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  1. Political realities
  2. Sawed off shotgun
  3. Wisconsin?
  4. FL one day CCW?
  5. The Castle Doctrine
  6. Virginia "Instant" Background Check
  7. Tourist arrested at WTC memorial
  8. Important Court Ruling
  9. Boneheads and gunrights
  10. December open Letter ATF
  11. Tricky Registration Issue
  12. American gun laws.
  13. Taurus Judge pistol/rifle quetion
  14. KY NICS check question
  15. I need a FFL Dealer for ME to ME?
  16. Employer Policies the new gun control.
  17. Carry in NYC under H.R. 882?
  18. Stupid Illinois again...
  19. 2012 NDAA passed and was signed quietly.
  20. A Slant on the Castle Doctrine?
  21. Gun laws under prospective presidential candidates
  22. WI/LA – St Gun Laws - Georgia??? More from Handgunlaw.us
  23. Vermont: Self Defense or Did Lady Die of an OD
  24. When is a gun not a gun?
  25. Purchasing more than one handgun a month in Virginia with CHP
  26. Laws of purchasing handguns..
  27. NY: Former Marine arrested for having a handgun in NYC
  28. When an antique gun might not be an antique
  29. Firearms on military property
  30. Defense of Self/Property Prosecution in MA
  31. US v. Rehlander.
  32. Shooting a Dog
  33. why we need unconditional carry
  34. This Got Me Wondering...
  35. Wayne LaPierre
  36. NY Mag Capasity Question
  37. IL Second amendment... were going to need a lot of help.
  38. Anyone from PA here that knows about CCW in PA?
  39. Calling all NEW YORKERS: your help is needed
  40. Jared's Jewelry Store
  41. traveling through states not on your permit..
  42. easy to read NYS conceal carry laws..i
  43. Minimum age to own a Handgun? (NY)
  44. Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA)
  45. Help with Residence Laws
  46. NYPD working to develop gun sensors
  47. Gun Ownership Questions
  48. DEA Agent who shoots self loses appeal
  49. slippery slope
  50. SOPA, Free Speech and The Firing Line?
  51. Wisconsin rifle "registration"?
  52. Another cross-state gun question
  53. Criminal Record Sealed - Can i get a FOID card?
  54. Laws on selling parts of firearms?!
  55. Selling a Handgun in Arizona
  56. Hand gun laws in NJ
  57. This is unbelievable,,,
  58. Lift the ATF's prohibition on restoring the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms.
  59. How long is your concealed carry permit good when you move?
  60. Post Office
  61. SC loophole in law places CCW holders in same category with criminals carrying guns..
  62. Accidental discharge in Florida home?
  63. Revenge
  64. 4A Case - Unanimous Decision
  65. i live in WI can i sell a gun to a guy from IL?
  66. AR rifles as a "home defense" guns?
  67. Attn Illinois citizens: New anti gun bills headed for the house.
  68. You Go Girl! AZ Gov. Brewer vs Obama
  69. POPVOX gun bills
  70. California CCW Shall Issue Drive...
  71. GA Honoring IA/WI – KS & Iowa Updates
  72. 65 year old bicyclist shots teens
  73. I have a friend in NC and I have some questions
  74. New Jersey bill aims to ban all handgun, some rifle ammo
  75. Neighbor approached me about getting permit
  76. Anti-Gun Boycott @ Starbucks.
  77. illinois gun bill question
  78. WTOP bit on college carry in VA
  79. Concealed Carry Questions ...
  80. WV Honors KS – GA Update – Major NRA Screw Up
  81. No Gun Sign - Taken Down at Hospital
  82. Could class action lawsuits be sought against cities/states that prohibit 2A rights?
  83. defending myself or property while at a FRIENDS house...
