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  1. IL: Winbigler v. Warren County Housing Authority.
  2. NJ Inherited guns
  3. Florida task force examines Stand Your Ground law
  4. Mississippi enhanced conceal carry?
  5. NM Drops AK, KY, MT, SC & WY - - - WV/TX Sign Agreement
  6. Georgia..CC rules?
  7. Coke pulls stand your ground support
  8. I want to make sure i am doing this legally
  9. ATF Up to Something Fishy in Alaska
  10. AZ shooting is mirror image of Martin/Zimmerman shooting
  11. NRA to expand lobbying to other conservative causes
  12. More Bloomberg
  13. Arizona Law - Carrying and Public Self Defense
  14. Question about NY City and NY State AWB.
  15. How Stand Your Ground Laws Protect the Innocent
  16. Florida case law re: self-defense
  17. CPL notify officer in WA
  18. 5th and 14th question : Grand Juries
  19. Why the movie Iron Skys wont be shown in the USA
  20. NJ Laws
  21. A Progressive Perverts the Commerce Clause; but O’Reilly Gets it Right!
  22. Regarding Operation Fast and Furious
  23. HR 4089 protects lead bullets and sinkers
  24. I'm done with CNN.
  25. Antique and cap and ball guns on federal property
  26. Statistic and gun sales
  27. Ohio Will Only Honor Arizona Resident Permit/License
  28. handgun transfer
  29. stand your ground
  30. Zimmerman making for stricter gun laws.
  31. CCW in School?
  32. 1st time poster, About to apply, few questions
  33. Ann Coulter: Blacks should buy guns and join the NRA
  34. pulling wool
  35. infor for the crowd banning proposed
  36. WI Carry files Federal action against Milwaukee
  37. Senate bill
  38. Faux flash hiders and AWB.
  39. BOA No 2nd A - See thread in General
  40. Fisher v. Kealoha
  41. Ted Nugent; CNN news report; hunting charge...
  42. New Jersey to Pennsylvania Residence Gun Laws
  43. MS to Honor All States! Quirks in Who Honors Who!
  44. SAF sues New Mexico over legal resident alien CCW permits
  45. Obama's second term
  46. Guns allowed in apartments?
  47. Charles Nichols v. Edmund G Brown Jr et al
  48. Should Alaska require out of state hunters to use a guide?
  49. Zimmerman court records made public
  50. Castle Doctrine regarding apartments?
  51. Gun transfer out of state
  52. Kentucky Supreme Court Says Campus Gun Ban Does Not Include Parked Cars
  53. New Mexico Drops Arizona – KY Sup Ct Rules on Car Storage on Campus
  54. Texas CHL v NO CHL
  55. FFL Required for M/L's ??
  56. Question for any 07ffl's here
  57. Bank of America
  58. you should fear the legal system.
  59. New Mexico Drops Numerous States From Handgunlaw.us
  60. Tampa, Charlotte wanting to ban concealed carry during conventions.
  61. Manufacturing guns
  62. Can people weigh in on this proposed IL legislation?
  63. New Mexico Has Backed Down (Updated)
  64. The Virginia Citizen's Defense League needs your help
  65. GA Suit Over Open Carry Incident
  66. Is this brandishing
  67. Using the "Amended FFL" application
  68. Lawsuit over hearing loss at range
  69. The fallout begins
  70. New International Gun Rights Group
  71. Paramilitary Training??
  72. What delays a NICS check?
  73. Transfer Question
  74. making a rifle into a pistol(Legally)
