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  1. McDonald and Pending Court Cases
  2. NRA Discourages Board Members From Testifying Against Kagan
  3. The High Court's four liberals plan to overturn both Heller and McDonald
  4. How now, California?
  5. Question for TEXAS LEOs!
  6. Handgun Laws
  7. Employer states I can't keep CCW in car
  8. Virginia Restaurant Law Takes Effect Today
  9. NRA comes out against Kagan
  10. New Chicago Gun Laws and New Lawsuit
  11. CCW to Florida
  12. Tampa/Federal response to two slain officers
  13. Traveling through NY/NJ using FOPA
  14. NRA and Sen. Harry Reid
  15. Boycott Chicago?
  16. Chicago approves new gun restrictions
  17. Lawsuit to Overturn California AB962 Filed – State Ammunition Inc.
  18. Question about Heller II
  19. Giving a pistol as a gift
  20. What happens if an administration refuses to follow a Supreme Court ruling?
  21. Would you use profiling to avoid breaking the law?
  22. Dealing guns without a license
  23. "preemption" and McDonald
  24. A new citizen'squestion...
  25. Air Guns in King County WA
  26. Throwing it their face
  27. transfering gun ownership
  28. Legal to build a Hi-cap magazine?
  29. What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-defense Law
  30. Jackson County DA refuses to inforce gun bans in Wisconsin
  31. finding out if someone has a CHL
  32. What's the law on foreign diplomatic bodyguards?
  33. Florida police asking gunshops for info
  34. Denied at the background check
  35. Emailing your senators to oppose the Kagan confirmation
  36. WIN!! Bateman v. Perdue: N.C. Emergency Powers Ban
  37. Judge Sticks it to Sheriff Over CCW Permit
  38. Im confused about DE guns laws
  39. Nordyke en banc Dismissed and Remanded - Update!
  40. US vs Skoien decision in
  41. Australian gun laws and perspectives
  42. How our NFA rights were stolen from us
  43. Pistol vs Rifle recievers
  44. NRA - What should be its role or mission?
  45. Police Officers shot by CCWs
  46. Woman shoots intruders!
  47. Washington D.C. Crime Stats
  48. CWL on Campus
  49. Handgun left in Potty!
  50. ADL monitoring firearm's web sites
  51. Kentucky Residents ... Your Rights Are At Stake
  52. Anti gun(crime) laws
  53. CHL Residency / Employment issues
  54. Current 2A Cases
  55. What silly laws have they imposed on you in your neck of the woods?
  56. Chicago police confiscate guns by destroying owners FOID and registration cards
  57. The U.N.’s Arms Trade Treaty “Programme of Action” on Small Arms is Dangerous!
  58. Judge rips sheriff for rejecting gun permit
  59. Alien Resident Gun Ownership in NH
  60. Just talked to Otis McDonald. Wow!
  61. Hypothetical Screw-Up - Any Way to Fix This?
  62. Unlawful search and seizure!!
  63. Virginia
  64. Question for the LEO's... would you call this concealed ???
  65. Is the firearms excise tax a tax on a fundamental right?
  66. Where you live are you considered Guity until proven innocent or vice versa?
  67. Louisiana Carry permits
  68. Bushmaster ACR
  69. Baker v. Biaggi, Nevada RKBA Case
  70. Private party sales in Iowa
  71. A legal question on limited liability from Castle and other similar laws
  72. Question about Large-Capacity Rifles with FID Card in Mass.
  73. NYC magazine capacity restrictions
  74. Arizona joins the club today?
  75. Anybody know if the Hi-Point 995TS is Massachusetts FID Card Compliant?
  76. SAF sues MD over CCW good and sufficient rule
  77. Third Circuit Weighs In on Scrutiny for Second Amendment
  78. Man faces jail for videotaping gun-waving cop
  79. Jurisdiction
  80. Concealed Car Carry question - driving through a college campus