  84. FBI uses chainsaw on wrong place
  85. Implications of Handloaded ammo for Defense
  86. Married to a Felon, Gun rights affected?
  87. Glock, Inc filed suit against Global Guns and Hunting doing business as OMB Guns
  88. Obama Administration Finally Admits Desire to Reinstitute Assault Weapon Ban
  89. stopped by off duty deputy at Wal-Mart
  90. Good Intentions and Government
  91. New study by the Cato Institute on DGU
  92. Mayors anti-gun Super Bowl Ad
  93. WWII weapon law question
  94. New President for the Brady Campaign
  95. One handgun a month law in Virginia
  96. Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act
  97. I am an Indiana Resident!!!!!!
  98. Can I carry or not?
  99. Hightower v. Boston
  100. Where we are, after McDonald
  101. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants state handgun registry!
  102. So my grandfather wants to give me a handgun...
  103. Florida trigger lock laws...
  104. trainer/cadet rifle
  105. The Nuge on the 2nd amendment
  106. New Yorkers! Tompkins County Rifle Bill
  107. Neighbors sue over Doctor's private firing range
  108. Thoughts, opinions, reactions to provacative article...
  109. NJ> 2012 CCW Proposal (A-1493)
  110. NJ CCW petition
  111. Court: Videotaping police is constitutional act
  112. (PA) ACLU sues Philly for open carrier-Fiorino
  113. Legalities of a "built in" suppressor? (New York)
  114. Homemade "explosive/incendiary" ammo?
  115. Maybe There Is Hope for Canada Yet...
  116. Canadian long gun registry has gone the way of the Dodo
  117. Georgia Firearms Law Proposed Changes
  118. Alan Gura at UW Law
  119. Obama's Anti-Gun Budget Bill
  120. Question on commercial property gun ban.
  121. class A misdemeanor
  122. Floridians....gun show and concealed carry issues...
  123. Lying, Stolen Valor and Illegal Weapons Transfers - From the NRA
  124. We do we follow the law blindly?
  125. Trying to get a Wilson Combat AR in MA
  126. What state has the best gun laws?
  127. Question about the legality of Airsoft "type" Guns
  128. man going to court to defend gun rights
  129. Man arrested after firing warning shot at burglar in N.H.
  130. Deadly Force Smash & Grab Robbery's
  131. CC at the DMV? North Carolina
  132. Not Guilty of Making an illegal Firearm by Mental Defect?
  133. Ron paul going for pro gun rights
  134. Man aquitted in SD shooting after spending 112 days in jail
  135. Isn't this normally called war?
  136. Missouri Retreat laws?
  137. Hobbyist Gunsmith
  138. To defend a stranger?
  139. RI ccw permit?
  140. MS Castle doctrine
  141. Can FL County Manadate Range Land Size?
  142. What does concealed carry lic really mean?
  143. New health care going to affect CCW to hospitals?
  144. How is AZ on guns?
  145. Illegal handgun
  146. NV & UT Permit Costs - State RKBA's Orgs - From Handgunlaw.us
  147. Bought gun online. Can't get copy of seller's Drivers license
  148. if the gov. ever took our guns
  149. Robber Tries to Buy Gun Lost to Victims
  150. Must Read For Texas CHL Holders
  151. PS2466 - Constitusional Arms Law Senate Proyect Law
  152. TX - Several issues involved in shooting
  153. Well then where AM I allowed to carry?
  154. Being Sued for using Reloads for self defense
  155. Self Defense Against Unidentified Gun-Brandishing Police
  156. Small possitive step for Oklahoma
  157. Iowa Dems walk out over gun bills
  158. Goodbye First Amendment?
  159. Calif.Police able to buy and own AR-15's
  160. Coming to a country near you soon?
  161. Looks like SD is getting Constitional Carry Law
  162. D.C.’s crime solution: Be a victim
  163. On the selling of pre-ban magazines
  164. Assault Weapon Bans in CA and elswhere
  165. Assault weapon ban law hypothetical Q?
  166. VIDEO: What, and Why, I Carry
  167. can i bring a firearm from az to ca?
