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  1. NYS Premise/Target Permit Question
  2. Interesting article about DNA from Israel
  3. Scienter Requirements and 1994 AWB
  4. And now the idiots in Phoenix
  5. Could we see the dissolution of the Union?
  6. Couple of Amendments to Texas Laws
  7. Colorado - Gun Purchase Fee Coming?
  8. Just when you think they can't sink any lower . .
  9. 7th Circuit says registration does not violate RKBA
  10. Purchase of black powder in NYS
  11. If you're a Dad or Mom please read and leave your comment.
  12. Travel Guide no to Arizona Visitors
  13. Florida law makes possessors of Exploder ammo felons
  14. Chicago Gun Case Incorporation Lawsuit
  15. Is .22 conversion kit considered a gun?
  16. Ruger New Vaquero .45 Not Approved in Massachusetts?
  17. Molon Labe sticker??????????
  18. Handgun in vehicle, legal in Florida?
  19. Registration Requirements?
  20. Florida CCW Question
  21. Montana Firearms Freedom Act
  22. Ammunition Accountability Act
  23. Carrying to Ohio
  24. Mr. Baillio and the Mayor of Shreveport (a copy from GetOutOf Dodge.net)
  25. Armed Guard Licenses in TN.
  26. NICS denial - help?
  27. Is there any truth to this?
  28. Any Restrictions on Importing Brass?
  29. MSNBC poll on Open Carry
  30. Presidential authority to shut down / seize public internet?
  31. CCW To Concert In Tacoma Dome?
  32. FTF deal w/NJ FFL dealer employee?
  33. MI State Rep comes up with clever way to circumvent some federal laws
  34. stop HR 773
  35. Is L&CR becoming L&P?
  36. Constructive possession arrest
  37. Selling guns, photos with visable serial numbers
  38. Something to ponder
  39. Bill allows cops warrantless entry, detention
  40. Arkansas Open Carry petition
  41. Pittsburgh to outlaw 37 types of firearms for G-20
  42. Commerce: Original Public Meaning
  43. Dual State Residency - can I ship to myself
  44. Obama siding with Commies
  45. MI bill to allow carry on college campuses
  46. National Parks...
  47. minors and firearms-law questions
  48. Which States???
  49. confused about a transfer.
  50. Federal judge rules police cannot detain people for openly carrying guns
  51. Packing heat (in GA)
  52. Gonzales (LA) settles gun-carrying man’s lawsuit
  53. an end to hunting and firearms
  54. Carrying in your Car in Memphis, Tennessee
  55. Select-fire
  56. HR 45, SB-2099, etc.
  57. New one rooster law
  58. Texas gun laws and transporting...
  59. Security open carry permit
  60. How Do I Find a Defense Attorney Who Specializes in Firearms Related Cases?
  61. Estate handgun transfer rules for New Jersey to New York?
  62. Nebraska Reciprocity
  63. Ohio Open Carry
  64. Purchase of frame
  65. The Castle Doctrine
  66. Senate votes to allow Amtrak riders to carry guns in their checked baggage
  67. Syracuse, NY airport WiFi blocks gun related sites
  68. Firearms ownership laws
  69. License Required?
  70. ATTN California Shooters: Internet Ammo Sales Ban
  71. Email California's Govornor!
  72. My brass, sold to a reloader, a legal risk?
  73. Updated List/People invited to speak at the Task Force meeting/NJ
  74. Diane Feinstein
  75. Gunshows Nordyke Audio case heard today!!
  76. Unbelievable Misjustice
  77. Tenn. Firearms Freedom Act
  78. Hunter Thompson's Unpublished NRA Book
  79. carrying an empty gun in ohio
  80. SAF Conference in St. Louis
  81. Rights against police
  82. Any legal consequences of prohibiting firearms in the workplace?
  83. Open letter to those that oppose gun rights
  84. Is your garage part of you home?
  85. Gun in an RV
  86. Judge Silberman on Heller, incorporation
  87. In God We Trust
  88. Arizona: firearms in liquor-serving establishments
  89. High Court to Examine Local Handgun Laws
  90. Questions about checking firearms when flying
  91. The Canadian border pitfall again...
  92. Sold guns used in a crime
  93. Palmer v. DC-- Adding Carry Rights to Heller
  94. Gving handgun as gift in Florida
  95. Are Americans Smart Enough to Recognize a Tyrant?
  96. "We must hang together, or ..."
  97. Need Help, Is there any loopholes to purchase non cali approved handguns?
  98. Legal Expert Avery Friedman sees little hope for Chicago at Supreme Court
  99. Does having a CPL show up on your background check?
  100. Shipping primers ????
  101. Is it legal for Census workers to carry a concealed weapon?
  102. Gun show loophole
  103. Pulled over & a passenger scenario
  104. Mystery police force in Montana. WTH?
  105. michigan conceal carry laws?
