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  1. Thing Vets Should Know!
  2. Armed litter crew
  3. SC Bill S.593 - Questions for SC Residents
  4. Neighbor's Illegal Fireworks - How's it affect me?
  5. License to carry/FID card question
  6. NY State Micro-Stamping Bill
  7. 7th Circuit issues ruling on incorporation
  8. Seventh Circuit Ruling Reveals Anti-Approach to Incorporation
  9. New To Incorporation
  10. Supreme Court, overruling precedent
  11. Law Enforcement Officers
  12. Sotomayor and questionairre...
  13. Illegal shotgun?
  14. Tennessee Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto of Gun Bill
  15. Lending guns and Concealed Carry
  16. Question about selling a ar15 to a pa resident when i live in md
  17. Use of Presidential Signing Statements Continues, Criticism Doesn't
  18. How free is your state?
  19. Required training for nationwide CCW
  20. SWAT Team oversight. A good start. A good idea. Lets hope it goes nationwide
  21. Could the United States function with a narrow reading of the Commerce Clause?
  22. Non-resident FL CCW permit
  23. Help CCW in York PA
  24. Parade Article and VOTE
  25. FFL Question
  26. National park firearm laws
  27. Virginia June 9 2A Activism Vote
  28. VA, Colonial Williamsburg
  29. Sen Harry Reid, D. NV, Supporting Sotomayor
  30. FBI: Tax and registration
  31. Driving to Texas
  32. Does anyone remember the mini series Amerika?
  33. $ 50.00 tax per gun ????? is this a internet rumer
  34. Assault Weapons Ban
  35. Should he "plea out"?
  36. it goes back some years, but remains worthwhile
  37. Us customs trying to change definition of switchblade to include pretty much anything
  38. BATFE Form 3310.4
  39. Back door Gun Registration...
  40. City Rights vs. State Rights vs. Federal Law
  41. Just in case
  42. Why are Democrats unwelcome on gun-related forums?
  43. Us attempts to re-define switchblades – would make most pocket knives illegal!
  44. Buy A gun video- the gitmos
  45. U.S. Customs Wants To Ban Your Pocket Knife
  46. Home broken in to tonight
  47. Daley's area 2 gun nazis
  48. This seem definitely gun related.
  49. I think the mayor has nothing to do !
  50. Those who are unfit?
  51. Going to Washington. how can I carry.
  52. Gun rights in Iran
  53. Stone Mountain
  54. Activism is No. 1
  55. State Attorneys General send Letter to Holder Re: AWB
  56. Iranian gun rights
  57. Privatizing city streets?
  58. Robbers make houston woman's day.
  59. Criminals for gun control
  60. The other side of the coin
  61. NH Set to QUINTUPLE Non-Resident CCW Fee July 1, 2009
  62. 2nd Amendment question
  63. Carrying in National/State Parks/Wilderness areas in CO
  64. Protection from Civil Suits?
  65. Parents purchasing firearms
  66. Carrying across state lines
  67. Arizona considers legal concealed carry
  68. Gun Rulings Open Way to Supreme Court Review
  69. DC caves in on allowed handgun list
  70. Openly selling rifle in Florida=hassle
  71. Sale of a firearm to a Curios and Relics license holder?
  72. The law wants to see your guns
  73. Does Castle Doctrine Cover a Detached Garage?
  74. Legal "concealed carry" without a permit
  75. Another (silly) C&R question
  76. SAFR - Second Amendment Freedom Rally - Chicago!, June 26, 2009
  77. Should people on the terrorist watch list be allowed to buy guns?
  78. Gun ownership data for 59 nations
  79. Revolvers, AWBs, and variations thereof
  80. Quick question about buying a handgun
  81. Inciting murder to protect the 2A
  82. Concealed carry permits - demographics
  83. I have a question... can you help?
  84. 2nd Amendment
  85. vehicle carry in texas?
  86. Felons Staying On A Gun Owners Premises?? Q&A
  87. NRA ILA ALERT- Nevada discontinuing CCW reciprocity with Utah and Florida
  88. Sen. Cornyn submits question to Judge Sotomayor on Second Amendment
  89. Positive article on TX Campus Carry
  90. Is Anyone Paying Attention?????
  91. Any news on the Muhs shooting?
  92. I just Saw this on another (not gun related) sight
  93. Disclose to LEO
  94. NRA opposes knife ban
  95. Michigan CCW - Couple of Questions
  96. Maloney v Rice : 2nd Circuit Cert Petition
  97. Background checks vs Census compliance
  98. One gun a month schemes
  99. Kentucky open carry question
  100. RKBA Activism Fatigue, tips and hints.
  101. Hi-Cap Mags and California?
  102. Theoretical FOPA Question
  103. Shootin' With Aliens
  104. Fixing Illegal Modifications
  105. Harold Fish gets a retrial
  106. Getting an FFL...
  107. Federal agents hunt for guns, one house at a time
  108. Private Sell from Georgia to Tennessee????
  109. The British want their guns back.....
  110. Feds search for guns in Houston
  111. NFA SBR reg for existing rifle question
  112. Michigan CCW Law=stupid
  113. Tasked with Letters of Recommendation
  114. Remember the Founders
  115. anyone else having problems getting a CWP in Umatilla county Oregon?
  116. Gop goofs
  117. Reloads and malicious intent
  118. Nationalizing concealed carry permits?
  119. now what's this??
