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  1. driving with guns
  2. DC Detective brings gun to snowball fight
  3. Representative Matt Shea stands up for the Constitution
  4. Federal, all states carry license.
  5. Buying ammo online in Illinois
  6. A thought on the common topic of general militia usage
  7. CCW list used improperly
  8. VT propose tax for non-gun owners
  9. Buying a Pistol with Serial # Filed Off
  10. What Does Incorporation Mean to You?
  11. Owner of ARMS donates to anti-gun candidate, Martha Coakley
  12. Halbrook Second Amendment podcast -- December 2009
  13. Is it legal for me to shoot at home in Michigan.
  14. Laws north of the border
  15. Insurance for defense against criminal charges?
  16. NICS ???
  17. Louisiana / N.O. gun laws...
  18. WASHINGTON State Users Please Read
  19. California law
  20. If a person shoots and kills a person in self defense....
  21. Castle Doctrine laws
  22. Question on TX Concealed Carry Law
  23. Stand Your Ground
  24. Lawton, OK: Armed Robber Shot
  25. Home Owner Holds Robbery Suspects at Gunpoint
  26. no firearms workplace rules
  27. Disturbing CCW case involving overzealous deputy
  28. Legality of using handloads defensively
  29. Minnesota Gun laws
  30. Future legal cases after McDonald vs Chicago?
  31. Ballistic vests...
  32. Amendment to Executive Order 12425
  33. Letter to congress for campus carry?
  34. AB373 - Support needed from CA
  35. Georgia House Bill 615
  36. 1986 Gun ban
  37. No Castle Doctrine in the UK
  38. Large Cap Mags- article from CRPA
  39. Shipping 30rd mags to MD from other states?
  40. FTF transactions, millions of stolen guns, the law, and you
  41. AW Ban in MA?
  42. Long gun thru mail, Fed-x, UPS-new twist
  43. CC permits in MD
  44. Question...
  45. Defend a stranger?
  46. Assault Weapons Ban In Washington State
  47. Obama's Board of Governors
  48. Great Article from CRPA
  49. A New Activism by Gun Owners?
  50. Dave Hardy Dismantles the Stevens Dissent in Heller
  51. Federal Firearms Transportation Statute Question
  52. Altering firearms
  53. Can I buy this in NJ...
  54. shooting your firearms in Maine
  55. What's required to legally sell a hand gun?
  56. Georgia Carry Question
  57. How old to hold a handgun at gun shop?
  58. Crime Rate
  59. Concealed Carry License in West Virginia
  60. Scary: Anyone else heard of this?
  61. Shipping private to FFL
  62. Texas Handgun Laws
  63. BATF says no private sales at Austin show
  64. Living in Illinois and buying a Gun in Missouri
  65. CCW/CHL Iphone app
  66. Brady Center Says Obama Has Failed on Gun Control.
  67. Virginia "Lobby Day" a big success this year
  68. Nevada Firearms Attorney?
  69. CWP
  70. El Paso Violence from across the Border
  71. Home defence and being drunk
  72. McCain Feingold crippled
  73. United Nations
  74. Need Texans to write Dan Patrick
  75. Moving guns from NY to the Carolinas
  76. NJCSD/Second Amendment March Bus Trip to Washington DC April 19th 2010
  77. AB1663
  78. State to state carrying
  79. Jewellery store owner fights back ... in Canada
  80. I am traveling to Broken Bow Oklahoma from Texas.
  81. Federal background interviews
  82. Your Help Is Needed In Support of BATFE Reform Bills S. 941 And H.R. 2296
  83. Can I carry my personal guns across state lines?
  84. National Park Carry FAQ
  85. Local arrest that got my attention real quick
  86. Stop screaming and start shooting!!!!
  87. ccw in your state?
  88. Question re: CCW and "Federal Facilities"
  89. open carry black powder pistol detention legal or not ?