  168. Your States Emergency Powers Act and Firearms.
  169. Ohio Clerk Who Stops Armed Robbery Indicted For Manslaughter
  170. a win for U of Colorado students
  171. Why a Pastor Carries
  172. A great day for firearms rights
  173. Moving to Maryland with Assault Weapons and Handguns
  174. Oklahoma Advances Open-Carry Firearm Bill
  175. State Prosecutor Gonna Hang Me on This?
  176. open carry in voting booth on school property.
  177. Gura: Force of Nature
  178. New bill in Missouri to protect concealed carriers from discrimination
  179. Sad day for Oregon University students...
  180. Is this scenario a straw man?
  181. So how about NJ next?
  182. FFL Required?
  183. Making another run at carry legislation in Illinois
  184. 12 States on Path to Guns Without Permits
  185. GA May Change Age for CCW
  186. Civil liability for gun club members.
  187. Nics Check
  188. The Reese Family
  189. Church carry and the federal gun free zone?
  190. Campus carry prospects dim for TX
  191. Resisting the police
  192. Idaho CCW Question
  193. Gun purchase denied, no reason!
  194. interstate gun transfer
  195. Advice wanted in starting a business with a FFL
  196. Virginia Tech found negligent
  197. Definition of straw purchase in Minnesota?
  198. Long Gun Private Purchase Oregon to Texas
  199. OH Now Honors Kansas – State Emergency Laws
  200. Vermont Carry (Problem ?)
  201. National Reciprocity - now in the Senate; plus other bills of note
  202. WA state GOAL Post 3-17-12: "State schools superintendent ignored safety training"
  203. Firearms Confiscation
  204. neighborhood watchman shoots, no charges filed
  205. The Vetting - Holder 1995: We Must 'Brainwash' People on Guns
  206. appalachian trail options
  207. 10 Dead, 39 Wounded This Weekend In Chicago
  208. Illinois resident AR lower transfer question
  209. New "Stand your ground" article on CNN
  210. "Stand Your Ground" op ed in the NY Times 3/21
  211. South Carolina Weapon Laws
  212. NM Drops VA and FL. _ OR Campus Carry
  213. Govt to keep info on Americans with no terror ties
  214. LEO's, Lawyers, and a Modified Trigger!
  215. neighborhood watchman shoots, no charges filed -- NEW info
  216. Our AG's view point on guns
  217. Gun show trade and sell?
  218. gun purchases in NY ?
  219. gunsmith delema
  220. new yorker buying a hand gun in Pa
  221. Are Poly Pistols Illegal Under Minnesota Law
  222. From a law enforcement prospective are "Gun Owners" the bad guys?
  223. Chicago strikes again
  224. CCW Licensed in Oklahoma, Moved to TX
  225. A Little California Law Advice Needed
  226. Jarvis v. Village Vault: MA Due Process Firearms Forfeiture Violations
  227. 911 caller arrested after California cops shoot alleged armed robber
  228. Taking Liberties: Arrested for reading the Bible?
  229. NY just killed the CoBIS law.
  230. Face to Face Sale & NICS
  231. Texas - Hunting with Suppressors LEGALIZED
  232. Hunting with semi-auto rifle legal in Vermont?
  233. new on your forum, not new to guns culture
  234. Error on eForm 4473 :confused:
  235. Shipping ammo?
  236. Shepard v Madigan (IL) dismissed
  237. Zimmerman and Common Sense
  238. SC CC in Bars passed
  239. Open Carry in the Big City
  240. NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre speaks on 2nd Amendment
  241. Liability of letting people shoot on my land?
  242. Shipping Rifles / Shotguns
  243. Obama’s Secret Plan To Destroy The Second Amendment By 2016
  244. Unregistered Gun, open cary law, and a multi-state road trip
  245. Found some guns... need advice ASAP.
  246. NY handgun law question
  247. Students for Concealed Carry
  248. Former N.O. officers convicted of "federal firearms charges"?
  249. travling guns
  250. Guns at school