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  1. Possessing a handgun in Florida
  2. Hoplophobia in grand form
  3. What is my Disability Status???
  4. PA CCW and the Law - Florida permit risk?
  5. Important First Amendment Case - Siobhan Reynolds
  6. Unusual question about California Open Carry
  7. Current laws about ARs
  8. Ruger Mini 14 Bullpup California legal?
  9. California conundrum
  10. How to explain the second amendment
  11. Some help needed for California travel!
  12. Laws on Hunting while consuming Alcohol???
  13. The Second Amendment’s Great Election Night
  14. Old Dominion students petition to carry weapons
  15. Private, and other, Property Rights
  16. New law going into affect ... I think
  17. Trigger Pull - A Twist
  18. NYC Pistol Premises Permit.. Will I get denied?
  19. Carry permit in SC - criminal record holding me back?
  20. ATF ruling 2010-4: Airsoft toys = firearms??
  21. Wisconsin - Help Needed - please read
  22. Legality of self defense: Shooting a coyote in city
  23. Moving to MD, Questions
  24. Soldiers funeral protestors bus tires flattened
  25. This is why Mexico needs civilian owned firearms.
  26. To cock or not?
  27. Andrew Travers nominated as next head of BATFE
  28. Guns in students cars.
  29. Can I legally go deep into the woods on public property to shoot in Virginia?
  30. ammunition storage laws
  31. Traffic stops in MA
  32. Gun Confiscation in NJ
  33. Andrew Traver as new BATFE Director???
  34. legal magazines for CA
  35. New TX rights group: Lone Star Citizens Defense League
  36. USA Export
  37. 1986 FOPA Hughes amendment vote footage located
  38. City Ordinance preempts State Regs?
  39. Lead Bans and the EPA revisited
  40. Traveling through the Southwest
  41. TX CCW age lawsuit
  42. need advice re: possession by felon charge in KY
  43. Stolen gun recovered now what?
  44. Apparently Cabelas thinks its illegal for me to feed my rifle.....
  45. PA Castle Doctrine
  46. Anticipate some changes in online purchasing of ammo
  47. Handguns from PA to NYC
  48. Open Carry Proposal
  49. Family: New Jersey man serving 7 years for guns he owned legally
  50. Time to change silencer laws?
  51. How do you import guns with no distributor?
  52. Anti-gun media, alive and well...
  53. Thumbprint for Ammo in CA
  54. Help!!!!!
  55. Vehicle carry...
  56. NICS Delay Status
  57. NC General Assembly
  58. Federal AB 962 Suits dismissed
  59. Knife law changes
  60. New Iowa law
  61. California Ammo law
  62. Mini 14 with a Tapco Stock and a custom made Bullet Button legal?
  63. Chicago and handguns
  64. First encounter with police since permit issue
  65. Video of tragic accident
  66. Illinois - Under the RADAR
  67. DC Permit Process Will Make Your Blood Boil
  68. Arizona gun laws for Universities
  69. Shipping once fire brass
  70. Open carry in Arkansas
  71. Handgunlaw.us Post on DC Permit Law Was Wrong (Old Law)
  72. A Different Question
  73. Sawed off shotgun, not defined
  74. loading
  75. Anyone know a good Illinois Gun Lawyer?
  76. Listening to Stephen Breyer on Fox News Sunday
  77. Clinton, IA proposing its properties to be weapons-free
  78. First encounter with police since permit issue - a much different outcome
  79. Introduction: Frank Jack Fiamingo
  80. Concealed Carry Question ????
  81. OPEN CARRY in Florida - Coming Soon
  82. Birthday required for knife purchase...
  83. (AK) Fairbanks militia leader calls courts 'criminal', threatens troopers
  84. In Maryland . . .
  85. Tennessee
  86. Can anyone explain pre-1899 gun laws please ?
  87. Alaska - Tell a cop that you have a gun?
  88. Handgunlaw.us Seeking Help on No Gun Sign Laws.
  89. Records on Destruction of Weapons
  90. Shooting Blanks?/ Illegal discharge?
  91. CCW/OC and Police Procedures
  92. ATF Looking to Impose Multiple Sales Reports on Long Guns
  93. Working in US
  94. Johnston County, North Carolina, Ordinance
  95. Interesting point made in LTC class about 4473
  96. The Castle law is worthless
  97. Reciprocity - There is hope
  98. Chuck E. Cheese Responds, Predictably
  99. Florida 3-day waiting period and internet purchases?
  100. My CA CWP came today!
  101. Man Charged with Assault
  102. Shock & Awe!
  103. NRA call: China wants to take my guns?
  104. Criticize the system and bye-bye permit?
  105. "Take your gun to work" Florida
  106. Finding out if a hand gun is stolen prior to purchase?
  107. NJ Carry: Drake v. Filko (Muller v. Maenz)
  108. Gifting in CA??
  109. X/Heat-ray vision and the 2nd Amend.
  110. Florida CCW license nonresident
  111. PLEASE SIGN - Petition For Open Carry in Florida*
  112. News story- Police respond to man playing with crossbow in his backyard
  113. Florida "Open Carry" Bill - Proposed Revisions - I Think It Will Pass
  114. New California Ammo Buying Rules
  115. Help, please: Gallup poll about gun attitudes?
  116. Firearms in parking lot (OHIO)
  117. 4th Circuit Says Domestic Violence Ban May Be Unconstitutional
  118. Interesting adventure
  119. Major Update Completed at Handgunlaw.us
  120. misdemeanor- domestic violence charge and buying handguns...