  90. Firearms Freedom Act??
  91. Three jeers for Gov. Schwarzenegger
  92. Gun shipping question
  93. MA carry at a public school
  94. Georgia CHP Military exemtion
  95. North Dakota handgun purchase by non-resident
  96. NY pistol permit DENIED!!!
  97. California and Nightvision scopes
  98. Under 21 pistol purchase
  99. 2 new Colorado gun bills
  100. NYC and Police Harassment (Update)
  101. TV show and Chicago legal question(s)
  102. Brady Campaign attacking Starbucks
  103. My message the NRA-ILA, and response
  104. Intrastate Handgun Transfer Direct from Manufacturer?
  105. Would This FFL Holder Lose its License for THIS?
  106. Military Pistol Purchase?
  107. CCW changes in Pa.
  108. King, NC declares state of emergency due to weather -- restricts gun rights
  109. Important Illinois State Rifle Assoc. ALERT
  110. armed protesting
  111. New Jersey -- what is 'registered'?
  112. Utah is now on board, who's next?
  113. CA Officer posts interesting Facebook comments about Open Carry
  114. Interesting Texas Fourth Amendment Case
  115. Shipping antiques
  116. Dogs and Personal Protection
  117. Possibly moving to Kentucky
  118. Clarification On Pa. CCW criteria please
  119. Defense Attorney Tells Clients "Shut Down Your Online Accounts"
  120. Lawyer Finds Early Draft of Constitution
  121. Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act
  122. Alabama Concealed Carry Question
  123. Starbucks OK with 2A?
  124. Georgia Purchase and CCW Laws
  125. Maryland Legislation Designed to Harrass Gun Owners.
  126. In Defense of the Freedom to Arms
  127. Driving thru MD?
  128. Facebook shuts down BFA page
  129. Concealed carry in apartment building and grounds.
  130. To compare and contrast two threads.
  131. Wyoming Bill for permitless CCW
  132. Stevens 84c Serial number
  133. Open concealed Carry in Virginia
  134. Definition of C&R in gun sales
  135. Oklahoma is getting into the act, too
  136. Brady Gun Control State Rankings Are Out
  137. State v Sieyes - WA Supreme Court
  138. Indiana is a great state for gun owners….. but we need Hoosier gun owners help.
  139. Carrying knives
  140. Tennesse CCW Rules?
  141. Q's about my firearms eligability
  142. Got this in an email today/ATF Tries to Revoke "Montana Made"
  143. VA assy gun bill
  144. Why is the 2A for everyone except the Blind? According to AZ Shooters World
  145. Seventh Circuit to Rehear U.S. vs. Skoien
  146. Deliver purchased gun?
  147. Just Got a Call from Senator Shelby's Office
  148. Another California gun question
  149. Homeowner Shoots Would-Be Robber in Broad Daylight...No Charges Filed?
  150. Officer Pleads Guilty in Katrina Conspiracy
  151. Plead guilty or fight the good fight.
  152. Law regarding modification of shotguns???
  153. florida quick check fee
  154. Ammo for self defense??
  155. FFL Transfer of Firearms
  156. My 2$ when pulling your gun
  157. Massachusetts law on FID card
  158. NRA Receives Heartfelt Thanks
  159. Washington state 2nd amendment ruling
  160. ATF busts shipment of airsoft guns--said they can be converted to machine guns?
  161. New Ban
  162. Late registration/ no jail time???
  163. Have you sen the NRA's video on UN efforts?
  164. A few questions involving FFL Transfers
  165. NRA Board of Directors Elections
  166. Shipping a muzzelloader
  167. Georgia CC Legality Question
  168. MAK90
  169. Update on Noted Gun Author
  170. Heller Recitation
  171. Oh, Canada!
  172. Want to see an EBR trial?
  173. Non-resident handgun in NY question
  174. NJ Handgun Purchase Permit
  175. Pellet rifles in Michigan
  176. Bill O'Reilly stood strong on 2nd last night
  177. registering an older gun
  178. Aftershocks of student activism still showing up
  179. Gun Regispration II
  180. Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act
  181. Wall Street Journal Poll RE Open Carry
  182. Police Confiscated 2 Rifles When No Crime Has Been Commited.
  183. Oral arguments McDonald v Chicago
  184. Henigan claims Heller created the second amendment
  185. NJ Airgun Laws
  186. North American Arms Belt Buckle Legality
  187. Illinois Anti-Gun Legislation
  188. SCOTUS
  189. 2A and CCW - May Issue v Shall Issue
  190. Transporting ammo across state lines
  191. Gun Show hypocrisy?
  192. New State Constitution.
  193. Inheriting firearms in California
  194. Do I need ffl to ship to?
  195. Question regarding California gun show purchase
  196. Question about MO gun carrying
  197. Artwork recently acquired with two interpretations
  198. Handgunlaw.us Needs Assistance on Permit/License Statistics
  199. PA to NJ gun carry
  200. Federal ID and our rights...
  201. Pulled over while CC..What to do
  202. Indiana House Bill 1065
  203. Oops, another Alaska question ....
  204. How many states allow carry in bars?
  205. Alabama: need help legalizing short barrelled rifles and shoguns ASAP!
  206. 2010 census
  207. The Mount Vernon Statement
  208. A Firearms March on Washington D.C. or close too it!
  209. Who Can View Our NICS File? Help settle a discussion.
  210. AR-15 Incident at Portland State U Continues to Spark More Controversy on Gun Control
  211. Judge Says Seattle Gun Ban Constitutional
  212. Is there a discreet way to ask...
  213. PD selling confiscated guns a problem
  214. Interstate sale question....
  215. Purchase laws Texas/New Mexico
  216. The Slaughter Rule is Unconstitutional
  217. CPL disqualifier in MI
  218. Is it a crime (Felony) to sell a gun FTF and not provide a receipt?
  219. 5th state passes gun federal gun exemption
  220. Bank of America takes a stand against gun businesses
  221. Campus Carry Protest Upheld
  222. What would it take?
  223. Castle Doctrine in Kansas
  224. ILLINOIS CASTLE DOCTRINE PETITION protect your rights!
  225. Maine: ATV Carry
  226. Shipping
  227. Nevada Law (Carry)
  228. Question on local laws.
  229. All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives
  230. Need Help From Volunteer
  231. i need some feed back
  232. Sound Of Silence
  233. Timely Article About Gun Rights
  234. Utah non Residency permit
  235. SKS Rifles in Ct
  236. Kentucky Dem Caucus to Ban Guns on Floor?
  237. Shall-Issue Finally to Come in Iowa?
  238. Tell me about bringing a revolver to calif for a week stay?
  239. Second Circuit Finds Due Process Claim for Connecticut Firearms Permit Holder
  240. Initiative 42 - Colorado & UN Small Arms Treaty
  241. The U.S.S.A
  242. Indiana LTCH information availability (Indiana LEO's please respond)
  243. Two Recent Bills ....
  244. AZ to Drop CCW Permit Requirement
  245. In case anyone is interested, re: guns and health insurance.
  246. The ACTUAL Impact of Health Care Reform on Gun Owners
  247. Massachusetts (MA) laws
  248. Federal judge upholds D.C. gun regulations; appeal expected
  249. Has the NRA changed sides?
  250. Obamacare Mistakes "Needs" for Constitutional "Rights"