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  1. Clarence Thomas and the 2nd Amendment
  2. CNN news item about Pima County AZ GOP Glock pistol raffle...
  3. Can I see your receipt?
  4. NC: Can you be charged for Concealed Carry in a Supermarket?
  5. Why I love Texas.
  6. Concealed weapon permit in florida question
  7. County corruption caught on tape
  8. Breathalyzer test required for Homecoming Dance
  9. Selling an unregistered handgun?
  10. Laws Regards Handguns in your country
  11. CCW and Posted No Firearms Rules
  12. Can anyone clarify a PA statute?
  13. Talk of reintroducing IL carry law w/Chicago exclusion
  14. Did Sen. Shumer ever get it to where MEPS records could be used against someone?
  15. OH/LA Sign Agreement. MI/Maine have Agreement in Works. New Mexico
  16. Recommend a knife/gun attorney in NYC?
  17. Is it legal in Arizona to give another person a handgun as a gift?
  18. California passes bill banning carry of unloaded firearms
  19. Going to visit New York...CCW?
  20. Places you can't CCW?
  21. Sawed Off Shotgun
  22. Colorado, Washington Conceal Carry
  23. Video Taping Police in Public Protected by First Amendment
  24. Florida Training Requirement?
  25. NYC Permit
  26. Lowery v. US - Cert Petition
  27. Illinois Transfer
  28. Florida residence law
  29. Charges in death of grizzly has Idaho town up in arms
  30. Grandpa said...why do I carry a gun?
  31. Bi state resident IL and IN
  32. open carry.. is a holster necessary to be legal?
  33. Selling ammo?
  34. Proposed Boston Knife Licensing
  35. USPS - Accidently Shipped Long Gun out of state (Need Advice?)
  36. Kentucky v. King - What?!
  37. Hollow point bullets ? Restricted some states?
  38. New Orleans Gun laws/restrictions
  39. How do I sell my Makarov to my son in another state?
  40. Minor son carrying pistol on my property
  41. Suppressors now MI legal
  42. All these laws are confusing
  43. A research on the right to bear arms
  44. Gun Rights Policy Conference
  45. Out of state handgun repair
  46. Craig's List
  47. Transfer of ownership of pistol
  48. Color My Face Red!
  49. New 2A text
  50. ATF says medical marijuana users can't buy guns of any kind
  51. Advice on NY Handgun Application Please
  52. CCW now allowed on Oregon university campuses - ruling made by courts
  53. Concerns with Mitt Romney
  54. Update: OH Restaurant Carry Law/Maine Park Carry/Seeking Additional Info
  55. DOJ to eliminate ATF?
  56. Bob Ward murder conviction; OrlandoSentinel.com...
  57. Buying a rifle out of state
  58. Modified weapons for CCW
  59. Legal Mods on Ruger Charger and 10/22 and barrel lengths and stocks...
  60. HELP - legal for son giving ar to father?
  61. Florida Cities Violating State Preemption on Gun Laws Since 1987
  62. Florida Carry Inc/Alexandria Lainez V. University of North Florida
  63. D. C. Circuit Court Rules Against Us in Heller 2
  64. States with least gun laws?
  65. Washington Times Editor Attempts to Navigate D. C. Gun Laws
  66. Were my Right Infringed/Can I take legal action?
  67. Vote to repeal the hughes amendment
  68. Alabama's Immigration Law
  69. Fleeing suspect shot...
  70. packing at work
  71. ATF punishing Medical Marijuana users
  72. safety deposit box and firearms.
