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  1. US Army SFARTAETC Class
  2. Apparently The Message Is Still Not Clear For Some.
  3. Slow and Steady Wins The Race
  4. Bump in the Night
  5. A great article on CCW
  6. A2 Firearm and Tactical Training.
  7. Has Situational Awareness Ever Saved You?
  8. AAR by CHL holder who stopped robbery
  9. CHL/CCW Shooting Test
  10. Anticipating recoil - Advice?
  11. Would Situational Awareness and CCW Even Help?
  12. Merry Christmas, The Police Just Left My House
  13. Home Invasion 101: failure
  14. Self Defense Training In Texas?
  15. Reloads for Personal Defence
  16. Condition zero?
  17. I hope this turns out well for the lady.
  18. Ever been in a situation where you needed your gun?
  19. Is there a training school open to non-US citizens?
  20. Murder in SC
  21. Training (female) family members to shoot (SD)
  22. Today I set down my Concealed Carry Weapon in the Store and walked off...
  23. Book: The Modern Day Gunslinger?
  24. Situational Awareness – Case Study Nº 1
  25. Here is a case where the robbers burst in and just opened fire
  26. Some when to draw and shoot scenerios
  27. Is this a good training vid?
  28. My 17 year old cousin got carjacked yesterday.
  29. Why not just flip the light switch?
  30. A word of caution to CCWs - NY Good guy shooting.
  31. Tees and sweats
  32. Dummy rounds
  33. All's Well That Ends Well
  34. some times guns save lives with out shooting any one
  35. Oklahoma Woman Shoots and Kills and Intruder
  36. What to charge as an instructor?
  37. Another bump in the night question: Ammo Capacity Vs Caliber
  38. I enjoy reading heart-warming stories like this...
  39. aegis-tactical???
  40. Resist the robbery or not?
  41. aegis-tactical/ manatee county fl
  42. anyone shoot manatee gun club
  43. So the bandit has the drop on you, so what
  44. #Riot: Self-Organized, Hyper-Networked Revolts - Coming to a City Near You
  45. No time to think ...
  46. Where/How do you show your firearms?
  47. Handgun target distance.
  48. Mugging assault
  49. What makes some people think all criminals are bad shots?
  50. For everyone who has ever pulled or fired their weapon in SD. Were you compelled to c
  51. Point shooting
  52. good training regimens
  53. My young wife home alone...
  54. Any time, any place
  55. CCW and Alchohol
  56. Low light shooting
  57. Cor Bon Training Academy
  58. Dog Defense?
  59. CCP Classes in Wisconsin
  60. Weird internet advisory... but it actually makes some sense
  61. What 12gauge load for HD?
  62. Top ten list for surviving a gunfight
  63. Local robbery victim fights back, bad guy has a bad day
  64. Non-resistance and statistics
  65. Interesting Video
  66. Playing around with point fire as opposed to aimed fire, and thoughts on CCW training
  67. Taking another young lady for her first shoot,,,
  68. Home Defense Plan: Couples working different Shifts
  69. When attacked by multiple assailants: MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF ONE OF THEM
  70. Does experience trump training?
  71. Following the 12 g. HD thread
  72. SC CCW Shoots Restaurant Robber
  73. Last year, I lawfully had a right to use deadly force (but didn't)
  74. CCW Drivers, Protocol on a Traffic Stop
  75. The Big Black Blob at the Bedroom Door
  76. The rest of the story !
  77. Knife to a gunfight
  78. Simunitions Training in WA State!
  79. Bicycle Carry
  80. USPSA Beginners Course
  81. "She" will train you Glock owners how to clean your gun (video).
  82. When Non-lethal can become lethal for the user.
  83. Home Invasion Aftermath Scenario Question?
  84. Range Question
  85. Rounds per hour at the range?
  86. Sabre Red Crossfire (pepper spray)
  87. Security of Firearms
  88. The temptation of vigilantism
  89. Holster Positions
  90. Practical drills to run at the range??
  91. Harder or easier to hide CCW?
  92. Gluelits--It's probably been said.
  93. Alternatives when you can't carry?
  94. Clearing a property
  95. Ever been in a situation where you needed your laser?
  96. home-defense bullets/rounds: pistol vs. rifle (vs. shotgun)