  81. Police dash cams
  82. State Militia ... sensitive question
  83. Nationwide Lead Ammo Ban
  84. How they got one over in WA State...
  85. 12:30 est CSPAN2
  86. Daley Claims Credit for Allowing Handguns In Chicago
  87. Seventh Circuit Rejects As-Applied Challenge to Felon-in-Possession Charge on 2A
  88. Comedy club?
  89. three day wait
  90. What kind of law would it take for you to move from your state?
  91. CCW in Gatlinburg/Natl Park
  92. Democrats Posing As Tea Party Candidates Infiltrating Elections
  93. I have a Chicago Firearms Permit
  94. New Reciprocity: AR & Maine, AR & NH, NC & NV
  95. Mcdonald remand questions
  96. Firearms Excise Tax Improvement Act
  97. Gun Control Doesn't Work
  98. fixed blades not allowed?
  99. Is shooting someone who is trying to beat you up self defense?
  100. Waiting period...
  101. 2nd amendment violations..
  102. Michigan concealed carry "mental illness" question?
  103. California Fingerpring and Amo limits.
  104. Internet censorship
  105. Rifle Open Carry in Alabama
  106. Question about selling a gun...
  107. Information on CCW for Reservations
  108. Please hit this poll
  109. More on the Nordyke Case (CA - 9th Circuit)
  110. FL CCW Question
  111. Canadian Laws
  112. Obama Administration Blocks Import of 100,000 M1 Garands and Carbines from S. Korea
  113. LIF and the Second Amendment Foundation
  114. firearms collection and child custody cases
  115. Trespassing v2
  116. Banning Importation of Surplus Garands
  117. Moving from Ohio to Philadelphia. Help??
  118. Pepper Spray + Gun = Problem?
  119. Hunters on jury
  120. ARs / Bullet Buttons
  121. Question regarding knives
  122. Conversion Kit's Legal Implications if used for SD.
  123. Medical issue = lower threshold of armed response?
  124. Will US Justice Department Try to Wreck Smith & Wesson?
  125. California legislators at it again - act now
  126. WA State Pistol Concealment Rules/laws
  127. Caution With Open Carry???
  128. Convicted of possesion of paraphernalia
  129. If we get a 5th left-wing Justice ...
  130. Opporunity to Speak Out Against Restrictive NC Gun Regulation
  131. South Dakota question - do they honor a MN permit to carry?
  132. Why not take the offensive against unconstitutional bureaucrats?
  133. Suspension of rights....
  134. Gun trade in Florida thumbprint required?
  135. WV/WY & DE/SC Sign Reciprocity Agreements. CT Park/Forest Carry
  136. Concealed carry in a small city park.
  137. That Ain't Right
  138. 90% Myth shows up on AOL
  139. Firearms in Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform in the Federal Regulatory Process
  140. Shipping muzzle loaders?
  141. The Newest NRA Lawsuits - Texas
  142. Update on Reservation & Carrying Firearms
  143. CCW license background check
  144. Nics Denied Me ***???
  145. Toys 'R' Us, Babies 'R' Us "NO GUNS" Policy
  146. Firearms dealer goes to jail, straw purchaser goes free
  147. Smith & Wesson revolver identification and recovery
  148. Guns and Gamewardens
  149. Government disconnect?
  150. Decisive week
  151. Protection of other "arms"
  152. Questions for Michigan People
  153. Guns and airports
  154. Unregistered AK-47s brought back from Vietnam?
  155. Ezell v. Chicago (SAF/Gura)
  156. Private transfer
  157. Mo handgun law question
  158. Another California Question
  159. Is Obama intent on political suicide?
  160. Living With a Felon
  161. National Park Service Carry laws
  162. Regional Parks Carry Law
  163. Michigan, hunting while carrying.
  164. England realized its mistake
  165. live in NJ bought airgun rifle in PA...LEGAL?