  73. Anti-self defense law in Missouri ...
  74. Learned something new about FL concealed carry law...
  75. Military concealed carry in uniform?
  76. taking away your rights in California
  77. Calif. Gov. Enacts Ban on Open Handgun Carrying
  78. Help make suppressors legal for hunting in Michigan
  79. Did I Do Right?
  80. Interesting SD case
  81. Does anyone know the laws for shooting on your own property in NJ
  82. NRA Update on Second Amendment Legal Cases
  83. Florida Law. Toy Gun NOT A Weapon
  84. No Campus Carry Is a Bad Thing (GM EDIT)
  85. Change in WalMart firearms sales policy...
  86. October NRA's Americas 1st Freedom free online
  87. Applebees in Ohio posting no guns! Need your activism ASAP
  88. House Committee to vote on CCW Reciprocity Soon!
  89. Litigation vs. Legislation
  90. Carrying while working in bar?
  91. What is an arm (2nd ammendment)?
  92. Bringing foreign gun home from out of the country?
  93. Staying in NY as a law student (non-resident), possible to take handgun?
  94. Buying Ammo for Underage Pistol Owners
  95. Liberal Courts and 2nd Amendment
  96. Louisiana Law: No cash sales for used stuff
  97. Missouri restrictions on local ordinances
  98. Once The Hunted, Now Hunters
  99. Home based FFL in Las Vegas
  100. Kagan goes shooting with Scalia!
  101. WI & Who They Will Honor, NM Drops MN, NC Changes Coming, Image
  102. Florida a top source of stolen guns (article)
  103. Can I use Glock high-cap mag as spare for Glock 26 carry?
  104. Wilson v. Holder et al
  105. Just finished reading Gun Fight by Adam Winkler
  106. NYPD Gun Smuggling Ring Busted
  107. Correct me if im wrong...home building firearms
  108. Politician Sues Opponents after Defeat
  109. ATF Envy
  110. Open carry legal in Oregon.
  111. Unlawful concealment?
  112. Why isn't the NRA fighting this unconstitutional law?
  113. Is it legal to add a stock to a handgun?
  114. Side-stepping the Constitution
  115. Majority don't support gun control or AWBs
  116. FFL Jacksonville, FL
  117. Gun Rights Policy Conference Audio Available
  118. Philly Mark Fiorina NOT GUILTY
  119. ammo on airplanes
  120. NC Trial Court Finds 2A Protects Felons Convicted 30 Years Prior
  121. FL OC
  122. How do I go about appealing a FOID denial
  123. Your definition of "Secured" Glove box carry
  124. Frustrated Sheriff Tells Citizens to Get Conealed Weapons
  125. Site Visit from ATF
  126. Private Sale in RI to out of state resident
  127. Not All Shooters Are Decent People (sad to say)
  128. Trick or Treat - With a 9mm!
  129. AR Honors WI / DE Honors NM
  130. Operation "Anything for a buck" NW Fla...
  131. Light Triggers and Lawyers???
  132. Antique guns and state laws
  133. Reporting a Mentally Unstable Person
  134. Man with carry permit shoots robber in defense in public
  135. First Amendment - Court Orders Seizure of Assets of Copyright Troll
  136. "Judge" legal question
  137. First, CC, Second, Castle Doctrine
  138. Three Sacramento Sheriff's busted for sale of "illegal" handguns
  139. pulling a gun on the abuser
  140. Oak Park, IL exploring "new" gun control regulation
  141. New Mexico Adds NE & KS. WI Update on Training + More
  142. Wisconsin receives 20,000 applications for CCW
  143. Stupid Regulations of Suppressors
  144. Background check for CCW permit holder?
  145. Firearms in the family out of state?
  146. Transporting an Inherited Collection
  147. Buried with?
  148. Guns Seized at Airport Destroyed
  149. MI & ME – WI & NM Sign Agreements MT Honors WI + OR/MS Updates
  150. Texas Man Shoots Teen Over Vehicle Burglary
  151. Kachalsky v. Cacase - NY Carry - Cert Filed
  152. Shooting in defense of property... potential problems
  153. The Brady Campaign takes shots at a pro-gun Illinois state representative
  154. protecting workplace, NC HB 650
  155. Purchasing a handgun for someone else
  156. Police: Man burglarizing vehicle in Downtown El Paso shot by its owner
  157. Contact your representative now for ccw
  158. Felons gun rights restored?
  159. Missouri Land owner laws and consequences
  160. Question about buying out of state
  161. homeless with guns
  162. New BLM Proposed Regulations to Limit Hunting/Shooting on Public Land
  163. Marylander wants to know . . .
  164. HR 822 vote yesterday. What does it mean for us?
  165. Question: Fully Automatic Weapons in Self-Defense
  166. WV/NM and PA/Maine Sign Agreements. TX,. NC and H.R. 822 Updates
  167. Permit vs Registration question.
  168. Road Rage Incident Phoenix
  169. Michigan listen up. please.
  170. transfering a pistol to a brother, ftf?
