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  1. Pepper spray when you can't CCW
  2. Doobie - Question about your blog...
  3. Best defense offense??
  4. 9mm defensive ammo
  5. Talk to me about stun guns.
  6. question about gun retension while open carying
  7. Where to take Weapon retension course
  8. Leo & f>i advice needed
  9. A reverse draw concealed carry
  10. CCW in a Restricted Area
  11. Best CCW DVD's??
  12. Do we kill her?
  13. A University of Arizona Police Department officer
  14. Gunnercise
  16. Should I play the hero or be a "good witness"?
  17. Poor decisions, all around.
  18. Belated AAR - RangeMaster's Polite Society/ Tactical Conference 2009 in Tulsa
  19. Trust your instincts! - a comment on situational awareness
  20. Airsoft for indoor/at home training
  21. Handgun Training in IL/IA
  22. Update on Burger King shooting
  23. Good guy 1, Bad guy 0, CCW in action unedited
  24. Mousegun/Carry gun shooting tactics
  25. Armed Citizen: Oklahoma Pharmacist Defends Employees from Robbers
  26. How I train
  27. Free Self Defense Class for CPL holders and the whole family
  28. Jack Weaver On the Weaver Stance
  29. How to prevent firearms related incidents?
  30. Self Defense Ammo
  31. Sample Scenario - How do you handle it?
  32. Armed Citizen: Oklahoma City homeowner shoots, kills intruder.
  33. Scariest CCW situation.
  34. Family problems
  35. Illegal carry method?
  36. airsoft?
  37. KY CCW class needed
  38. San Antonio Pharmacist Kills Would Be Robber - Duplicate - see link
  39. Panic Switch
  40. Armed Citizen: Something tells me we're going to see more of this.
  41. June Rangemaster Newsletter
  42. Handcuffs a no-no?
  43. night at the movies
  44. Shady situation during trip to Lubbock, Texas
  45. Treating wounded in SD situation...
  46. Trigger control
  47. Tactics against an obnoxious grandma
  48. Holocaust Museum Shooting And .30 Carbine Type Rifle
  49. Hand to Hand Class in South Florida
  50. Legal Duty to Retreat vs. Moral Duty to Retreat
  51. Shootout in Norfolk, VA Motel.
  52. Defense against a Taser
  53. Crimson Trace Laser Grips
  54. Question after reading thread regarding Accidental Discharge
  55. For Women...
  56. age-adjusted cause of mortality info
  57. Car broken into and they came back the next night.
  58. If all else fails and you have to fire, does the size of the BG matter?
  59. 2009 Firearms Instructor Course
  60. Armed Citizen: Teen Shot by Homeowner
  61. Passive Non-Compliance
  62. When a female knocks at the door.
  63. Safety controversy
  64. The Ultimate Combatives/Self Defense Webite.
  65. Store Owner shoots Burglar
  66. Regarding carry capacity.
  67. Did you ever draw your handgun?
  68. One on one, empty your gun!
  69. Let me know what you would do in this situation
  70. This is Tactics & Training, Folks!!!
  71. Interesting Q&A from an Attempted Robery victim
  72. California law on self-defense, defense of property, etc.
  73. Decided to stay put in case of escalation...
  74. Tazer over Firearms?
  75. Is there anywhere that allows civilians in their LE/Military classes?
  76. Schools or ranges near NYC, an interesting question...
  77. Safety VS Accessability
  78. The 360 Degree Scan
  79. Plate Carrier Training in indoor range?
  80. Great Movie Gunfight Scene
  81. It's been a while - The results of time away
  82. My experience being robbed and kidnapped
  83. Securing your gun at home problems
  84. concealment: Cheap and Effective!
  85. Practicing round counts and mag swaps w/ one in the chamber
  86. How do you defend yourself against an angry mob?
  87. New shotgun conversion, HD?
  88. Outcome of Oregon Shooting Case
  89. Bad deal all over
  90. What If You Did Encounter A Perp?
  91. Guy chases burglar outside and shoots him away from the house.
  92. Homeowner Shoots Burglar
  93. Wrong thread, maybe wrong Fourm, help with K-9 question
  94. Looking to share a room at Front Sight, 9/25-28/09
  95. Beaten Man Says 911 Dispatcher Had Him Return To Scene
  96. How do you store your bug-out bag?
  97. Man Chases Intruder from House, Shoots
  98. Yet another reason to keep your guns locked up from the kids
  99. Unintended Consequences
  100. How do you secure a handgun in your vehicle?
  101. Trainer question for Houston area members
  102. Fired my pistol in SD tonight...
  103. 4th of July fight with police at the beach (video)