  166. Mississippi legal question please.
  167. MD gun laws?
  168. Sheriff Parker v. CA
  169. Alabama non-resident purchasing
  170. good read on July 2010 Costco Las Vegas shooting
  171. Harry The Hero?
  172. Why Not?
  173. Implications of the over $600 form 1099 rule?
  174. Chicago case?
  175. Transfer upon death?
  176. So what do Video games and guns have in common
  177. Ohio Precedent?
  178. Lifestyles of the rich and packin': High-profile celebrities seeking gun permits
  179. WCI v. Madison: was Police charge five "legal" open carry citizens in Wisconsin
  180. Most armed states...
  181. Las Vegas Costco shooting ruled justifiable
  182. What resources are available to help gunowners watch the Senate?
  183. Short barrel AR in NY?
  184. selling handgun out of state
  185. Can I send a rifle scope to a person in Belgium?
  186. Did Fear of Gun Control Laws Make Father & Son Go on Rampage??
  187. National Concealed Carry
  188. Replacing permanent flash hider
  189. South Bay Open Carry Notes
  190. I signed a Personal Recongiznace Bond and Apperearance bond 'Without Prejudice'
  191. Pizza Hut delivery man shot 2 robbers
  192. S. 1132
  193. Shipping a Pistol
  194. GCA of 1968 - sporting purpose
  195. New Philly PD Order on OC
  196. ct rifle/shotgun law question
  197. A Few Clarification Questions
  198. Black Powder or Cartridge Revolver and the Law?
  199. Second Amendment Foundation launches Online Store
  200. got a non-approval yet i have a CWP???
  201. I got a Non-approval yet i have a CWP???
  202. NRA - Never Again
  203. Reason cover story
  204. Bounty Hunters
  205. Nullification and the Firearms Freedom Act
  206. Woollard v. Sheridan: Cert Denied - see pg 14
  207. Ca doj refuses to respond or process application for guard card/firearm app.
  208. Informed electorate
  209. Thoughts on FAFA, LESA, and Commerce Clause
  210. New Mammoth Cave NP signs
  211. denial/appeal
  212. Puerto Rico Revamps Restrictive Gun Laws to Acknowledge (barely) Second Amendment
  213. Hand gun laws in Iowa and Minnesota
  214. Straw purchase??
  215. MO resident traveling to Las Vegas CCW Reciprocity
  216. Concealed Carry or not? And other legal questions
  217. CT Residents
  218. Sticky situation?
  219. SCOTUS Cert filed: Schrader, et al v. Holder, et al
  220. Gun show laws
  221. Colorado Supreme Court and Campus Carry
  222. U.S. Citizenship
  223. Driving from VA through NC and SC
  224. Nordyke III
  225. License Reciprocal Agreements GA & SC
  226. remington rifles on cnbc
  227. Brian Aitken in New Jersey prison for legal firearms
  228. CA gun laws?
  229. Private Firearm Purchase
  230. carrying that "not a gun" into places that prohibit guns ???
  231. Convicted Felon Owns Three Gun Companies?
  232. Online gun sales to California
  233. Wayne County MI (Detroit) CPL
  234. Transporting Handgun in California
  235. Open Carry California
  236. Antiques- why 1898?
  237. Legal Community Against Violence State Rankings
  238. Traveling to Tacoma Washington with guns.
  239. I have a question
  240. Gun Show Bandit
  241. Peruta v. San Diego
  242. Sacramento County, CA now SHALL ISSUE
  243. Neighbor Being Attacked
  244. Bad Driver? In Debt? Proposed NYC Law Would Ban You From Owning a Gun
  245. Warning on shipping optics to Canada!!!!!
  246. Non-resident driving through Maryland
  247. When buying two firearms and wanting to do a transfer form for both on the same day
  248. Brady Campaign Endorsements for Tuesday
  249. Illinois gift for family in Missouri, what mess is going to happen?
  250. CCW in WI? When?