  97. Closing distance
  98. Home Invasion, tragic consequences
  99. Off hand shooting
  100. A Firearms Owner's Guide to Dealing with the Police
  101. Is caliber really all that important for ccw
  102. Normal for police to walk backwards from a stopped vehicle to their patrol car?
  103. Leo's, mailmen, & the like: Which oc for dogs?
  104. Concealed Carry Question
  105. Self defense practice distances???
  106. Mom runs off burglars
  107. Not talking to the police and its results
  108. Recoil control tips
  109. Z 40 is snappy? HAHAHA, this guy shoots the 40 like a BB gun.
  110. .22lr Carbine for hd
  111. Chinese policemen gunned down kidnapper
  112. Quickdraw McSelf-Shooter
  113. CCW / Lethal defense suggested reading?
  114. Soft Trauma Plate testing...
  115. Much as I am opposed to the concept of mandatory training...
  116. Instructors: teaching ability/compatibility
  117. Serpa vs Trigger Finger
  118. Mas Ayoob near S/New Mexico
  119. Attempted Home Invasion in Antioch, CA
  120. Technique details . . .book?
  121. OH Drive-Thru Store Owner Shoots Robber (Video)
  122. Damage to live ammo from too many load cycles!
  123. Two Ladies and two Girls in NYC
  124. my first IDPA training class
  125. WI man robbbed of open-carry firearm at gunpoint (2010)
  126. My Pistol Range
  127. Max Michel comments on Dry-Firing
  128. Room Clearing
  129. New Hampshire Man Arrested For Stopping Robbery
  130. A reason not to use public restrooms
  131. Handgun Self defense Stance
  132. new ruger p95 owner here
  133. px4 .40 Shooting low/left at 25 and 30 feet
  134. Broke my trigger finger yesterday....
  135. Holding a Gun on Someone till the Police arrive , questions.
  136. Hiding firearms in your underwear area
  137. What's Your Favorite Drill?
  138. range trip
  139. Super Scientific Study Proves CCW Meaningless
  140. Under the pilllow?
  141. What Am I Doing Wrong?
  142. Man Claims Self-Defense, Charged With Murder
  143. The laws are different in many states
  144. Combat Roll in real life...no really!
  145. Ten historic shoot outs on Discovery tonight.
  146. NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
  147. Home Intruder Makes Himself At Home Before Threatening Couple
  148. Right handed - Left eyed: Long guns
  149. New to handguns
  150. defending your self from force.
  151. using enviroment to prevent over penetration
  152. Car Jacking real world shooting drills, fun gunning...
  153. Home Invasion Turns Deadly Right Down The Road
  154. The ultimate
  155. Concealed Carry for ASP Batons
  156. 1.5 seconds from draw to fire thread
  157. The way we decide to carry
  158. According to ABC the days of grabbing a baseball bat and heading to the door are over
  159. What Is The Plan B or C In This Situation?
  160. Road rage death by strangling
  161. Protecting Your Family
  162. Blue & Red dummy guns: Somebody must make one like this
  163. March Rangemaster Newsletter
  164. Concealed Carry Course
  165. Neighborhood watch captain shoots teen, claims self defense
  166. Daylight Savings Time & Laser Sights.
  167. LEO poll
  168. 12-gauge pump or .357 lever action better for HD?
  169. Range Etiquette? (fairly long)
  170. Need help with right handed, left eye dominate shooter
  171. Random Snap Caps?
  172. 12 ga. vs. .22 for home defense.
  173. Flashlights and Handguns for Home Defense
  174. Limiting Your Lifestyle by CC
  175. War Surgery Experiences
  176. Pistol technique guide?
  177. Is there a definitive book on handgun marksmanship techniques?
  178. Home Invasion/Robbery of Gunowner in Philly
  179. Different grip for Weaver vs Isosceles?
  180. Home Defence shotgun
  181. ATM Robbery.. man in condition white but still wins
  182. less lethal
  183. Point and shoot
  184. Encounter with police
  185. The Best Defense
  186. How to shoot/transition to a Glock well
  187. Cheap methods to reinforce a home, office, hotel room, etc.
  188. Car Jack training Part Two...
  189. Wisconsin Handgun Trainer
  190. Appropriate Guns and Training in latest ACLDN Journal
  191. Learning more about handling guns for home defense.
  192. 911 Operator Orders Man to Return to Scene of Shooting, Man Killed
  193. Beat Cop, Tips, Tactics, and staying alive...
  194. Street Cop (and SD) survival, my thoughts.
  195. Landrum SC woman surprises 2 Attackers with CCW
  196. A question about training courses
  197. The Flinch
  198. Defensive Theory: Smile, as a 'First Resort'.
  199. Mindfullness of where your guns are
  200. Repeat cycling of the same round can cause primer failure.
  201. What can we learn from Florida?
  202. It Worked-M1 Carbine for home defense
  203. Ed Lovette vs. Grant Cunningham....kinda...
  204. Cross domanince
  205. Feedback on new style of Firearms "training" show...
  206. Stress training, it is essential.
  207. What is "good shooting", at 50 feet? (handgun)
  208. Nashville Man Defends Against Apartment Invasion with AR15
  209. Unarmed Man Attempts Robbery of Open Carry Proponent
  210. too much finger?
  211. The Officer Down Video
  212. Mindset of grandmother who defeats two armed robbers in shootout
  213. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to handle a weapon
  214. Keep awake !
  215. when to pull?
  216. VIDEO: What and Why I Carry
  217. ZERT
  218. Cop vs AK47, Cop wins.
  219. Hostage Situation
  220. Dealing with the police
  221. Proper response
  222. Front Sight Training and Courses?
  223. Your shot vs. the BG's trigger finger
  224. Sig Acadamy?
  225. 84 rounds fired at murderer, 14 hits and he's still alive:
  226. A No-Shoot Scenario?
  227. Polo-type Shirt Over IWB Carry
  228. What to tell police if no shots fired?
  229. My false home alarm and what it taught me.
  230. Preventing a Break In
  231. Where to learn more about guns
  232. Active school shooter *drill* video
  233. I heard about shooting with both eyes open
  234. Where do you carry your 1911?
  235. SD vs Combat
  236. German police only used 85 bullets last year
  237. Best type of gun for home defense in the suburbs with children in the home?
  238. Reactive handgun shooting training
  239. Do you practice point-shooting?
  240. More robberies caught on tape.
  241. self defense shooting in St. Louis
  242. Shoot better with one hand?
  243. Your take on this CCW encounter?
  244. Panic Stop!!
  245. Bullseye for SD training?
  246. And THIS is why high capacity magazines are needed!
  247. Hand to handgun fit,,,
  248. Taking CCW course next month
  249. Gun owners need basic medical training
  250. Question about shotgun loads for SD