  75. Illinois close to passing CC (video)
  76. Mismatched Serial Numbers
  77. Update on NM Reciprocity --- MS, OK, NV & SC & Updates.
  78. Former active duty Marine openly carrying handgun turned away from poll location
  79. Juvenile Offender, My experience with NICS and Restoration of rights. -- KS
  80. Story about Rhonda Ezell in Woman & Guns
  81. CGF/SAF sues CA DOJ, San Francisco and Oakland
  82. Another misguided case
  83. Where Are We With The 2A Cases?
  84. Gun on Vacation? (By car, no CCW)
  85. Traveling ga to fla
  86. OC in vehicles in tennessee?
  87. Arrest for ammo possession?
  88. Police holding seized firearm for 180 days?
  89. Court orders guns returned to blind man
  90. Kansas City Follows Cincinatti's Lead: Violent Crime Initiative
  91. Maryland Laws..
  92. DE Drops NM - - New Format for WA --- Seeking Assistance
  93. First-ever Law School Textbook on Second Amendment Published
  94. Illinois Question
  95. Politifacts and the UN
  96. Orlando: Bloomberg and Joyce using YOUR tax dollars to pay for campaign against guns.
  97. Help educate a european
  98. Unintentional Exposure of a Concealed Handgun Under Texas Law
  99. Bogus 5150 event, CA ownership ban, moving to MI- can I purchase/own?
  100. Scary Joint Federal and State Combined Case
  101. Carry Rifle?
  102. Federal Gun Free School Zones Act
  103. 'Firearm' Defined
  104. Shipping a firearm to California
  105. Short barrel Shotgun (14")
  106. Question for New Jersey, FFl Dealers
  107. Castle Doctrine Ohio
  108. NYC questions- need some help
  109. failing background check when buying
  110. State Police team with Fed to restrict Illinois gun owner rights
  111. Flying with pistol in check-in luggage
  112. Getting a Virgina Non-Res Permit for Texas Concealed Carry?
  113. Will I be able to buy a firearm?
  114. Aurora Colorado mass stop
  115. taking guns in on trade, Texas
  116. Is a crusing boat a vehicle for interstate transport?
  117. Federal Gun Free School Zones Act question
  118. pedersen device legality
  119. Delicate issue- legal/moral advice
  120. Changes to Virginia laws effective 1 July
  121. Open carry in Texas
  122. Carrying across state line
  123. Nj assembly committee to consider school grounds penalty increase
  124. Is Scott Walker a Win for Wisconsin Gun Owners in the recall election?
  125. Flying out of Boston with guns.
  126. CCW????
  127. Open carry question
  128. Handgun purchasing in NY and transferring out of state
  129. Moving rifle collection cross country without CCW permit
  130. Private Party Transfer in MN to NON-Resident Local Pickup
  131. Moving from TN to FL, carry permit question
  132. Another NYC airport fiasco
  133. Indiana Residents Right to Use Deadly Force
  134. Massachusetts, ammo components?
  135. Microstamping
  136. HB5225 Passes in MI!!
  137. CHL change of address question
  138. Texas v. Rodriguez SYG - Is not - see URL for ongoing
  139. Jackson v. San Fran - Updated
  140. Wisconsin Honoring WV? - ---- - Limited Virginia Parking Lot Storage
  141. Heller and the definition of "dangerous and unusual"
  142. ATF Backs Off on "Constructive Possesion" Nonsense
  143. Where can you carry in Delaware
  144. Mother Jones magazine biased against RKBA
  145. FFL in TN
  146. Can a S. Dakota resident buy a long gun while in OR or WA?
  147. Executive Orders & Gun Rights
  148. UN Small Treaty Meets in July 2012
  149. Help in a buy...
  150. Anti-gun range protest a bust
  151. Legal Issue Related to Magazines
  152. Stupid MA / Boston Question
  153. Interesting article in the Washington Times,,,
  154. Gowder v. Chicago
  155. Mississippi Enhanced Concealed Carry
  156. Concealed Carry Views Change Amidst Increased Crime in Illinois
  157. Gun smith won't return my gun!
  158. California AR15, AK ban and confiscation bill SB249
  159. Out of state carry in Nevada.
  160. Teixeira v. County of Alameda
  161. Mississippi Honors All – NV Honors SC
  162. I think this is MI v Collie & MI v Yanna
  163. Raul Rodriguez Sentenced To Long Prison Term
  164. "Stolen Valor" Struck Down...
