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  1. Understanding Kentucky CCDW Law...
  2. CCW laws in NY
  3. Drive-by Posts/Threads
  4. FFL
  5. NICS question (Texas)
  6. L&CR Forum Rules | Read First
  7. ACLU Lawsuit Against BATF Proceeds in Florida
  8. 9th Circuit and 2A Incorporation
  9. The bailout bill and the Fourth Amendment
  10. Checks, Balances and Constitutional Theory
  11. Joyce Foundation Uses Law Reviews to Influence SCOTUS Decisions
  12. Question for mods: What's the criteria for admission?
  13. Non US citizen and firearms
  14. Question on CCW laws
  15. Orange County sheriff taking away hundreds of CCWs
  16. Is there a way to combat an "anything goes" attitude?
  17. Second Amendment Extremist View?
  18. Influential Special-Interest Groups (example: ABA): Join or Oppose?
  19. ABA Article: Veterans: A New Suspect Class in the Legal System?
  20. TSA Handgun / Civil Penalty Question
  21. Can rifles and shotguns be direct shipped to a home?
  22. Will Heller stop a new Assault Weapons Ban?
  23. Florida: 30,000 Felons on voter rosters
  24. Akins vs ATF federal district court pleadings & briefs
  25. Another AWB question: can they take them?
  26. Americans view on government interference
  27. Article complaining about CCW at airport terminals
  28. No talk of gun control during debates?
  29. Gun control coming to the House floor in November?
  30. SCOTUS Decides Ohio GOP Voter Challenge
  31. Sign Says No Firearms
  32. What happens if Guns are banned?
  33. "guns on campus banned"
  34. Tax our Ammo out of existence
  35. New Moderator for L&CR
  36. Opening a 2nd Amendment law practice in Kali
  37. Wherein does legitimacy for the existing US federal government reside?
  38. Chicago Gun Ban Case & Incorporation
  39. Banning Concealed Carry
  40. Cooper Firearms Of Montana
  41. Law (legal policy) v. Politics (People)
  42. Now that we have a new president ...
  43. Letter to Governor
  44. Free Offer From the Heritage Foundation
  45. One to Watch: US v. Hayes
  46. $5 Trillion bailout
  47. Construction of church / school and carry laws .......
  48. what to do, the election having been held
  49. New idea for the cheap and lazy
  50. Would *you* sign this statement?
  51. Possible path to protection of military style arms
  52. Illinois raids wildlife funds
  53. Minors, Miranda Rights and that kid that killed his father and friend
  54. President Elect vs. SCOTUS
  55. Executive Orders
  56. Re Eric Holder for Attorney General
  57. this book might prove interesting
  58. 2008 weapons ban draft‏
  59. Kopel on Eric Holder, Obama's pick for AG
  60. When Facts, Logic and Reason Fail
  61. George Will's View on the 2nd and Heller
  62. Heller, what counts as precedent?
  63. Taxing ammo? $50 per handgun round?
  64. Gifting a firearm
  65. an interesting read
  66. The Rule of Law
  67. Is the M1 Garand an "assault weapon"
  68. Posse comitatus coming to an end?
  69. Fox News : The Life-and -Death cost of Gun Control
  70. C&R FFL Compliance inspections?
  71. CCW Instructor Jailed
  72. Kopel's Wall Street Journal column on Plaxico Burress
  73. NY Hero's gun charges dismissed, Judge cites Heller
  74. Value of the Constitution
  75. 8 Year old dies while shooting an Uzi
  76. National Parks - good news
  77. Arizona gun laws
  78. New 4th Amendment case before SCOTUS
  79. from an NRA alert rec'd today
  80. (Calguns alert) Oral Arguments in the Nordyke case will be held January 15, 2009
