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  1. VTC Newsletter: 4th Issue
  2. What's up with Colt?
  3. 'Spoils of war'
  4. Sniper scope camera for training
  5. Opinions on BB gun for quiet practice? Walther PPK
  6. Stopping power variables
  7. Folding knife...
  8. Police hunting London bombers shoot man in station
  9. EFMJ vs Hollow Point or other designes for self defense ammo
  10. This happened on Wednesday
  11. EFMJ: .45 beats 9x19mm regarding energy by 36%, how about penetration/expansion?
  12. Seeing .50 hole in target...how far?
  13. My Fave Carry Piece
  14. Conceal Carry under coat problem
  15. EMB-Bullets (former Hirtenberger, now Fiocchi) any experience
  16. What to do if you catch car crook?
  17. short term SA carry.......Sig
  18. combat flashlights
  19. Concerned about potential results of a foolish action...
  20. Practice - Alone or with friends
  21. Hes got a gun! ... A bb gun...
  22. Regarding robberies...
  23. Trespassers - WTH do I do?
  24. Conceal Carry in other states
  25. Advanced Combative Pistol- Detroit, MI
  26. Questioning my Training...Weaver or Isoceles?
  27. Guns and First Aid Kits
  28. Absurdity warning! Contents of this thread may be tired or worn out!
  29. When and what with teach kids to shoot?
  30. Incredibly stupid Part 2
  31. ITTS in Atlanta (handgun & carbine)
  32. Al Qaeda Shootin Up The Shopping Mall
  33. what guns for 3 gun
  34. Beginning SHotgun Training for HD
  35. Killer Croc - Scenario
  36. Power of flashlights
  37. Couple's Class at ITTS
  38. Jim Cirillo's patented bullets - on the market?
  39. Home invasions on the rise...what to do ??
  40. Tactical Conference on TV
  41. Gun UPGRADES!
  42. Origins of 'Point Shoulder' term?
  43. PDT's "The Test" force-on-force in SC 9/18/05
  44. American Hisroshima!
  45. Need tactical reload training advice
  46. How would you bag the big guy?
  47. Lock & Load?
  48. Getting schooled.
  49. Better combat weapon?
  50. First time to range. Please help critique.
  51. Home defense longgun: Remington 11-87 (12ga) or Steyr AUG-Z (.223)?
  52. Need help finding old thread
  53. Opinions please!
  54. PA Gun Laws
  55. Evasive Footwork
  56. Firearms training in Texas (also martial arts training in Houston)
  57. Advanced Training Sept 17 Northville Michigan
  58. Can you carry any kind of gun you qualify for in all states?
  59. What's in your Bug Out Bag?
  60. where can I learn?
  61. Bars on your windows?
  62. Va Ccw
  63. a little SECRET about good shooting
  64. Arizona, Classes offered by Tactical Response Oct-Nov
  65. Interesting event that happened this morning
  66. Whats the proper thing to do?
  67. Stupid kids
  68. so...there are no cooks in the armed forces?
  69. Parkerized GI .45 history and questions
  70. Attenion Ohio seeking CCW-ers, especially those who are from Indiana
  71. gun ranges and practice tips needed
  72. Combat Shooting
  73. a little different spin on the walmart scenario...