  106. 2nd Open Holster Day Rally - Baltimore, MD
  107. A little help from missouri residents please :)
  108. Law question- list of 'shall issue' communities?
  109. Legislators Will File Brief In McDonald v. Chicago Case
  110. Gov Signs AB962 (Ammo bill) in CA
  111. Selling a gun to a person under 21
  112. What's the truth?
  113. MA CCW question
  114. Conflicting Answers
  115. Explanation of 922r compliance. Lawyers?
  116. So glad I do not live in CA
  117. Protester arrested over gun collection
  118. California kills mail order ammo in 2011
  119. CCW a Canuck?
  120. Oath Keepers
  121. Wow, I get so frusturated with Illinois
  122. CCW status and teaching jobs
  123. texas gun law question
  124. Terrorists Couldn't Get Automatic Weapons.
  125. Constant, low-level, activism begins paying off
  126. Indiana Supreme Court allows MySpace entry as evidence in murder trial
  127. firearm compliance laws
  128. Idaho - Shooting on our own land
  129. Defending Yourself Against Attack by Threatening Force Is a Crime in Kansas
  130. Armslist
  131. shooting off shore
  132. Ayotte for Senate
  133. Welcome to the United Kingdom of Nerfdom
  134. Firearms possession and Med Pot
  135. California Waiting Period
  136. legality of building a tactical rifle from scratch
  137. ATF Form 6 - Ammo Imports
  138. Can I Purchase in New Jersey?
  139. Alabama Gun Law Question
  140. an end run around existing law?
  141. What is a 'loaded firearm' in CA?
  142. handgun carry law in alabama
  143. Guns banned in Rentals
  144. Question on 4 Dissenting Justices in Heller
  145. Home defense and hand loads
  146. Head to head with Brady Campaign
  147. The Truth About Gun Shows
  148. 2 Armed Robberies Close to me, 1 Ineffective Law
  149. The truth about gunshows:Discussion
  150. Article in liberal local paper about felons and gun ownership rights
  151. Let them know
  152. Yobbery in the UK
  153. NJ Court says 2A does not give right to own handgun
  154. Advice needed
  155. legality of giant suppressor
  156. Washington State Shooting Question
  157. ATF outlawing "unadjacent state" rifle transfers?
  158. New USA Today Poll
  159. Gun owners beware: Jim Ryan announces run for Illinois Governor
  160. FFL for ammo?
  161. reads like centralized registration to me
  162. Crown jewel of marxism
  163. Ohio HB 203
  164. Feds have taken control of NICS!
  165. Canada attempting to scrap long gun registry!
  166. Dennis Hennigan, the brains of the Brady Bunch?
  167. "Stockpiling" Question
  168. guns on yachts
  169. Microstamping
  170. Vote in this poll please!!
  171. The 1st and 2nd ammendments,together
  172. Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act
  173. DOJ gun release & Ca City Police Code
  174. Gun Store consignment situation
  175. Buying ammo
  176. Why Liberals Should Love the Second Amendment -- still awesome after a year
  177. A GOOD read and scary
  178. Bad news for Ohioans - with Good news update
  179. Anti-Gun Senator Shoots Intruder
  180. Open Carry Question.
  181. Lead bans
  182. 922 compliant?
  183. owning an Air Rifle as a past convicted felon ?
  184. Will the AWB make a come-back at the State level in 2010?
  185. A little Gun History
  186. "SHALL" vs. "MAY" States
  187. Any truth to this rumor about tennessee taxing gunowners?
  188. serious gun control threat
  189. Man blows off thumb firing .460 S&W
  190. U.S. v Skoien: A review standard for Heller?
  191. Green Card holder went to get CCW permit
  192. Indian Reservation Gun Laws
  193. Moving: VA to CO, what happens
  194. NJ home storage information
  195. A couple good articles
  196. pistol question
  197. Compulsory Carry
  198. Straw Purchase & stripped AR lowers
  199. How does one help protect the 2nd amendment?
  200. Ruling on Oregon teacher handgun carry
  201. Californoa AB 962
  202. Volunteering to support our second amendment rights.
  203. A lock and load question
  204. California Traveling: Can I have a pistol in the car?
  205. innocent
  206. Liberalism, Conservatism, and the Second Amendment
  207. Guns as gifts
  208. 10 affirmations for those holding public office
  209. Illegal to have NFA firearm at range without paperwork?
  210. Florida Non-Res ID issued in under 3 weeks
  211. California question
  212. FFL only required to recieve firearm.
  213. carrying a rifle
  214. underage acquiring or firearms
  215. Avoiding a "Straw Sale"
  216. dv-4 and the law
  217. iPhone CCW App
  218. Can I ship a rifle to an FFL?
  219. Overturned Murder Conviction Will Stand for Arizona Man Who Used a Firearm
  220. New Bill from the Usual Suspects: S. 2820
  221. Carry on Boston MBTA?
  222. Colorado Campus and CCW
  223. Help Puchasing a Colt Gold Cup Trophy
  224. What to do...
  225. What knives are legal to carry in California?
  226. Handguns that shoot shot shells
  227. ccw/cdl
  228. Steven Segal "Lawman"
  229. Help with illinois foid app.Question??????
  230. shooting personell with a .50 cal
  231. 3rd OPEN HOLSTER DAY RALLY - Annapolis, MD
  232. Finally have My CWL, It took 5 Weeks
  233. Gun-Free Zones - US Military Installations
  234. NYPD releasing names of permit requestees???
  235. The next PR war – important.
  236. AZ To Michigan Trip
  237. Sick and Tired of Seeing Idiots With Guns
  238. 45ACP +P - Excessive force for self defense??
  239. Fox News GOA vs Brady Bunch
  240. UPDATE - Gun-Free Zones - US Military Installations
  241. Modifying in MA
  242. Jailed for Bulge in His Pocket. Interesting WA State Supreme Court Ruling.
  243. Minnesota Brandishing Law(s)?
  244. Selling Handguns
  245. Airport and CCW
  246. Military Bases
  247. CHL in Oklahoma
  248. In trouble for a posting?
  249. Washington State Semi-auto ban
  250. NYC and police harassment