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  1. Night Vision Scope
  2. Why you keep unknown people at a distance
  3. Shooting Close to Home (in more than one way)
  4. Reflex sight on CCW pistol
  5. Smart kid!
  6. OODA Loop Revisited
  7. Followup shots
  8. Who here has used a gun in self defense
  9. questioning the need for a larger caliber CCW
  10. 2010 Tactical Conference, Tulsa, April
  11. Skill Atrophy
  12. Blue Dot Powder and Low light firing
  13. I keep jumpin' the trigger!!! Need some techniques?
  14. Sight Shooting: Sig P220R
  15. NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Class -Orlando FL, Feb 20, 2010
  16. What's the most clever improvised weapon usage you've seen?
  17. Reporter gets shot with full power 357 magnum round 1 foot away with new clothing
  18. Best Option (car intrusion)
  19. Mumbai
  20. Strobe light on home defense gun?
  21. So what should I have done? Scary situation.
  22. Getting shot multiple times...but still keeps coming...internet legend and lore?
  23. Streamlight TLR-2s - New Model
  24. Unsteady hand
  25. The case of Officer Keith Borders
  26. New Shooting Tech?
  27. Handgun Instructor wanted
  28. Fights and CW
  29. CCW Permit
  30. Rules For Gun Safety
  31. Got Mugged: Always Happens When Im Not Carrying
  32. S.W.A.T. wannabe
  33. German shepherd protection dog trainer.
  34. He pulled a pistol out of his pocket
  35. Making The Case For Distance Shooting
  36. When would you dial 911? During or After
  37. Making Practice Practical
  38. More one chamber empty carry
  39. Did Personal Protection TV endorse the .223 for home defense?
  40. The post about being mugged got me thinking...
  41. Sight or point shooting?
  42. Reaction speed
  43. Knife brought to gun fight at Wal-Mart
  44. An iTunes app
  45. has anyone considered
  46. I need a place to shoot in north Texas
  47. Shoot Him To The Ground by Matthew Temkin
  48. Extreme Rapid Fire Help
  49. Weapon retention in open carry.
  50. Intruder: what postion?
  51. Spouse/Significant Other Compatability
  52. Choosing a Training School
  53. Would you really pull the trigger?
  54. Teacher Tackles Shooter (Bolt-Action Rifle hand-to-hand)
  55. Where do you keep your handgun at night?
  56. Is a 40lb fighting load possible for modern infantry?
  57. Drawing on a Minor?
  58. introducing women to shooting
  59. what to do?
  60. Memory Under Minor Stress
  61. Bail enforcement trainning
  62. Lost a mag on the job yesterday
  63. appleseed bootcamp
  64. Something that has bugged me.
  65. Doctor Tells of a 19-Gunshot-Wound Survivor
  66. When an unarmed burglar goes for your gun....
  67. Your Concealed Handgun, . . . what is it?
  68. Your security purchases?
  69. Chile citizens band together
  70. Awareness Levels AKA "You're not as alert as you think you are."
  71. Best tactics for safety in a mob.
  72. G/G 1 B/G none,be aware of your surroundings.
  73. Gun Related Scavenger Hunt
  74. Started taking tactical training classes
  75. How to stop flinching
  76. This should be an addendum to Wally Walk
  77. Would you Open Carry if you could?
  78. Talk about wrong mindset.......
  79. HD Rifle or Shotgun?
  80. Leaving gun with untrained but trusted child caregiver
  81. A new (to me) self defense tactic
  82. Concealed Carry Badge
  83. Hand carry to get the paper in my boxer underwear.
  84. Survival is More Important Than Safety
  85. I Learned Something Today
  86. Close Quarters and the left handed
  87. Handgun Training Exercise "The 550"
  88. What type of physical fitness is appropriate for today's tactical threats?
  89. the wall drill
  90. Carrying while jogging
  91. any one tryed Quarter test
  92. Flash Mobs, beatings and our society breakdown
  93. Intersting training product
  94. How to avoid being a "fight target"?
  95. Interesting experience this AM.
  96. Dominant Eye disagrees with my Shooting Style
  97. Got the Eyes Fixed- Sort of
  98. Answers to Poll (drum roll please,.........)
  99. Right decision?
  100. How do you deal with the fright?
  101. April Rangemaster Newsletter
  102. help requested for retail store situation
  103. use of strobe light while searching
  104. What distance do you practice at?
  105. Dark Shooting what is it?
  106. Using the Powell Doctrine of Overwhelming Force for Home Defense
  107. Would you pull your pistol if Jesse James attacked your vehicle?
  108. Eye glasses training?
  109. Questions for those who use lasers
  110. Massad Ayoob, Memphis, Armed Citizens' Rules of Engagement
  111. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a 4-6 cell Maglite/pistol?
  112. Pushing down on shots
  113. Humor in the use of force situations
  114. basic pistol shooting classes
  115. Reminded today why I always carry a reload
  116. What would be the proper Protocol ....?
  117. anyone here shoot IDPA and USPSA both?