  171. Florida Gun Laws Question
  172. Jesus Gonzalez, WI Open Carry Activist, Sentenced to 20yrs in Shooting
  173. Katrina type SHTF, cops want your guns...
  174. Traveling with gun to Western NY state?
  175. nj denial, will it affect possession in other states?
  176. Help me understand the law re: carrying a handgun in a car in Texas
  177. Applying for my Georgia WCL - Asked to come to court?
  178. Ranchers are in trouble and in fear on TX borders
  179. Non-resident ownership laws in CA
  180. "You have too many civil rights!"
  181. Fighting Back From The Grave
  182. how do i find out what guns are reg to me
  183. Richmond, VA. Campus Safety Protest/Demonstration 12/01/2011
  184. The 7 Varieties of Gun Control Advocates
  185. CCW Pursues, Shoots Robber
  186. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
  187. Gun trust cost in Texas
  188. Sen. Feinstein Gets Gun Trace Data
  189. Obama’s Secret Plan To Destroy The Second Amendment By 2016
  190. Need help navigating laws!
  191. buying out of state transferring to NJ
  192. New Florida concealed firearm/gun law; veterans...
  193. Shipping a hand gun from state to state
  194. Debating a move to...
  195. HELP! ATF Says it is not legal for shooting club to buy guns.
  196. Gun Trafficking Prevention Act
  197. Notify Your Senators: Oppose Caitlin Halligan to the US Court of Appeals
  198. Gifting a handgun in north carolina
  199. Straw Buyer Question for FFLs
  200. DC City Council Member Propses Easing Gun Laws
  201. GA Tech and Campus Carry in Georgia
  202. NH Resident. Non-US Citizen
  203. Utah Non-Resident CCW Permit
  204. Reverse Robo Call
  205. In the Gun Free Paradise of the UK, the Law Will Not Protect You
  206. Yet Another Wrong Headed Lawsuit
  207. From the Fringe- Can the Secret Service Legally Seize Your Guns?
  208. OH Honors NM – TVA Limited Carry – AZ Inform Law
  209. Selling ammunition
  210. Legal Analysis of NDAA Detention Provision
  211. S.1867 Video
  212. Wisconsin Will Only Honor A VA Non Resident?
  213. Harry Brown
  214. Can Police remove a firing pin without notifying you?
  215. WA concealed carry restrictions
  216. Going to sell gun to a gold/coin/gun shop;
  217. Carrying a handgun on your ranch - CHL needed?
  218. Is my gun legal in the state of Massachusetts?
  219. night vision rifle scope leagal in ny?
  220. Destructive Device question
  221. NM/LA Sign Agreement – CO Honors WI – More Updates
  222. Can they do that!
  223. Has anybody else seen this???
  224. Concealed Carry / Illionis
  225. Black Person, Black Hoodie = Reasonable Suspicion?
  226. Illinois!
  227. Concealed Carry Requirements
  228. canton oh decision
  229. Hunting
  230. Tea party patriots co-founder arrested on gun charges at nyc airport
  231. Irresponsible neighbor
  232. read in January 2012 issue of The American Rifleman
  233. NICS checks for gunsmith work.
  234. Keeping A Firearm In New Jersey.
  235. Remington 597 .17 HMR semiauto Investivation and Legal Action
  236. Bonidy vs US Postal Service
  237. home invasion
  238. Need some good insight.
  239. Police Or Commandos?
  240. I think shootouts result in more arrests and/or less criminals on the loose
  241. Police and strikes
  242. Selling a gun in another state
  243. Who is responsible?
  244. Various rankings of states concerning gun laws
  245. Three More Wins for Gun Owners
  246. Open letter from the ATF to FFL holders
  247. Road Rage
  248. Trade across state lines ???
  249. What is meant by registering your firearm?
  250. Neither Law nor Firearms