stand your ground law
  57. Long Arm Reg
  58. Tompkins County, NY - Handgun
  59. Online ammo question
  60. FIREMISSION -- Stop Obama's Nomination Of Traver For BATF
  61. Libya Demonstrates Pro-Gun Message?
  62. Proposed FL Carry Law Changes...Your Thoughts
  63. Illinois RTC. Call your reps...NOW!!!
  64. Obama wants gun control talks to resume.
  65. TSRA/NRA - Legislative Alert for Texas Pro-Gun Issues - Need Your Help
  66. Estate Sales and NFA Firearms/Destructive Devices
  67. Reloads for self defense
  68. gun in the glove box no permit
  69. "Mad Max" - domestic violence conviction ?
  70. Kentucky Glove Box Carry Update
  71. CA SB 610- Good or Bad?
  72. Driving With Unloaded Shotgun
  73. Control=Reduced Crime? (refresher thread)
  74. What to do in Wisconsin?
  75. unregistered in CA??
  76. Newsweek article
  77. Shipping rifle question
  78. concealed weapon law in Florida
  79. Bullet Button in NJ
  80. Loveland, CO police settle open carry lawsuit
  81. A question for our legal experts - suing for not being able to carry
  82. CCW and a Haircut, two bits
  83. Legal & Political
  84. Bringing a Luger into the US
  85. Carry on campus
  86. What happens when a state limits the rounds to 10
  87. CCW In a bar or nightclub in GA
  88. Chicago Handgun Laws?!?!
  89. Shipping gun to factory from Florida...
  90. Indiana carry permit laws
  91. Long-term storage of firearms in Hawaii
  92. Open Carry Laws?
  93. Please view and comment on our Idaho HB222 video
  94. CT SB 1094
  95. Judge request fee records in Heller case
  96. Question re: handguns in vehicles in CT
  97. Parking lot guns OK, but...
  98. CCW Question?
  99. Is my CCW valid if I move states?
  100. A sensible discussion on Obama's new firearms ideas
  101. Loss of 2nd Amendment rights for any arrest?
  102. MA Resident Selling Shotgun Out-Of-State
  103. Missouri Firearms Freedom act
  104. Time Running Out for Some to Get Utah Non Resident Permit/License.
  105. FL Bill regarding a Magazine Capacity Ban - It's starting Again
  106. Florida attempts to pass open carry.........
  107. CWP fingerprints on file
  108. ATF To Ban Tactical Shotguns?
  109. CCW rules in Baldwin County Alabama?
  110. Orlando Sentinel magazine ban poll
  111. Illinois CCW
  112. New Hampshire "Constitutional Carry" is moving along!
  113. Ol Blighty storm troopers
  114. Selling/trading legality?
  115. What happens to the gun?
  116. Background check
  117. Attn Utah (and surrounding areas): Survey
  118. Montana's "Vermont with training" bill is in progress...
  119. Bad news for Sabre Defense...
  120. The Contradiction
  121. AP 556 NATO Rounds
  122. NC hopefully to pass better laws...
  123. Brandishing a firearm
  124. Utah: taking a concealed weapon to a Jazz game
  125. Need ccw advice fast.
  126. Help with Pennsylvania CCW law.
  127. Moving to St Louis area - IL or MO side?
  128. Car carry in Tennessee
  129. New Border Patrol Policy from DHS
  130. Caught this in the News yesterday
  131. Interesting Diplomatic Cable
  132. Driving through Utah
  133. Moving a Handgun
  134. Declaration on the Use of Bullets Which Expand or Flatten Easily in the Human Body; J
  135. bringing firearm to nj for flight to ak
  136. NY State Magazine Limit
  137. LOSS at CA2: Law suit against NYC fee
  138. Utahs carry law to other states
  139. Gun control in the next presidential election
  140. Holder and the Feds Sued Over Lifetime MCDV Prohibition: Lautenberg
  141. The next time an anti praises the UK ban...
  142. Conceal Carry Quandry in Autos
  143. Alabama - Open Carry, Concealed Carry, The Military, Motorcycles and Me
  144. ccw permit question
  145. Requirements for flying with a pistol
  146. Brazil massacre
  147. Carry While Hunting? Handgunlaw.us Seeking Information
  148. TN CCW law Question
  149. CCW for truckers
  150. Visiting Gun Owners Don't Need Illinois FOID: Supreme Court
  151. Concealed carry in our nations capital?
  152. Permit to purchace firearms in MN is REPEALED
  153. registering Ohio pistol in MI?