  118. Most Useless Things in Self Defense
  119. training schools in Missouri
  120. Fight to your feet drill
  121. looking for tips on grouping, accuracy, etc
  122. curious on your opinion of a situation
  123. Affordable CCW classes in Reno, NV
  124. Utah Out of State Permit
  125. Bikers
  126. How do I break my flinching problem??
  127. Moral dilemma: I know I'm not a cop ...
  128. Odd gas station encounter tonight
  129. Intro and several questions
  130. How safe is a cement wall?
  131. Thoughts on selecting a home/self defence rifle
  132. Weapon traning or Self defense FIRST?
  133. simple questions
  134. Pizza shop owner arrested for firing gun during gang fight
  135. Cavalry draw
  136. A Cop Dodges a Bullet
  137. Tactical Conference AAR
  138. 1" group tails....
  139. Beware the self-check lines.......(awareness issue)
  140. Interesting Delima
  141. cop saves countless lives
  142. Not sure this is the right place
  143. A Real Life Example of "High" Capacity Magazines Being Needed.
  144. Some questions on point-shooting
  145. Mid-Atlantic Tactical Conference, Oct
  146. Nursing students in maine stop knife attack
  147. Self-defense and training
  148. Worst mistake during a training session.
  149. Multiple Weapons
  150. Do strobe lights work in tactical situations?
  151. Mixed-Load Magazines
  152. Magpul Dynamics Courses?
  153. a little story i'd like to share (long)
  154. Right situation for use of Pistol?
  155. Riot Survival
  156. Newburgh NY
  157. Exercises for better shooting?
  158. This is sad...PD firearms qualifications
  159. Shoot out at Walmart
  160. What is the ideal weapon for vehicle in your opinion?
  161. Home defense with no glasses/contacts?
  162. Detroit PD Shoot & Kill 7-Year-Old Girl in Raid
  163. Lightning can strike twice
  164. Modified Modified Weaver?
  165. Law Enforcement Training
  166. (What to look for in) Rifle Training in NE Illinois?
  167. Home Invasion
  168. Tactical Preschool
  169. Cheaper Instruction....
  170. Looking for training in PA
  171. Dog confrontations
  172. Multiple attackers out in public.......Stories wanted.
  173. What you need in a carry pistol!
  174. Loaning a SD/HD handgun to a friend.
  175. what would you do ?
  176. June Rangemaster Newsletter
  177. Practice Shooting at the Range
  178. Rangemaster Classes on the road
  179. Real Life Video - Man with a pistol approaches you in a hostile manner while stopped
  180. Robbery caught on tape.. real sawed off scattergun
  181. Want to apologize...
  182. Warning attack site warning from Google
  183. Maryland Road Rage Fatality (true story)
  184. Mas Ayoob MAG40 in Memphis
  185. Too much range practice???
  186. Interesting Crime Spree Article
  187. Is it justified to shoot someone who is throwing rocks at you?
  188. Dynamic Marksmanship, Harrisburg, PA, July
  189. Public Confrontation (Feb 2010)
  190. 2 guys attack a guy in a wheelchair and one winds up dead.
  191. practical uses for the bayonet.
  192. When do you reload?
  193. Dryfire Practice
  194. For Those Who Open Carry:
  195. Real gun or red gun
  196. LEO Situational Awareness
  197. Neighbor hood common area trashing
  198. Fail to Fire
  199. Who has ever experienced a true "hang fire"?
  200. Squibs and hangfires in combat
  201. Xe(Blackwater Worldwide) training center for sale...
  202. The Warrior mind set, is thinking too slow?
  203. M. Ayoob or Clint Smith?
  204. Do you keep a loaded handgun in your gunsafe?
  205. Personal Defense Network
  206. Best Caliber For Threat
  207. Self defense or not?
  208. A fascinating set of "gun alternatives"
  209. Pat Goodale's Practical Firearms Training now on Facebook
  210. Car stolen with CCW inside
  211. 3-Day Firearms Instructor Course, OKC
  212. CCW Class Northern OH 7/24/2010
  213. Firearms Hit by Gunfire
  214. Concealed carry knife? (am I breaking the rules?)
  215. Good line
  216. Manhunt for a cop killer is going on outside
  217. Get involved or not - here we go again
  218. Old fashioned quick draw
  219. July Rangemaster Newsletter Posted
  220. Watch this video
  221. How about for beginners
  222. self-defense courses
  223. What to do in bad situation?
  224. Concealed draw time
  225. SigSauer Academy?
  226. Car carry?
  227. Defensive Shotgun Training, Texas
  228. This isn't a joke
  229. Survival Kit
  230. Resistance To Gun Fire
  231. So what would you do?
  232. Tasers and big dogs
  233. Afghanistan Outpost Scenario
  234. Policewoman ends hostage situation in seconds
  235. Question to Ponder
  236. So you pulled your gun on someone what happened next???
  237. Defending against Lasers
  238. Law Enforcement Officers in Florida Looking for Training.
  239. Drawing Your Firearm: Prudent Action?
  240. Pelvic shot?
  241. When I was a teenager...
  242. Incident in VA over the weekend. Gun owner killed "attacker"
  243. Montana Traffic Stop
  244. Chapman's Stance
  245. Beginner training videos
  246. The Moral Duty to Retreat
  247. Self defense shootings
  248. War Zone on US Streets
  249. How do you identify the target?
  250. Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series from NRA/Rob Pincus