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  1. Private sale out of state (and a more specific question)
  2. IL to keep FOID names confidential
  3. This encounter will be interesting to watch
  4. Update on the Philly OC case - radio interview with the chief
  5. Examining Oklahoma's Revised SDA
  6. Current Nevada CCW requirements
  7. You Must Be Prepared to Defend yourself !
  8. Moving across state lines
  9. BIG New CA Lawsuit!
  10. Wave runner thief shot in head, police probing whether it was justifiable
  11. Open and Concealed carry in CA
  12. Acceptable secondary ID for Virginia??
  13. Reported on Drudge Obama working on gun control under the radar
  14. Oklahoma Gets Another Good Gun Law
  15. Drugist in OKC convicted of murder
  16. New York state gun laws
  17. Texas Woman Convicted of Murder in Shooting
  18. Legislation in North Carolina
  19. Kentucky v. King
  20. An Archive Regarding Reloads and Self-Defense
  21. New AWB in St. Pete, Florida
  22. R.Ph fired for legally carrying
  23. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals: McDonald lawyers will get paid.
  24. Question about firearms and personal vehicles at work.
  25. Robbed Twice In Public, Woman Doesn't Want Her Life Risked A 3rd Time
  26. Going to a concert at Qwest field, can I carry?
  27. Tips When Stopped by Police
  28. Is San Francisco County Sheriff Michael Hennessey Above The Law?
  29. Taking a 1911 across state lines?
  30. randon thoughts on legislation, gun laws included, and congressional responsibility
  31. Gun Modifications
  32. NY Handgun Laws in RV
  33. My experience renewing my FOID
  34. NJ Legal M1 Carbine
  35. UN Attempted Encroachment on 2A Rights
  36. Gifting and Strawman buys...
  37. Wollschlaeger v. Florida
  38. Legal Risks in buying Used Guns
  39. Speaking of Straw Purchases...
  40. Now 70% of the guns used in crimes in Mexico come from the US
  41. AB 144--A Paradigm Of California's Disgraced Political Culture
  42. politicians exempt themselves from cali gun laws
  43. is accidental open sight of concealed carry still illegal in FL?
  44. Californias AB144 attempts to ban Unloaded Open Carry (aka-"UOC)"
  45. Illinois State Police will totally be overwhelmed by applications if CC ever passes
  46. Ever hear of this happening????
  47. shoot or retreat
  48. Read this and weep . . .
  49. CNN misrepresents Mexican gun situation
  50. 5th Circuit Rules Illegal Aliens Not Protected by 2A
  51. full auto ban
  52. Are compensators legal in Illinois?
  53. Ill. Gun Laws, Passing through
  54. MS CCW?
  55. Campus Carry
  56. Wisconsin Passes Concealed Carry-Awaiting Gov. Signature
  57. This sickens me
  58. Buying a rifle in Wisconsin?
  59. Question on FTF sales within same state
  60. S.B. 234 Florida
  61. N.C Castle Doctrine passes NC legislature
  62. Parking lots and Perry !
  63. Here comes the gun control push
  64. Concealed Carry on Business Premises
  65. The below appearing article from today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, see my comments
  66. New law in florida
  67. Arkansas/New Mexico Reciprocity???????
  68. Congressional e-mailing lists
  69. Ohio CHL Situational Questions
  70. Legal transfer question
  71. Anyone had experience with wait times / criminal background checks for buying in IL?
  72. Can I legally own a pistol at 18 in north carolina?
  73. PA Law Change
  74. Paul Helmke Stepping Down
  75. form 4473
  76. Is there such thing as straw purchasing ammo?
  77. Will Chicago ever get reasonable gun owner rights ?
  78. Texas Law Clarification
  79. is it Pre-pban or isn't it?