  104. Bacholor in Criminal Justice?
  105. Heard a noise downstairs while home alone
  106. I shot at Blackwater
  107. Lax Training
  108. Angry Mob Attacks Family... (This DOES happen!)
  109. Had a few lessons re-affirmed the other night....
  110. Bullet from dropped gun hits woman in bathroom stall
  111. Physical Exercise To Strengthen Arm
  112. Here's a "How not to" Video
  113. Unorthodox Shooting Positions
  114. Training vs. practice & experience
  115. Just Completed my LTC class
  116. A possible scenario in the near future
  117. Attempted Break In
  118. What do you do when it hits the fan...
  119. More practical than a bug, pepper spray/mace
  120. Reactive Targets
  121. Valhalla Training Center??
  122. Home Protection/Pistol Set-Up
  123. Something to think about..
  124. Tactically is this how it should be done?
  125. Small town violence
  126. Stand your ground or cower and hide hoping they do not find you.
  127. Green Lasers a Tactical No-no?
  128. The Prosecutor's Decision NOT to prosecute the thread Store Owner Shoots Burglar
  129. Concealed carry and college campuses
  130. Bullet hits count!
  131. DA/SA Emergency Situation question
  132. Maybe im wrong?
  133. CCW or leave it in the car?
  134. Kids and lethal force
  135. 10 Yr. Old Shoots Home Invader in Face
  136. Now I'm paranoid
  137. Stupid mistake
  138. "Legal defense of life and property"
  139. home defence question. need opinions
  140. I was robbed last night...
  141. Defense against LEO(s)
  142. An Alert and what was done
  143. Poice raid wrong house. What do you do?
  144. HPD: 74-year-old man shoots carjacker in SW Houston
  145. Teen drawn on/approached by gangbanger- disarms and punches to submission
  146. She Said "You don't know who your messin' with."
  147. Successful SD vs robbers in Orlando
  148. Article about crooks in uniforms... also in Orlando area
  149. Movie theater situation
  150. Best Barroom Cover?
  151. Do you fear the Government more than you love your life?
  152. Firearms, Optics and Tactics
  153. When would a shotgun be your first choice?
  154. Bad Hit?
  155. thermal imaging
  156. Topping Off Your Carry Mag
  157. The science of situational awareness?
  158. Training With Airsoft?
  159. Anatomical Target Systems
  160. Lack of training in a state with lax gun laws.
  161. Tactical purpose of the FN 5.7s
  162. Gnarly Russian Training
  163. Strategic Placement of Weapons
  164. Carry holster for work
  165. Witnessed what I believe was a carjacking.
  166. after reading about training schools I've decided to try one.
  167. Insights Training Center or Firearms Academy of Seattle?
  168. Home invasion question
  169. College protection
  170. Olympic shooters trains with video games
  171. Shooting through closed doors
  172. When Should Training Kick In?
  173. My parents' neighborhood watch had their annual picnic tonight...
  174. Anyone CC a full size handgun?
  175. Shirt Keeps Blowing Open
  176. Would you instantly recognize the sound of gunshots?
  177. Should you stay or should you go?
  178. Please help... gun educational DVDs
  179. Parking lot incident
  180. The difference between burglary and robbery, defined.
  181. shooting with weak hand
  182. Lessons from the Pittsburgh Gym Shooting
  183. Cornered Intruder
  184. 1st floor vs. 2nd floor
  185. "When the adrenaline is flowing..."
  186. Night light question
  187. Do YOU intervene?
  188. "Concealed Carry"
  189. Todd Green - Aim Fast, Hit Fast - Oct 17 & 18 - Thibodaux LA
  190. Which technique do you prefer when pairing a flashlight with a handgun? Why?
  191. Real life is not like TV
  192. Have you learned any lessons from watching "The First 48"
  193. what to do when you are working on your car
  194. The girlfriend and the bank.
  195. Armed NY Citizen: 4 Robbers:0
  196. Hit and Run, Thoughts?
  197. interesting home defense story
  198. How to read range-report numbers?
  199. Robbery outside Home Depot
  200. almost bike theft
  201. NY shop owners defense of his employees
  202. Trigger control
  203. Another pointless homicide using a gun...
  204. Wanting to take defense pistol/concealed carry course in indiana
  205. Part 2. Why you carry high capacity w/spare mags
  206. So do you join in the fight or barf up your cottage cheese?
  207. Harlem Shop Keeper Kills Two, Wounds Two
  208. Spare mags - a rational discussion
  209. Training for aiming.
  210. How do you know if someone is carrying?
  211. Harold Fish question
  212. Yet another possible justification for carrying
  213. How to register my hands?
  214. Cops defend firing 59 shots at one man
  215. Driving... Tactically??
  216. Law of Gun Fighting
  217. Parking Lot Bum Encounter... could have handled it better.
  218. Here's what happens when you pull a gun and screw up
  219. Carry an extra mag?
  220. Training for Misfires
  221. Road Rage Shooting
  222. Carrying into friend/acquaintances' homes
  223. Man shoots own wife and neighbor over barking dog.
  224. Friend's CHL helps identify purse thief.
  225. How Much Training Do You Have?
  226. Robbery Attempt: CPL Holder Says No
  227. dog park
  228. Grouping.
  229. What's next? (Training)
  230. Another reason to carry ALL THE TIME
  231. Something happened yesterday to me
  232. For New Gun Owners or Carriers
  233. How to ask permission?
  234. S**t Hits The Fan! What do you bring?
  235. Any NRA Basic Pistol Instructors?
  236. To mount or not to mount? (William Shakey Spear)
  237. Carrying but having to leave the gun aside.
  238. When not to carry
  239. From a legal perspective...
  240. Doorbell rang after 1am in the morning...
  241. Stranger slaps 2-year-old at Wal-Mart
  242. 2 to the chest 1 to the head but what if...
  243. Armed Homeowner thwarts home invasion by teens (TX)
  244. AARP members; legitimate threats?
  245. what do you do?
  246. Indiana personal protection laws
  247. drawing techniques
  248. de-escalation thinking
  249. Chicago PD shoots offender and....Chicago PD?
  250. Man with "flaming rag" charges police, kills officer with officer's own gun