  81. Bill of Rights
  82. DC Council Puts More Restrictions on Gun Owners after Supreme Court Ruling
  83. Heller, incorporation and the Privileges and Immunities clause...
  84. Gun Laws and Native Americans?
  85. What fixes/pro gun reforms are most important to you? Buckeye Firearms input request.
  86. CCW in a GSA Vehicle?
  87. 3 month waiting period between purchases in NYC
  88. Weapons on Campuses--Some New Thoughts
  89. Pistol registration in CA?
  90. Are my 2nd Amendment Rights Being Violated?
  91. Anyone From Texas?
  92. Registration in CA???
  93. Taking semi-auto pistol into Canada
  94. Ammo accountability legislation
  95. Transferring a Rifle from Guam to Nevada
  96. Transfer of an Assault Rifle : Maryland to Texas?
  97. Legal ramifications of no-gun signs?
  98. New Gun Ban
  99. Let's try to be constructive now... Happy Birthday Bill of Rights!
  100. ARKANSAS church carry
  101. Lautenberg Amendment Repeal 2008/2009
  102. Police Shoot Handcuffed Man in the Back
  103. Hand Gun shipping laws?
  104. Glynn County, GA's Finest
  105. New Moderators for L&CR
  106. How to legally turn in a valueless, broken pistol
  107. Letter campaign for 20 Jan 2009
  108. Democrats proposed gun ban list
  109. National park law, need help
  110. Flood the Court technique
  111. No FFL???
  112. The new gun ban is BS until proven otherwise
  113. Host of Mayors against illegal guns conference arrested
  114. Watch-list For New Proposed Legislation to Obama Administration
  115. Ex-KGB Russian Professor predicts demise of USA in 2010.
  116. Constitutional "homeland Security"
  117. Lifetime License To Carry Question
  118. Trasferring M1 Carbine from California to West Virginia
  119. USA Service Day, Sign Up for your rights!
  120. New Pro-Gun Bill - HR17 by Bartlett (R-MD)
  121. They're Back... HR 45
  122. Is the Democratic Party coming around?
  123. 19 and handgun
  124. NRA- More damage than good?
  125. Federal District Court rules 2nd Amendment is protected liberty interest under 5th
  126. Nassau County Assistant DA's prohibited from handgun ownership
  127. Scholarly Analysis of the Heller Decision
  128. Taking AR-15 and full-cap mags into California
  129. Ammo
  130. Non "assault" assault rifle for DC?
  131. Obama wants to know
  132. florida firearm denial
  133. Cant wait for this new ammo !
  134. Saiga 308 Hi Capacity look
  135. G-menon the take
  136. If ever there was a good time to have a CCW...
  137. Concealed carry in Kansas.
  138. Serial coded bullets are coming for some of you.
  139. Salesman of the year
  140. Senate committee "grills" Eric Holder
  141. From latest Factcheck.org, re ammunition registration
  142. seen at Reason.com (Reason magazine), the following might interest some
  143. Can I give a gun away ???
  144. Montana Firearms Freedom Act - House bill 246
  145. Ramos & Compean Free
  146. Let's Close The Gunshow Loophole
  147. restrictions...?...
  148. home made umm fire works ?
  149. obama and our guns ?
  150. 01.20.09
  151. Virginia Action Alert - RKBA
  152. Hats off to Montana
  153. Brady forums?
  154. Hard to Find Ammo - Obama question
  155. Obama strategy on guns
  156. Here's the newest Brady proposal:
  157. Obama to reconsider all GWB exec actions
  158. National Park Carry in Peril?
  159. NC
  160. shipping brass, have a question
  161. I need a good attorney in dallas
  162. can i services for a gun
  163. Knife robberies on increase in UK - Go figure!
  164. Change is here
  165. A video clip from the U.K.
  166. HR 45 -- Gun Rights Licensing Test
  167. Since Heller, its Gun Control: 60, Individual Right: 0
  168. Rifle laws
  169. For those who claim the NRA does not support Democrats.
  170. Great Law Review Article on Practical Problems with Gun Control
  171. Coded ammunition bill on its way. will it pass? I hope not!
  172. sooo confused on CT gun law
  173. Police and protection?
  174. Most gun friendly state?
  175. Pro-gun Democrat takes Clinton's seat
  176. Hang on, the show is just about to start . .
  177. is an FID needed in an out-of-state purchase?
  178. Texas CCW Question
  179. H.R. 45, help keep it OUT!
  180. A Word of Thanks to the Staff....
  181. Act On and Pass Along if Possible
  182. San Diego Open Carry Outing on Feb 28, 2009
  183. New Jersey CCL Legal Fight
  184. FedOSHA to OK judge: Employees can have guns on work property
  185. New Jersey and Hollowpoints --- clarification, please
  186. Begining of the end?
  187. Someone Help Me
  188. New Mexico Restaurant Carry Legislation Needs Your Help!
  189. USA TODAY poll
  190. Out-of-state laws...
  191. Obama And Your Rights
  192. Excellent Video Clip on Affects of Gun Control in England
  193. South Dakota State bill 82 (SB 82)
  194. RE: Gun politics in Norway
  195. my congressmens reply to hr197
  196. Help Change WA State Silencer Laws
  197. USA Today Poll
  198. WA State Alien Firearms License PT2
  199. New Mexico gun laws
  200. Gun Ban for the Elderly?
  201. Indiana bill "Possession of Firearms at State Universities"
  202. Holder for AG - Email your Senators
  203. Only 4 Gun Laws Needed - IMHO
  204. H.r. 45..........[color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color]?
  205. Make a statement?
  206. WHat you won't hear from the media
  207. How much fear should we have ??
  208. NY law question
  209. Total attack on 2nd!!, Bill# HR45, link to full text
  210. My suggestion to the NRA and their response
  211. Where is the NRA on Eric Holder?
  212. Chicago appeal brief filed...
  213. Proposed gun ban list
  214. "Blago" as he is sometimes known, is out in Illinois
  215. legaly carrying a bug
  216. What would it take to push you to Rebellion?
  217. application for florida ccw
  218. Getting a Permit in NY State (Questions)
  219. On HR 45, as described in 15 Feb Gun Week
  220. Can I claim a firearm on my taxes?
  221. Constitutional Convention, Ohio, the 2A....?
  222. Question on hangun ammunition laws
  223. Gov. Pat Quinn in Illinois
  224. Bury Your Guns Boys...
  225. Conspiracy threads
  226. First time buying gun
  227. Defense Department Establishes Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
  228. A warning from the British to the US about Gun Rights
  229. Powder Storage WY HB0027
  230. From WI, want to buy from private seller in MN
  231. Defending the 2nd Amendment
  232. Check on your Congresscritter
  233. New Attorney General: What can we expect?
  234. Finally someone has evidence showing an AWB makes sense. Lets get one started.
  235. Our Ammunition Will Be ILLEGAL
  236. Vigilant Citizens In Action: O. C. Gun Grabbing Sheriff, Deputies Caught Red Handed
  237. CCW not on my person...
  238. Huh?
  239. US vs Olofson -misfire semi-auto = machine gun
  240. No Guns Allowed here!
  241. NYC rifle registration
  242. Calling all fellow Texans!!!
  243. Ammunition Accountability Legislation
  244. Stimulus package has no anti-gun laws...
  245. Help Buckeye Firearms stop Cleveland's abuse of law-abiding gun owners
  246. State of Washington declares sovereignty
  247. Suspended for gun photo
  248. Michigan: Calhoun County MUST READ
  249. Indiana Non-Resident Carry
  250. Moving out of state CCW permit