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  1. Can you send someone a gun via USPS or UPS?
  2. Question About Dishonorable Discharge and Being a Prohibited Person
  3. Prohibited person would this constitute
  4. Five New Anti-Gun Laws Introduced in New York State
  5. Sobering Article on European Crime
  6. 9th Makes best statement to date
  7. Doctors target gun violence as a social disease
  8. Trying to make gun control a medical issue
  9. DC firearms dealer question
  10. Puerto Rico
  11. Strange things going on
  12. Hello, please help any advice is great guns confiscated
  13. in cAlifornia, how do i get guns after a restraining order is up, no criminal charge
  14. Headed to New York this weekend
  15. Do You Agree With the LGS Guy??
  16. domestic terrorism
  17. Multiple emails concerned with Feds buying ammo
  18. Colorado University to Segregate Dorm for Students with Gun Permits
  19. Pro-gun rally in DC
  20. My PDF Template For Writing Lawmakers Simplified
  21. Gun charge in Illinois
  22. Domestic drones?
  23. Driver Brandished a Gun at Me Today
  24. TSA- firearms definition?
  25. If a gun was purchased in my wife's name...
  26. Well, I Finally Got Off My Duff
  27. MD Designated Regulated Firearms Collector question
  29. bought in AZ stolen in CA
  30. Gun Range Sued
  31. CCW permit for non-immigrant alien
  32. Potential New Rifle Owner...
  33. Judge orders release of Marine veteran
  34. Open Carry police encounter
  35. Need a little help.
  36. Connecticut
  37. Internet Purchase Rec'd Without FFL
  38. Ethnicity question on forms
  39. Domestic Violence and Firearms ownership
  40. Irresponsible Open Carry Activism Jeopardizes The RKBA
  41. paraphaneelia misdemeanor
  42. Oklahoma to Honor Other States Constitutional Carry - - - Kentucky Info
  43. The GOP finally makes a platform statement,,,
  44. Shipping an inheritance gun
  45. Marking Firing Pins
  46. When To Make The Phone Call
  47. PA PICS denial
  48. Can I buy a gun?
  49. Virginia Gun Rights Restoration Question
  50. Florida CCW Question
  51. Gun Prices
  52. Potential Abuse of Virginia Permits
  53. an interesting read
  54. First handgun purchase in florida - Conditional
  55. Doj denied me
  56. Dishonorable Discharges
  57. If a new assault weapons ban goes in to effect can i upgrade my AR15?
  58. Flagged by doj
  59. Assault Rifle ban part II
  60. Older Article: Canadian Man Arrested For Child's Drawing
  61. Gun Control - Would ANY form benefit us?
  62. Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire - Documentary
  63. GAO report on Concealed Carry in USA
  64. Story about BATF having new forfeiture authority
  65. CA: Orange County Sheriff sued over carry permits
  66. CCW to purchase out of state?
  67. NJ and ar-15 80 lower casting
  68. Any more news regarding the arms treaty?
  69. ccw in school zone
  70. What firearms can you legally purchase in a 3rd world country?
  71. Carrying in Philly with a Utah Non Resident
  72. Profile Discrimination is agaisnt the law? Or isn't it?
  73. Private Ammo Sales...
  74. Gun Board Meeting, Michigan
  75. What does the Scalia versus Posner fight mean to the 2A?
  76. FFL Questions
  77. TSA: CONUS air travel, firearms....
  78. No Charges for Leesburg Deputy
  79. Silencers
  80. Would this be considered to be a real firearm?
  81. National CCW?
  82. Where can I go to get my finger prints for Texas CHL?
  83. 2nd amendement modification?
  84. Traveling to VA, WV Would like some info on CCW laws
  85. chl legal question
  86. gun dealer is refusing gun shippment
  87. what are the gun laws with CCW?
  88. Louisiana Constitutional Amendment
  89. Military Suicides and Private Weapons
  90. Suppressors in Canada
  91. UN's attempts at a USA gun grab?
  92. Would you proudly display this?
  93. Cook County Violence Tax
  94. Taurus Circuit Judge conversion
  95. Mississippi Honors All - - - Min Age for Possession/Transport
  96. Costco Stand Your Ground Survey
  97. Christy's Law
  98. How would YOU reform gun laws if forced to?
  99. 'Multiple' Gun Purchases ?
  100. Shipping ammo to California
  101. would congress have a say on....