  165. ObamaCare Decision: Please Read Page 3
  166. Not even allowed to apply...
  167. Can The Government Mandate that YOU Buy...
  168. RMGO Loses Tax Exempt Status
  169. Healthcare and Firearms
  170. storage laws and children
  171. Shipping antique firearm to foreign buyer
  172. Strange question, need assistance!?
  173. Any laws for transporting a handgun in Texas?
  174. Inter-American Arms Treaty
  175. CHL Questions
  176. Do Stand Your Ground Laws Help or Hurt Crime Rates?
  177. Stand Your Ground town meeting in Orlando July 17
  178. Domestic Violence Adjudication Witheld???
  179. The Decision in NFIB v. Sebelius
  180. Permanent resident aliens own guns
  181. How to get a gun legal in germany
  182. College students in Georgia want to be able to carry on campus
  183. UN Treaty
  184. U.N. and our gun rights
  185. Interesting change in Mass law
  186. Concealed Carry Considerations
  187. The reason for Fast and Furious
  188. Building your own class 3 full auto legalities?
  189. License to sell ammo?
  190. Deputies shoot and kill man after knocking on the wrong door
  191. National Assoc. for Gun Rights
  192. When does a firearm stop being a firearm?
  193. Is it legal to mail a personally owned firearm?
  194. New concealer
  195. Dismissed possesion case in 09/2009 affect ccw in Florida?
  196. Great new video
  197. An AR15, an 870, and a Glock .40
  198. Tuff New Gun Laws Due To Batman Movie Shooting??
  199. 11th Circuit Court Upholds Church Carry Ban in GA
  200. The calls for more gun control are already starting
  201. VT resident purchase in NY
  202. Legal consequences of carrying in a business where it's not allowed?
  203. Can buyer's FFL ship gun back to seller?
  204. Iowa laws reguarding defense
  205. Holmes AR-15 Jammed During Attack
  206. Not really an "antique" on internet sale sites
  207. A question about ownership, again.
  208. The effect of Chicago's tough gun laws
  209. Flawed MSNBC Report and YouTube Content
  210. Another cc question
  211. "truck-control" laws needed?
  212. "no carry" zones opening them selfs to law suits?
  213. Car transport of hand gun in Indiana
  214. The History of the Second Amendment
  215. Canadian gun owners
  216. Has your voice been heard?
  217. Need Support - Anti-Gun Blog Post in Action
  218. question about carrying in AZ
  219. Has Romney come out against the small arms treaty?
  220. Carry in National Park but not Buildings?
  221. High capacity magazines, push for stricter gun control?
  222. Obama: AK-47s belong on battlefield, not streets
  223. Let's do gun control fears in the Obama calls thread in this Forum
  224. Gun buying restriction around the country
  225. Kwikrnu AKA Leonard Embody case shot down
  226. In This Article NBC Appears to Suggest Arming the People for Freedom
  227. Schumer, Feinstein Offer Magazine Ban Amendment
  228. What if Hitlery signs the UN small arms treaty ?
  229. Interesting Case Pending in California
  230. New 4473
  231. UN arm treaty DEAD!
  232. Guilty until proven innocent
  233. Scalia guns may be regulated
  234. Social Security Number & Gun Purchase
  235. The "Usual Suspects" Are now trying to ban Internet Ammo Sales.
  236. Md's disregard for the 4th & 5th Amendments
  237. lautenberg bill
  238. Internet Ammo Ban Proposed
  239. Assault ban in Illinois...
  240. Selling a handgun to someone in another state.
  241. Does a felon get to decide who gets the guns he can no longer own?
  242. Please help me evaluate this legal service,,,
  243. Let's sue Glock!
  244. Florida Handgun Law
  245. PA Now Honors MS. – MD Still May Issue For Now!
  246. FFL questions(again)
  247. From the net...
  248. Thoughts on 1st and 2nd Amendments...
  249. Shooting Laws in WV?
  250. 9th Cir Judge Reinhardt: Carrying a gun is 2nd Amendment Right