  80. Ballistic Fingerprinting
  81. Background search
  82. Texas, wait time
  83. Brady Campaign
  84. A question about out-of-state sellers
  85. "Blago" convicted on most counts
  86. Exhibition cancelled at McCormick due to flash mobs in Chicago?
  87. Bloombergs New Commercial!!!
  88. Atlanta Gun Sting
  89. ccw
  90. Bayonette legal for home defense?
  91. Legal to transport guns given by VA father to FL (son)?
  92. Masciandaro v. United States
  93. Shipping a Pistol to my Florida Condo
  94. Handgun purchase question
  95. Blog: Constitutional Law
  96. Yet Another Suicide At Central Florida Gun Range
  97. Need Handgun Info About Wyoming Elk Hunt
  98. Denied Suffolk NY Permit
  99. Restoration of Gun Rights and Mental Health
  100. Energized 2nd Amendment Activists Defend Their Civil Rights In Sunnyvale, CA
  101. Layaway Legalities
  102. FL to NC
  103. Should I get a CCW Permit?
  104. Ted Nugent takes on the U.N.
  105. IL - Taking possession of mystery handgun
  106. S&W Mdl 39-2 Legal in California?
  107. CCW Question
  108. ATF Trace Protocol?
  109. Permit in process, moving
  110. BATFE
  111. Florida to North Carolina by car without CCL.
  112. Obama starts gun control
  113. Met a guy from Illinois today
  114. Local Govt Ordinances.
  115. Re:President to issue executive orders.
  116. Project Gunrunner Got Stimulus Money
  117. "selling" gun to brother
  118. Reason behind gun ban in federal buildings
  119. Let the games begin...
  120. Stakeholders?
  121. OC vs CCW, when and where?
  122. crackdown on border state firearm sales
  123. Delayed again! Why?!
  124. need some advice on retrieving hand gun from police
  125. BATFE Bans Some Bullets
  126. Wisconsin, Mississippi, North Carolina Updates
  127. Between A Rock and A Hard Place
  128. Cartridge conversion cylinder = firearm, or not?
  129. Wall Street Journal Article
  130. Gun laws in Arkansas?
  131. The People V. Elliot Mayfield ( Defendant Acquitted)
  132. Shipping Ammunition
  133. Modern American Exceptionalism And The 2nd Amendment
  134. Dazed and confused....please help
  135. Wisconsin Carry
  136. black powder cannon
  137. A new reason to be paranoid?
  138. How does Illinois waiting period work with out-of-state purchases?
  139. illinios FOID
  140. Ohio Leo abuse of CCW carrier.
  141. Federal Court rules Wilmington Housing Authority ban on open carry is Constitutional
  142. Another bite at the bullet tax, or where do they find these clowns?
  143. Mentally Ill and Firearms
  144. Bringing a gun to work in NJ
  145. Havin a gun in a mutli roomate household
  146. KY/IN reciprocity question
  147. Concealed carry in girlfriends purse?
  148. Car travel across multiple States with Revolver
  149. VA vs. WV Gun Laws
  150. LEOS constantly touching weapons, Is it Legal, is it policy or is it training?
  151. FFL
  152. States Reciprocating
  153. NFA Self Defense?
  154. CA Ammunition Question
  155. Must inform states
  156. Canton OH Police CCW Holder Encounter
  157. The CCW pull over
  158. Long gun registry will end?
  159. Illinois concerns, law, FOID, etc
  160. Repeal the Hughes Amendment
  161. Married couples, in possession of/use of each others firearms.
  162. Norway shooting
  163. Vermont bill proposed for NON-gun-owners
  164. Norway madman
  165. HELP REQUEST from far far away... We NEED YOUR VOICE!
  166. New Jersey Gun Laws?
  167. How do i know if i have a right to own a firearm?
  168. Boise police: Man arrested after pointing gun at suspect's car during traffic stop
  169. Citizen's Neighborhood Rat Watch in Chicago
  170. Debt Ceiling and NICS
  171. Handgun/Revolver laws
  172. Buying a Gun out of ur own state
  173. Will NICS Be Affected If The Gov't Shuts Down?
  174. Is it illegal?????? Pistol for a gift to a 19 year old
  175. No Firearms Signs
  176. What are the enforcement tools against local governments . . .
  177. Does the NRA ever highlight when weapons charges are plead, dropped or not enforced?
  178. Texas hand gun question?
  179. J&G Sales and NSSF File Suits against the BATF&E
  180. ATF to modify pistol-to-rifle rule to better meet Thompson Centerfire
  181. Application to buy a firearm.
  182. Automatic weapons laws
  183. Washington State Open Carry While Hiking/Backpacking
  184. Less recognized aspect of societal damage from gun control
  185. Welcome to California, We now throw Rocks at feral animals
  186. Visiting California: Need help finding applicable laws
  187. CA, gun was never registered in 1993
  188. Selling my walther to out of state buyer
  189. Open Carry Shotgun in Glacier NP
  190. CCW Man Bag Transport
  191. polls in legislative hearings
  192. Short Barrel tax stamp question? For AR-15
  193. Living in Chicago
  194. Selling/shipping rifle from IL to another state
  195. No CHL for Property Owned Out of State
  196. C-Span covers forum on college campus conceled carry
  197. Gun Control Laws and Their Effect On Manufacturing
  198. Constitutional Carry Legislation
  199. Going to be in IL & WI
  200. Leaving firearm in car while drinking? Illegal?
  201. NC Pistol Purchase Permit changes?
  202. The NRA-ILA Legal Update
  203. Osterweil v. Bartlett, NY State
  204. 21 yrs old - Concealed Carry (NY)
  205. Staying at someone else's house, still legal to use deadly force against intruder?
  206. Gun Rights Win in Florida
  207. Vacation House in MI, Chicago resident
  208. Legal hospital CCW?
  209. UN Gun Ban
  210. New Rifle gifted and regifted :(
  211. PTSD and guns
  212. Cpl/ccw appeal questions!?!??
  213. NM, AR, WA, NC, OH, MS, OK & WI Law Updates
  214. Transporting pistol parts question
  215. The hypotheticals of a president carrying in DC
  216. Controversy over kids handling SWAT weapons in...California
  217. Carry license
  218. My take on why gun-restriction works in Europe but not in the US
  219. Gun Laws in America.
  220. Is there anything like a "federal" CCW in the US?.
  221. Full-Time RVing
  222. NY *intrastate* firearm transport
  223. Could the President Carry?
  224. Good CCW Police Encounter in AK
  225. My first open carry experience
  226. Wisconsin Concealed Carry?
  227. Man Charged with Killing Grizzley (In defense of his family)
  228. I'm glad people like Chuck Norris are standing up for fellow Americans
  229. Lawsuit Filed against Honolulu Police Chief and State of Hawaii
  230. I have become a MS Trainer for the Enhnaced Pistol Permit
  231. Shipping parts through the mail.
  232. Shipping Black powder muzzleloader
  233. Guitars and Guns -- Are your stocks and grips legal?
  234. burglar's family gets 270 grand
  235. Ex Military? This is scary!
  236. Policy Change in GA State Parks
  237. NRA & CRPA Foundation File Lawsuit Challenging Firearm Sales “Fees”
  238. Cast bullet tax?
  239. My letter to the Michigan governor
  240. Some "inside baseball" on Bush Administration's Divisions on 2A
  241. Be Wary of Pressing Laws
  242. It finally happened to me. . .
  243. Paper help
  244. 6 Years for 7 Cent Robbery
  245. A US citizen taking a gun to Canada
  246. What are the laws concerning using a Shotgun for store defense?
  247. Special aspects for an antique
  248. Visiting a USAF Base
  249. Bravo BATFE!
  250. Florida state gun regs trump local gun regs