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  1. Recent gang problem at local nightclub.
  2. can't help but ask this one
  3. What is the most valuable training aid?
  4. Strong hand shooting, how many practice?
  5. Question for LEO on CCW
  6. Ballistic Knife???
  7. My Thoughts on UFC... What're yours? (Long)
  8. Question for those who have been in a real gunfight
  9. TACSAFE Video clips
  10. Jeff Gonzales
  11. SWAT & No-Knock: Survival
  12. Martial Arts Symbol - What Does it Stand For?
  13. Black belt test
  14. Need help picking a new "tactical folder"
  15. Sharp = high quality. NOT!
  16. in your opinion....
  17. Mall Ninja-itis
  18. Question about canes?
  19. What the biggest thing anyone CCW's
  20. Backup knife?
  21. Kubotan training
  22. Can you really pull the trigger?
  23. What is your fighting style?
  24. “see the elephant”?
  25. "K-Bar" vs. "Ka-Bar" Knives
  26. New to knives, need advice
  27. Scenario
  28. Scenario - You have been shot
  29. Scenario - Things that go bump in the night
  30. Threat Assessment - When to Use A Gun.
  31. What is the shooting protocol now?
  32. A Western Style Tactical Knife
  33. Communications heads up
  34. Bump...do you investigate?
  35. weapons throughout the house
  36. Scenario: Stranger in the driveway
  37. Scenario: Getting a car's plate
  38. Scenario: goon invades your personal space.
  39. Can somebody explain "Cutting the pie"?
  40. Scenario: Wearing a wire
  41. Really Close Quarters Combat
  42. Benchmade vs Cold Steel - My Take...
  43. Long gun for left handed
  44. Scenario - Sheltering a DV Victim
  45. Nightmare Scenario: Berserk Cop
  46. K98 or 12 ga. for HD
  47. WTB Jim Grover's "Combatives"
  48. Attn: Blade Aficionados
  49. Scenario: Another "invades your space" type with a twist
  50. I took a 500,000 volt stungun shot. Target Guy is a tough gig.
  51. Push Dagger vs. Folder
  52. Leaving the hole
  53. Extra Fine Stones for Spyderco Sharpmaker
  54. Scenario: Moderator Mayhem
  55. Best Defensive Knife
  56. How many practice more than gun-foo?
  57. Bedroom Defense
  58. Defense in the shower
  59. Someone Tried to Break Into My House!
  60. My take on a defensive knife
  61. ARe we just a little too TRIGGER HAPPY?
  62. Friend had to use his H.D. shotgun
  63. room clearing tactics
  64. Bad neighbor
  65. hapkido
  66. Scenario: Unarmed BG refuses to move
  67. Utility of a knife in a Columbine or German school scenario
  68. What "Combat" books to read?
  69. What is your Preferred Martial Art and Why?
  70. What is your Favorite Martial Art and Why?
  71. Ralph Severe and Ninjitsu in Dallas - Please Help
  72. a thought on holding a BG
  73. Interesting Defense Knife
  74. Defensive shooting question.
  75. Don't shoot for Center of Mass with a .45?
  76. Time Devoted to Firearms versus Martial Arts
  77. Newsletter?
  78. One on One Senario
  79. How do you prevent this from happening?
  80. Shoot to stop?
  81. Knife question
  82. Shop Owner Uses Deadly Force
  83. "Point & Shoot" - What's the good word?
  84. Scenario
  85. Honey, I forgot the cookies...oh $#!^
  86. Training course announcement
  87. Shooting styles for law enforcement
  88. How to evaluate a martial arts school?
  89. what punching bag do you prefer?
  90. Why Is It This Way
  91. Burglar Beaten by Karate Expert
  92. What do you suggest for a rank beginner?
  93. Temper control.
  94. Shoot-N-Iron Academy in Oklahoma
  95. Apartment security question
  96. Lethargy/Condition White
  97. Road Rage Rape
  98. How to best introduce someone to guns?
  99. With NO training in hand-to-hand or knives
  100. Brit Police Getting Moves From The Matrix.....
  101. Traditional Korean Arts?
  102. Quality of Beretta Knives?
  103. How do you hang a punching bag?
  104. scenario: The Pawn Shop
  105. Your thoughts on meditation?
  106. Unarmed Skills, What, Why & How
  107. Zen and Swordsmanship I & II
  108. OPS Defensive Knife class in Baton Rouge, LA
  109. Opinions on Cold Steel Kobun Carbon V?
  110. Opinions on Cold Steel Kobun Carbon V?
  111. Legality of carrying a fixed blade in VA?
  112. Looking for quality Kung Fu training in D.C. area
  113. Marine Martial Arts....why not?
  114. beat the muggers
  115. Modern Arnis and the Filipino Martial Arts
  116. Prohibited knife carry in Ca?
  117. Tough one
  118. Who here practices "forms" (kata, hyung, etc.)?
  119. Which OC Spray to get - OC only or OC/CS combo?
  120. CCW Permit in UT doesnt allow knife carry?
  121. Good, Healthy Breakfast?
  122. dunno if it belongs here but- can you help a newbee on self defence technique
  123. Calling 911 in a fringe zone?
  124. co-worker pestered by coyotes
  125. Scenario: No 911
  126. 1-day womans SD course, cause more harm than good?