  74. Louis Awerbuck in Arizona
  75. red dot optics
  76. Tom Clancy's hijacked airliner
  77. CCW badges......AGAIN!
  78. SWAT handsignals for laymen :)
  79. Peace of mind.
  80. Took my son shooting
  81. My sight-picture sucks
  82. Pistol shooting with a Maglite
  83. Protecting Myself
  84. VA law: open carry multiple firearms?
  85. 22 saves young widow
  86. Canoeists kidnapped and held at gunpoint
  87. Latest Valhalla Training Center Newsletter!
  88. Would you shoot?
  89. Poll: Opinions on open carry
  90. shooting in low light
  91. Best way to stand when at the range with a pistol
  92. Aimed point shooting / P&S method....
  93. Explosive Decompression
  94. Close call
  95. Website loaded with ballistic information.
  96. Crime in Plesantville
  97. Do you open carry regularly?
  98. Can I shoot the snake??
  99. AT-6 with Karl Rehn
  100. Preparedness, BOB's, and Serious Discussion
  101. In need of advice guys
  102. Post Katrina: Refugees in your city
  103. Civil unrest...do you...
  104. Not-So-Subtle CCW Ponderings
  105. Opinions pls.
  106. Interestine range scoring
  107. Police wearing revolvers in ballpark
  108. Alternative to MRE's?
  109. New PDT courses near Atlanta (pistol & force-on-force)
  110. Cold Steel Voyager?
  111. I'm pulling to the left
  112. Home defense shooting
  113. Disturbance at football game
  114. Preparing for the worst
  115. N.O.-style SHTF weapon choice
  116. OK, I wish I had been carrying!!!
  117. Survival Training...BOB's...and info
  118. Who has the advantage?
  119. Armed and ready
  120. Thank you TFL for opening my eyes.
  121. Banning Gun & Ammo Sales in Fl after Hurricane ??
  122. Why have LEO's stopped wearing hats?
  123. Contacts/Glasses and shooting Defensively
  124. Carrying Weight - How bad is it?
  125. Your Overall Personal Protection Plan ?
  126. Awsome day at the range!
  127. Shooting weak handed
  128. The END
  129. Shooting accurately while moving
  130. Training?
  131. What is the LEAST likely place in the US
  132. The next land rush???
  133. target plans
  134. Training Announcement
  135. Best Starting Distance for Accuracy Training?
  136. Body armor considerations: Poll, how many wear body armor?
  137. Pepper spray
  138. Leaving Home In Wake Of Disaster.
  139. Training Announcement- Update
  140. Cold, Flu, or West Nile
  141. Potential Lesson from Katrina
  142. This poor subject is beat to death..
  143. S&W Basic Handgun Technique I-III
  144. Slateman is getting better . . . .
  145. We are Responsible.
  146. Double Tap?
  147. Flashlight or laser accessory to handgun/rail
  148. Advice for a friend that carries knives ONLY
  149. What do you carry daily?
  150. House clearing and blinking
  151. Is there anyone out there that is 30 and below who carrys a mid to large revolver?
  152. Can't go there
  153. Women/spouses who CCW
  154. LEOs: Were any of you influenced to become a policeman growing up watching Adam-12
  155. Band of neighbors survived Hurricane Katrina, then fought off looters.
  156. Surefire, and carry case?
  157. what kind of oc spray?
  158. Looking for a surefire forend.....
  159. Stoppin' power
  160. Silvertips vs. other Hollowpoints
  161. Would a gun have made a difference?
  162. Dry firing practice
  163. Question for NRA Basic Handgun Instructors
  164. Maintaining M-4...questions
  165. SC Surgical Speed Shooting
  166. Any good workouts to get better at shooting?
  167. Whats the best way to carry theXD9 service model concealed?
  168. Anyone Know Anything About The New Carrying Law In Texas in the Houston area?
  169. Found the "sweet spot"
  170. Guns all in one basket
  171. Wish Me Luck!
  172. Can the way you dress make you a target?
  173. Best distance for HD practice?
  174. BOB addition-Marine version
  175. tactical instruction video
  176. .357 mag, what size should I get?
  177. Need help, shooting low and right
  178. Self Defense Rounds?Saw in Cabellas Catalog
  179. On alert ALL NIGHT !!!
  180. Buying Pants
  181. Dominant Eye
  182. Self defense shooting experience from Packing.org
  183. Came home to find shots fired and crime tape
  184. neighborhood going downhill
  185. Woman defends herself with gun from serial burglary/rapist in Colorado
  186. I pull to the left . . . and to the right
  187. Convenience store robbery.
  188. Say I catch a perpetrator.....
  189. TExas Law Pistol Vehicle Carry
  190. Gun in the shower paranoid?
  191. Do I have the right to (especially LEOs and attorneys)?
  192. Who carries cross draw?
  193. Anybody play paintball????
  194. Israeli Draw Video
  195. In defense of life only? or....
  196. Fatal Police Chase, who's fault?
  197. Tragic....
  198. Lawful ways to carry without CHL?....
  199. Ammo Question?
  200. It's amazing what people don't notice ...
  201. anyone carry.......
  202. Tactical Response Force on Force AAR & PICS
  203. Tactical Response Carbine class AAR & PICS
  204. Bush wearing defective body armor?
  205. What to do in THIS HD scenario?
  206. Sharing a story from my youth(kind of long)
  207. poor tactics- disturbing video
  208. Police chase (opposite from earlier thread)
  209. Indooe range VS outdoor practice
  210. Oregon Residents, it happened
  211. How good are NRA training classes?
  212. maybe i'm NOT so tactical it hurts? maybe it just hurts to be me?
  213. Blackwater video
  214. Customer Shoots Robbery Suspect. Clerk also wounded
  215. heres a scenario....and its true
  216. Cellular phone discipline
  217. What does the law state
  218. Need help/advice at the range
  219. I didn't get shot...
  220. Attitude about survival, and caring for a dependent child
  221. A scenario ... because EVERYONE LOVES a scenario ...
  222. Your moral obligation to help innocents at risk?
  223. Using a silencer
  224. Tales of the Ninja: Brandishing of a weapon?
  225. Man shot in home by burglars -- IT DOES HAPPEN!
  226. How to shoot quickly without jerking the trigger
  227. Hand loads for personal defense?
  228. Okay, a real life scenerio
  229. Home Defense ?
  230. Do you carry handloads in your defensive sidearm?
  231. Millie
  232. This is non gun releted
  233. Sexual Predators
  234. The Cost of Defending after a good shoot?
  235. Carbine for Home Defense
  236. Clothes make a person - as do UV lights
  237. What would you do if you witness police shooting...?
  238. Drawing in self defense, BUGs and extra ammo...
  239. To Wolf or not to Wolf
  240. Any insight on Front Sight
  241. "Starter tournment" IDPA or USPSA (IPSC)
  242. So I just had an argument with an anti-gun type and...
  243. I am a newbie! and Please read....
  244. Paranoia as a Favorite Topic on This Forum
  245. Defense Associates/ASAA
  246. Gang Violence: Fellow student assaulted at my college
  247. Is the "racking of a shotgun" sound...
  248. When the SHTF in a HD situation
  249. Good tips on improving the way you train (it might save your life).
  250. 9mm Hatred.....?