  121. What is the outlook for either pro or anti gun laws in 2011?
  122. Dog Bounty Hunter
  123. What's your read on this WA state statute for batons?
  124. New Gun Purchase Hung Up...
  125. Initial start of handgun permits
  126. Duty to inform and your right to not self incriminate
  127. questions about transfering firearms
  128. How a Bill Becomes a Law
  129. CCW in Gray Areas
  130. The judge magnum
  131. Williams v. State of Maryland
  132. self defense in Little Rock, Arkansas
  133. ACLU finally takes a firearms case
  134. Spending 1 month in Cleveland, can I carry?
  135. Florida open carry event - Sat 1/8 - Melbourne
  136. The Tale of Two Guns
  137. You Can Still Get PA Non Resident By Mail!
  138. NRA Alert and BATFE's proposal for "temporary emergency powers"
  139. A pre ban gun ? dont know need help
  140. Iowa Shall Issue, But How ????
  141. Discharge of weapon withing municipality
  142. Giffords
  143. What law would have prevented the AZ shooting?
  144. lets say you are CCW in a business with no carry allowed
  145. New WY law proposed to allow concealed carry without license
  146. This brings up an odd legal question...
  147. Local Article
  148. Some Legal Questions
  149. So Is There a Right to Bear Glocks?
  150. AZ Constitutional Carry and the GFSZA
  151. Well, here we go again...
  152. CCW Class
  153. WA State Suppressor law change HB 1016-2011-12
  154. They have the right? No! No they don't
  155. army discharge/prosecution.
  156. Conservatives now reaching for gun control?
  157. Proposed Mag Ban: "Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act"
  158. Oregon CWP
  159. Selling my gun. Is this legal?
  160. Arkansas laws confusing
  161. Brokaw: "I Would Be Nervous Going Into A Bar" In Arizona
  162. Validity of an old permit
  163. Thoughts on full auto and the Hughes amendment
  164. Arizona Gun Law Questions
  165. Quick lvl 3 comm officer carbine question
  166. AZ Shooter
  167. Schumer's Solution: Firearms Disqualifications for Drug Use
  168. Attn: All Wyoming Members
  169. Open carry in Florida?
  170. Have to move, opinion on where is best
  171. VA legislature session starts
  172. SCOTUS Declines to Hear Gun Arrest Appeal
  173. CA Update: AB962 = CA Appellate Court Upholds Injunction 11/06/13
  174. CNN Online Magazine Poll
  175. Martin Luther King Denied a CCW in Alabama
  176. Using a tragedy to once again call for more gun control
  177. Non-statistic (felon) request's advice!!
  178. Is a "sporting use" restriction compatible with Heller?
  179. WV SB84 proposed to exempt WV made firearms from fed regulation
  180. HELP! I need advice with my Ballistic Vest.
  181. Florida Non-resident CHL
  182. If only someone was armed...
  183. Question of transporting a gun through NY state.
  184. Are Glocks now Massachusetts compliant?
  185. Full Faith and Credit (for guns)
  186. Boxer's "Common Sense" Concealed Carry Law
  187. Oklahoma legislator will try again,,,
  188. Idaho Student Sues UI for RKBA
  189. Tranportation and shipping of handgun
  190. Possible Change to Utah's Non-Resident Permits...
  191. Colorado, North Dakota, Arkansas & Florida Now Honor Iowa
  192. Moving to Michigan
  193. (TX) 911 in Travis County
  194. Purchasing a firearm
  195. Can't trust gun haters
  196. Airport Security !
  197. TFL 1st Amendment being attacked!
  198. Legal Defense
  199. ATF Proposes Restrictions on Importation of Shotguns
  200. Guns in the NH Statehouse means no student visits
  201. would this have been illegal?
  202. traveling from FL to Louisiana with guns
  203. Egypt chaos sending a 2A message?
  204. Passed then failed TN background check...
  205. MI - Unusual Case of Self-Defense w/ CPL
  206. Moving to Colorado from Texas
  207. Unusual written law. Michigan
  208. Health Reform Not Constitutional
  209. Ohio CCW laws
  210. New Coca-Cola Commercial
  211. NYC sends undercover offices to infiltrate Phoenix Crossroads Gun Show
  212. CCW disqualifying
  213. Border Patrol Writes Letter to Military Officer's Commander - Conduct Unbecoming?
  214. Federal Magazine Ban to be attached to bill in Senate?
  215. Letter to my hometown editor
  216. FAA bill includes gun control measures
  217. South Dakota bill would require all citizens to buy a firearm
  218. Macomb County Gun Board
  219. Purchasing a gun from my father
  220. Backdoor Gun Control thread on the SWAT forum
  221. Virginia Hunters stabbed in the back.
  222. Help for IL person...
  223. interesting
  224. Maryland state police
  225. The Great State of TEXAS: CHL Laws Questions
  226. Ohio Gun Rights Legislation
  227. Self defense laws
  228. RECAPping PACER
  229. New Rash of Campus Carry Legislation
  230. Are ccw permit fees unconstitutional??
  231. NJ "Assault Pistols"
  232. No shipping to California?
  233. State background checks are redundant?
  234. New Pro-Gun Legislation for NC!
  235. Attn nevada gun owners
  236. Two questions regarding a firearm
  237. UPDATE - Personal Firearms on Military Installations
  238. The Second Amendment Two-Step
  239. Monastery raided by ATF, firearms confiscation
  240. ATF - Registration of Multiple Firearms - TAKE ACTION
  241. CWP In Oregon- Possible Changes
  242. Washington / North Dakota Sign Reciprocity Agreement.
  243. Transporting hand gun in california
  244. Buying through LLC
  245. Please click link and oppose H.R.308
  246. Gun Registration Soon Mandatory in CT!
  247. URGENT! Act now! The ATF is at it again!
  248. How Strict are Vermont's Gun Laws?
  249. ATF Project Gunrunner
  250. MO to TN CCW reciprocity.