  127. Training Equipment sources
  128. Unfired .357
  129. Israeli system of self-defense practical, not pretty
  130. Ayoob (Stressfire) tactic question
  131. Weak hand drills/stats?
  132. here's a mean one: BG in the backseat
  133. Accosted by a naked man
  134. BJJ Video?
  135. Bad Martial Arts (Teaching as Advertised)
  136. Coyotes & Mtn lions
  137. Los Angeles PD Computerized shooting theater
  138. What Do You Think?
  139. 'QUELL' shooting stance
  140. I'd like to learn how to use my knife
  141. Registering one's lethal mits?
  142. TKD Founder's Obit
  143. Ever meet someone who would't use the 'the kick'?
  144. Please Help a Knife Newbie!
  145. Which is better in an Airplane, aisle or window seat?
  146. Which bullet type?
  147. Render unconscious
  148. Which is the best Fox pepper spray for defense?
  149. OC Comparison tests?
  150. What's wrong with martial arts today. (aka; my art is better than yours)
  151. Cigar as Deterrent
  152. Electrical hand to hand weapon?
  153. Another bullet question
  154. Added View on M.A. History
  155. Help the neophytes..what mistakes?
  156. The Integral Combat System: Good or bad?
  157. PDT unarmed self-defense in Atlanta
  158. How Do You Carry Yor ASP
  159. There are no magic bullets...or nothing works 100% of the time on everyone
  160. Open letter to Congress
  161. (TX) jai yen yen
  162. Started a BJJ class.
  163. What stuff works most often?
  164. CRKT KISS brief review
  165. A Review of Keith Pascal's Wristlocks Text...
  166. The Anatomy Of Fear An How It Relates To Survival Skills Training
  167. Using AR or AK as a defensive weapon
  168. Students learn more than self-defense at martial arts schools
  169. Ninja still gets kicks (their title, not mine......)
  170. Skorz, seen this book?
  171. OC Spray DVD/Video/Training Manual
  172. What would you do???
  173. Carefull..real life mall ninja
  174. All things SureFire
  175. "Come to the bloodbath,"
  176. MAs for bouncing/bar security
  177. Fantasy Blade?
  178. Edged Weapon Tactics/ Counter Tactics
  179. Emotional Fear As Your Ally
  180. The Way Of Street (Street 101)
  181. ...considering beginning MA training...
  182. Surviving The Judicial Jungle After The Fight Is Over
  183. Exposing Martial Art / Self Defence Trickery and Slight Of Hand
  184. post academy training
  185. Anyone ever BUY the dirty tricks course?
  186. A Review of Keith Pascal's Book on Teaching
  187. Sjambok
  188. Tactical shooting stances...
  189. When the enemy is amongst you
  190. Combative Assessment
  191. The Situational Awareness Mindset
  192. A Review of Keith Pascal's Book on Punching...
  193. Tenth Dan In Bul Shi Tsu
  194. Where did you learn?
  195. Fighting Knives
  196. Gun Foo Enough?
  197. TLC B.S. quiz
  198. What is is your noise-in-the-backyard gear?
  199. Karate vs. Aikido
  200. What do you do? Stop, or give chase?
  201. TWO stud opening folders.
  202. Looking for a new folder
  203. Mons Meg
  204. In your office escape plan?
  205. Family Safety -- Choice Of Firearm?
  206. CA: Balisong importation...is this legal?
  207. Armed and dangerous?
  208. Why is it?
  209. Even Worse Martial Arts
  210. Personal Protection: Back to Basics
  211. The Power Of Words
  212. Real life scenario-- Advice wanted
  213. Taser Technology
  214. Benchmade & Pocket Clip Screws
  215. Become a black belt by mail!
  216. Scenario threads...
  217. Scenario: Child Abduction
  218. would you use your handgun to save someone you didn't know?
  219. Why serrated edge blades?
  220. Physical Conflict Resolution
  221. At 2am, I heard bangs and screams.
  222. What scenarios--against terrorism?
  223. Website Update
  224. No Place For Political Correctness
  225. in-flight improvised weapons
  226. Do we really think terrorists are this stupid?
  227. Sandpaper fingertips?
  228. asp baton
  229. Multiple Opponents
  230. Ayoob and Chapman Flashlight Techniques with Surefire Lights
  231. Shooting Techniques Against Multiple Opponents
  232. Which Asp length?
  233. ASP Newbie Questions...
  234. Physical Conflict Resolution (PCR)
  235. infantry in modern world
  236. Thank You
  237. real gear for self defense/survival?
  238. Ayoob/Taylor video taped Q&A session
  239. Low-Light - Tools, Tactics & Training
  240. I have a home defence question
  241. My best friend got jumped in a parking lot!
  242. Scenario: What would you do?
  243. When things go BUMP in the night. What kind of person are you?
  244. Choosing to be a prey?
  245. Scenario: What would you do? - II
  246. How many of you carry alternative means of defense?
  247. Self defense classes - How to set up?
  248. Has anyone ever been "saved" from a human threat by using 911 or cell phone?
  249. Tasers? Legal or not?
  250. vest recall