  102. Inherited Weapons
  103. New Mexico State Parks concealed carry law - PLEASE WRITE!
  104. Help a Newbie in CA
  105. Fisher v Kealoha is on appeal to the Ninth
  106. Use of Deadly Force in Virginia
  107. Gun Purchase Insta-Check: "Further Review" ?
  108. Selling personal firearms
  109. Brought from Florida CCWL
  110. Do the same laws apply to guns at an auction as at a gun store?
  111. shipping a 6 position stock
  112. NFA Weapons During Fed AWB Years
  113. Question RE: Foreign Residents & CCW
  114. Unbelievable...gun permit applicant's info publicly posted on the web
  115. WA State - B&O tax on private sales ?
  116. NICS Fee is Waived
  117. Defendant sues 90-year-old man who was shot
  118. Question about NC Carry Law
  119. OK, LA, MD & NM Updates – Min Age for Possession/Transporting
  120. Can the gag order
  121. Michigan Court of Appeals: Public libraries can't bar gun-toting patrons
  122. Texas CHL Application question?
  123. Help with Multi-State Gun Purchase Laws
  124. Retired LEO's and Conceal Carry
  125. Carry in Chicago?
  126. Louisiana constitutional amendment
  127. Selling a rifle and need advice.
  128. Wyoming Drops New Mexico – OK Open Carry Starts
  129. restore gun rights in ca help please
  130. CCW in private colleges - Iowa
  131. "Restore CA gun rights help" thread closed- wanted to thank responders
  132. Fear and anxiety, questions for those of you who lived through the Clinton AWB.
  133. Get out and Vote
  134. Transferring Ownership in CA
  135. 2012 Election and Rules for L&CR
  136. Is ratemycop.com crashed ?
  137. OK to trade handgun w/o dealer??
  138. Is she a Zombie or not
  139. Firearms and Colorado pot law
  140. Has there ever been a consititonal challenge to NICS?
  141. 4473 and state lines
  142. Executive Orders
  143. All States set to lose Federal wildlife management funding
  144. Florida "Stand Your Ground" Task Force Update....
  145. Arkansas CHCL holder shoots at bank robber
  146. Laws on owning handguns
  147. Restrictions Gun Owners Want?
  148. Fired Canton, Ohio Patrolman Daniel Harless Gets His Job Back
  149. California Law Question
  150. Is taxing a right lawful?
  151. 3D printing a lower receiver for personal use
  152. Taking back part of the 2nd amendment "petition"
  153. Military Residency Question
  154. The Brady's and LCAV's Makeovers
  155. Help force the Whitehouse to take a position on an AWB
  156. "...plotting to shoot up a "Twilight" showing...."
  157. Understanding FFL's, clarifications please?
  158. Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants
  159. What RKBA restrictions would you trade?
  160. Florida AG Bondi Fights Against Gun Rights...
  161. Sound supresssors or "noise abatement tubes", Whats what?
  162. Philly cops harass man for open carry
  163. Questions regarding NFA rifles (SBR' in particular)
  164. Military to suppress Tea Party uprising - article
  165. At what point does this run afoul of BATF for ordinary mortals?
  166. Anyone have the statistics for gun related crime in Chicago, LA etc?
  167. Supreme Court Not to Hear Recording Case from IL
  168. Baker/Richards/Peruta panel is announced
  169. U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate
  170. Food for thought about hunters
  171. Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control
  172. FYI for all "Gun-Ban"
  173. Full auto petition
  174. Staples introduces 3D printer kiosk
  175. A novel approach to the gun ownership !
  176. Active Petition- Federal Assault Weapons Ban
  177. Rationale of not carrying in Post Office
  178. gun registration?
  179. Veterans’ Gun Rights
  180. Going to CANADA
  181. Interstate Trip From FL to TX - Concealed OK???
  182. What are the chances the NRA targets Whitlock for Libel and wins?
  183. BATF wants to make more ammo types ILLEGAL
  184. Massad Ayoob on Stand Your Ground Laws
  185. New to CCW! Where CANT I carry (New York)
  186. Ban on 3D printed firearms
  187. Delaware Drops Virginia - Info on OH, MI & WI
  188. NC CCW questions
  189. Illinois Laws against Conceal Carry Struck Down!!
  190. Gifts.
  191. VA CWP - Moving Back to VA
  192. Daniel Harless wins Appeal in OH
  193. Gun ban list is out?
  194. What if you're in a shopping mall and....
  195. Vertical foregrip?
  196. Michigan laws about transporting rifles and shotguns.
  197. What can be done to make schools safer from deranged shooters?
  198. About NC handgun law ???
  199. Texas School Where Teachers Carry
  200. Fifth Amendment Due Process
  201. New Michigan Carry Anywhere Law
  202. NJ impossible to get permit
  203. White House gun control petition tops 100k
  204. How certain, now, is further gun control?
  205. Want to buy first pistol - But DV Arrest (not conviction) on record - help
  206. Sen. Feinstien (Calif) to intro gun control bill
  207. Border states long gun registry?
  208. Democrats Vow to Push for Gun Control
  209. The aftermath - realistic assessments of the situation please
  210. Background and Resources for 2A Discussions and Debate
  211. Should high-capacity ammunition magazines for rifles be banned?
  212. 100,000 Signatures Needed
  213. News Flash: "Assault Weapons" already a felony in Conn
  214. The Gun Show Loophole
  215. White House Petitions
  216. Is it time to BOYCOTT Dick's Sporting Goods?
  217. Best article I have read on what can and cannot be done to prevent shooting tragedies
  218. Anyone care to share a response to a written letter to a Lawmaker?
  219. Should NICS be opened for everyone?
  220. Transporting over state lines MA to NY
  221. Flurry of anti gun legislation proposed in CA already
  222. The REAL cause of all these shootings
  223. GunsAmerica White House Petition
  224. Something went really badly in the past, but what was it, and how do we fix it?
  225. To find your Representative
  226. good watercooler arguments to win hearts and minds
  227. New Bill introduced in South Carolina
  228. Question regarding the 4473
  229. Help stop Ban important petition please sign!
  230. Its Coming, we can stop it.
  231. Time to get off your butts!
  232. Please sign pro-gun petitions - whitehouse.gov
  233. Writing to your representatives
  234. Assualt Rifle Ban
  235. Idaho legal definitionof school - campus carry related
  236. There Are No Rights In The United States
  237. All violent Misdomeanor convictions might result in new list of Prohibited persons???
  238. Your assistance please
  239. simple basic points to make about mass shootings
  240. A Philosophical argument for the repeal of Second Amendment
  241. My letter to Dick's Sporting Goods
  242. I think the threat of a semi auto and magazine ban might be a good thing.
  243. Firearm transfer question
  244. Executive order ?
  245. What is already on the books...
  246. are there any sensible gun regulations you would support?
  247. What new guns laws proposed will actually pass?
  248. I don't understand
  249. Gun Regulations We Can All Support
  250. Illinois CCW?