  154. laws about defending your dog
  155. need legal place for re-enactors to shoot (NJ)
  156. VA AG declares Self Defense good and sufficient reason for church carry
  157. Oklahoma House Committee Nixes Open Carry
  158. Please take action to stop additional ATF gun bans
  159. Brady's sink to new low
  160. What can happen to the unarmed?
  161. CCW question
  162. Aggravated Assault Charges for Using a Gun to Break Up a Fight on His Property
  163. WA State Oppose HB 2067-2011-12
  164. Call these people!
  165. Body Armor in NY
  166. Every man's dilemma
  167. mailing gun parts
  168. CPL/traffic stop
  169. Latest on the possible open carry in Florida
  170. Getting around the NICS Check
  171. Question on import restrictions affecting Russian SKS but not VEPR?
  172. Webley Mk. IV safety
  173. Car carry from NC to Fla?
  174. Your State Laws?
  175. Does Virginia require registration?
  176. And people think gun owners are crazy?
  177. Most important update to MN gun law since the MN Citizens Personal Protection Act
  178. Possible Change to CCW in Ohio Around the Corner
  179. Iowa CCW delays
  180. C&R Licensees & NON-C&R Handgun or Ammo Sales
  181. Another question for Virginia members
  182. OHIO Action Aert: SAVE SB 17 and HB 45
  183. AZ gun bill vetoed - campus
  184. nics delay question
  185. 71 Year Old Woman Posts sign Threat.
  186. Cell Phone Data Theft? Civil rights intrusion?
  187. Court Case Evidence.
  188. Repealing the 2nd Amendment
  189. Moving to California, legality on XDM?
  190. mexico wants to sue gun manufactures
  191. Obama is trying to find a way to take our rights away through Executive Orders!
  192. Open carry in CO state parks
  193. New Car / Small Trunk
  194. if you live in alabama then read this!!
  195. 10mm and Magnums?
  196. Nevada CCW question
  197. Gun trading in Illinois
  198. Oregon NICS Delay
  199. Rifles as Gifts when Out of State?
  200. Permanent Assualt Weapons Ban Signed Into Law By Mitt Romney
  201. (UK) Farmer menaced with death threats....police turn up to confiscate her shotguns
  202. Help!!!!!!! Fdle denied purchase
  203. Who is Arming Mexican Cartels?
  204. Mn. "Stand your ground" bill
  205. Texas Open Carry inches forward
  206. NRA
  207. Texas open carry proposed law
  208. Shipping rifles
  209. New Blog Tests Factual Foundations of Opposition to Gun Control
  210. The New Gun Control
  211. NRA Finally On Right Track
  212. Transport
  213. Nordyke - Cert filed at SCOTUS
  214. Michigan CPL
  215. unjust justice
  216. Any Advice?
  217. non sporting shotgun issue
  218. Does the assassination of Bin Laden set a dangerous precedent?
  219. Air travel from FL to PA with checked in gun...
  220. FL selling to GA private resident??
  221. High capacity gun from Texas, transfered to Cali
  222. New Carry Laws for Ohio!!!
  223. Can the ATF get away with banning tactical shotguns?
  225. Has anyone ever challenged non violent crime felonys being a bar to the 2A.
  226. GA Castle Doctrine
  227. Texas campus carry passed by Senate!!!
  228. Illinois & Chicago gun laws
  229. Courts force Puerto Rico into shall-issue!
  230. Ohio restaurant carry coming up for House vote
  231. SCOTUS Cert Filed: SAF and Gura: Lane v. Holder
  232. Pistol Permit age in NJ
  233. Can one legally take one's firearm to a shooting range in Texas???. . . .
  234. Texas Penal Code PC46.02 Unlawful Carrying of Weapons.
  235. Nevada To Honor Arizona?
  236. 9th Circuit: U.S. v Sanchez
  237. Open carry in CT is legal.
  238. Concealed Handgun Permit instead of Firearm Purchase Certificate
  239. Wisconsin Handgun laws as they relate to non residents
  240. no right to resist unlawful police entry into their homes
  241. Top of the 9'th, bases loaded in TX Legislature
  242. Illinois Ban on Carry Ruled Unconstitutional (See Page 7)
  243. arkansas laws.
  244. Gun registration in Oregon
  245. Philly OC'er held at gunpoint, charged
  246. Richards v. Prieto appealed to 9th Circuit
  247. Calif. Assembly bans open carry of unloaded guns
  248. FID and Hospitalization
  249. Indiana discontinuing the lifetime carry license? Has anyone else heard this?
  250. Traveling with guns question.