  120. New York Law help please
  121. What Laws Enable Police To Carry Guns
  122. Announcement: California DOJ files motion to dismiss roster challenge
  123. What types of firearms tranfers DON'T require an FFL
  124. Florida and guns in the workplace (parking lot)....
  125. Arkansas Gun/Knife laws
  126. Just....wow
  127. Guess who filed an amicus brief favorable to the 2A being incorporated?
  128. California ammo ban...
  129. Ha! My employer just modified company policy to disallow firearms on the premises...
  130. foreign trade zone
  131. Illinois gun owners, Gov. Quinn & HB182
  132. CCW Insurance
  133. Can I buy guns at a city gun buyback
  134. Non-USA citizen buying gun ?
  135. Beyond the 2A,RTKBA is part of right to Life
  136. NON disparity of force
  137. Police department closes on Fridays
  138. Michigan Firearms Laws Quirks
  139. Castle Doctrine, Dan Rather Reports
  140. NJ PETITION: Governor's 'Task Force'
  141. Handguns owned before moving to MI
  142. borrowing a gun
  143. Going to Canada from New York State
  144. MASS. and bill 4102
  145. Help with unregistered handgun...
  146. Factual view on gun violence vs other "violence"
  147. Straight from Sotomayors Mouth to our ears 2nd A
  148. Unregistereed Handgun in Az. - Registration Required?
  149. Traveling into Canada with firearms
  150. A chance to vote on 2A
  151. Any Licensing cases post Heller?
  152. Buying a shotgun out of state
  153. What makes a gun CA or MA compliant?
  154. traveling to Colorado from AZ
  155. How Could a SCOTUS Justice Vote "No"?
  156. Is Tax Relief ahead?
  157. Change to PA Gun Laws - AR15?
  158. Harold Fish Not to be Retried
  159. How much Ammunition can I have?
  160. Buying a gun from another state, 5 minutes away?
  161. New changes to Az Gun Laws "No Dry Ice"
  162. Denied Background
  163. License
  164. Abortion, Privacy, and Self-Defense
  165. Citizens don't question Obama he will crush you...
  166. Gun Forums and Prosecution......?
  167. Can I bring a pistol to the range?
  168. Moving to Maine
  169. What's missing from this story?
  170. FN FNAR Legal In Denver?
  171. God belong in Capital?
  172. Fair or not?
  173. 2500+ Rounds = Terror Watch List?
  174. Thomas Jefferson vs. Barack Obama
  175. CCW holders intervene in mugging - bad!
  176. Ban on high speed cars
  177. Florida CCW Renewal Turnaround Time
  178. National CCW Law
  179. FTF sale of handgun from GA to SC to 20 yr old - Legal?
  180. ATF says NO to state sovereignty
  181. Other information for getting my federal firearms license?
  182. Conceal Carry in Colorado, Blackhawk Casinos, and DIA
  183. Ted Nugent for president
  184. What's your Senator and Representative phone numbers??
  185. Saw this on Daily KOS
  186. Crossing NY- NJ- PA state lines
  187. Purchase DENIED! (Advice?)
  188. Expanded gun rights...FAILS in Senate vote.
  189. Why Should This Photo Be Illegal?
  190. CCW in a bank?
  191. Difficult shooting case in Texas on trial right now
  192. Can I ship a pistol FFL to FFL if i'm 20?
  193. 5 Boxes of freedom
  194. Is it legal?
  195. A Couple Of Washington State Questions
  196. Acquiring (from online) Copy of Current 4473 Form
  197. "Self defence, or another vigilante murder?"
  198. Time Limit in NYS
  199. Political Philosophy - No Dems or Reps
  200. Gun Show Loophole
  201. How to safely and legally sell (legally) unregistered guns?
  202. Visiting NJ question help?
  203. Is a 3-way trade legal?
  204. Ultimate Cop Car. No civil liberties required.
  205. Saw This At A Local Gun Shop Saturday
  206. Thoughts on Training Requirements for concealed carry
  207. TN vs. Garner vs. Chicago
  208. Ninth Circuit Will Rehear Nordyke v. King En Banc
  209. Will it hurt you in court - for a CCW violation?
  210. Register a flintlock in NYC?
  211. How to check on a CCW permit
  212. Ive been delayed in my background check??
  213. gun control question
  214. Why do we almost never heard about gun legislation not passing
  215. Academy Sporting Goods Tactical Weapons restriction
  216. Virginia ABC manager telling local shop they cant allow firearms?
  217. Active Military, a 4473, and Walmart
  218. Sotomayor not a done deal?
  219. Illegal Flintlock in NYC
  220. GCA '68 Interstate Transfer Loophole?
  221. Help with the pro-gun argument
  222. Not again!!!
  223. AZ gun owners.
  224. Nj help !!
  225. Best state to get a non-resident CCW?
  226. California criminal release
  227. LEO Unions (FOP)
  228. SAF & Gura Sue DC for Carry Rights
  229. Politicians and gun laws for them?
  230. Pro-gun senators for 2010 election
  231. another travel question re Chicago
  232. Chautauqua County
  233. Transporting fathers firearm
  234. Question for NJ Gun Owners
  235. Visiting Vermont
  236. AK-47 in ct
  237. From A Liberal (?) Feminist
  238. Open Carry at Presidential Town Hall
  239. Another open carrier has been charged with disorderly conduct
  240. State laws?
  241. Nugent Interview
  242. I thought BlairHolt was stopped?
  243. proposed tax bill
  244. Gun control in England...
  245. Desacration of the 2nd Amendment in Westchester County NY
  246. restraining orders and guns
  247. Please help me with a poll
  248. Oregon Gun Laws. Possible trip to Oregon Help me out please!!
  249. Please Read.. Is this for real???
  250. Potential major impact on 2010 gubernatorial campaign