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  1. Riot scenario...
  2. Odd CC Challenges
  3. CCW and 'good' shoot
  4. Painting a possible aggressor with a flashlight
  5. Positioning of weapon while driving, what do you do?
  6. The most important rule of self defense - Statistics
  7. Does an M-4, AR15 9mm have a place in defense?
  8. Four males jump your fence
  9. CCW kept me from becoming a victim
  10. How many people listen to their inner danger alarm?
  11. Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons License Applicant Classes Offered
  12. One Shot Stops Database
  13. Walking the dog, and stray dog/coyote attack
  14. Training
  15. Smartcarry while sitting down?
  16. Home on the Range
  17. what would you do in a stick up situation?
  18. Hiding Your Guns
  19. Heads up! Defensive Shotgun Class at Tac-Pro Feb 27th though Mar 1st
  20. Just so I don't go not knowing..
  21. 70yr Old Kills Two Punks
  22. Man with gun shoots neighbors dog
  23. useful conceal carry links?
  24. Another Public Killing at Virginia Tech...
  25. Deputy Shoots Herself In Leg During Pistol Class
  26. CCW Training for Women in NoVA?
  27. Training Drills
  28. Training Recommendations in SF Bay Area?
  29. shooting left?
  30. Is carrying 2 guns overkill?
  31. Casino Swat Training
  32. What was the weather like today?
  33. Loaded and at the ready in your home?
  34. Open vs. Concealed carry?
  35. Economy in the tank
  36. February Rangemaster Newsletter
  37. Training in NE pennsylvania?
  38. Where can I shoot?
  39. Surefire Institute Videos
  40. Practice at my range....
  41. Stories/examples of .22 being insufficient for SD?
  42. Didn't even consider my gun
  43. Thinking about Front Sight this summer.
  44. Bay Area Firearms Training Group
  45. Teaching Ladies
  46. Poll: Whats most important to you in the self defense handgun?
  47. Let them run, or hold them.
  48. The best advice we can give to new gun owners
  49. Anybody else here ever try ccw an asp?
  50. To dry-fire, or not to dry-fire....
  51. OUCH, . . . swat team in your back yard
  52. condition one concealed carry
  53. what am I to do???
  54. Carry without safety?
  55. Looking for a good SA Test
  56. How many of you own a "Bullet Proof Vest" and why?
  57. how do you carry
  58. BBs Is It Just Me?
  59. Automatic weapon
  60. My First Ever Range Report... Sorta
  61. Night time: Do you keep one in the pipe?
  62. Situational awareness
  63. Can anyone recommend a firearms training school in Central IL?
  64. Info. requested from LEO- Police?
  65. best non firearms defense
  66. Insights is coming to Portland Metro!
  67. Retired Officer Kills Florida Drugstore Robber
  68. CCW question
  69. Would you use Active Hearing Protection during a Home Invasion?
  70. To draw or not to draw
  71. Shooting from a car
  72. Video of robber killed in Pharmacy holdup - One-shot stop? Caliber?
  73. Anti-Home Invasion Preparations (non-gun)
  74. Searching for a specific school in California
  75. The role of the .22 in practice and training.
  76. Home intrusion response
  77. conceal 357 snubbie?
  78. Traveling CCDW License Training Class
  79. Closed????
  80. Simulator shooting trailer
  81. Carry 24/7 percentage ?
  82. opinions please?
  83. Not "should I shoot?" but "could I shoot?" That is the question.
  84. When loading up the kids...
  85. Chimpanzee Attack
  86. Exercising while carrying?
  87. Unintended consequences
  88. Purposely firing through a WALL or DOOR -- FMJ or Hollowpoint
  89. Defense Bullet Type
  90. Civilian Laser Training Classes
  91. Tells? what to watch for...
  92. Spotting a concealed handgun...
  93. Danger from Mexico
  94. Backup handgun: how necessary is it?
  95. what could i have done better?
  96. Where to leave my Pistola
  97. Verbal Communication - When to raise your voice?
  98. How many spare mags and pistols do you carry?
  99. Purpose of laser sight on a rifle?
  100. Rant from LE Firearm Instructors
  101. going out to eat and seating
  102. Concealed vs. Open carry while hiking
  103. Parking Lot Safety
  104. Shooting faster, and better
  105. Shooting with your weak hand
  106. Advice needed for steel plate practice.
  107. Urban HD: Whats your plan?
  108. Break-in at work
  109. SWAT Equipment/Tactics
  110. Getting interesting
  111. Two attackers, one armed?
  112. A question for NRA Certified Instructors
  113. CCW When you Ride... Paranoia?
  114. Tacitcal Matches
  115. What would you do in this situation?
  116. Teaching Groups about Gun Safety...
  117. Frequency of concealed carry (civilian, not LE)
  118. Training double tap
  119. Tactical Advantages of the Karambit Combat Knife
  120. Whats your home defense plan?
  121. Point Shooting Home Study Course
  122. Car Gun
  123. NRA/Rob Pincus Combat Shooting DVD
  124. Musings on a Recent Carjacking/Murder
  125. If a "Red Dawn" type scenario occured, do you think...
  126. 4-day handgun course...
  127. headshots in sd situation (failure to stop drill)
  128. Bad choice of training his young son!
  129. ccw class in or around cadillac mi
  130. Need a Quote for Training Concept of "Bein' Willing"
  131. Why I carry at home, and why I wish my wife would........
  132. how many "layers" of defense?
  133. I'm Back
  134. Did you ever have a malfunction in a situation?
  135. Practicing with your back-up gun
  136. Loading "dud" rounds for practice?
  137. This may be a stupid question...
  138. You draw a weapon on a man, but he still keeps coming...
  139. Finding Cover in the Home
  140. Just dropped my handgun!
  141. For those who think sighted fire won't work at close range
  142. New kind of Buy-back?
  143. Recommended reading (Ayoob and like)
  144. When they hear that pump they'll run?
  145. Reloads VS Factory ammo in SD gun CONT:
  146. What do you carry at night?
  147. droping to a knee while reloading from empty???
  148. Place to buy portable cover for training?
  149. weird eye glasses/contacts???
  150. Why Do YOU live in a "dangerous" area?
  151. Awoken with "possible" gunfire sounds, mistakes made?
  152. Do You Practice With Air Soft Guns
  153. Ever a good way to bring this up with LEO?
  154. CCW while carpooling
  155. Training to fight rather than training to shoot
  156. Self Taught Training
  157. Front Sight Training
  158. Practical Shooting VS Target Shooting
  159. Have You Ever Carried Where You Shouldn't?
  160. personal protection only, no target shooting.
  161. Here is REAL scenario. What would YOU have done?
  162. Need Ideas for HD given house layout
  163. Opposite eye dominance
  164. Getting a CCL?
  165. HD: weapons, ammo and personnal
  166. Different Teaching Methods
  167. #1 Rule of Concealed Carry
  168. Intergeration of Aimed and Point Shooting--via WW2
  169. Good Youtube Training Videos?
  170. Am I Paranoid?
  171. Conventional & Less Conventional Methods for Carrying Knives in Lieu of Handgun(s)
  172. Using your pistol while in "zhombie" mode...
  173. what would you do
  174. More than one Attacker...
  175. "Combat Focus Shooting"
  176. Help me help my disabled neighbor...
  177. RULE II of Firearm Safety
  178. In Defense of Pet?
  179. What would you do?
  180. do all cops treat their guns like crap?
  181. CQT with Mike Brown at USSA.
  182. Teaching a Newbie Friend to Shoot
  183. left-handed with dominant right eye ?s
  184. Did this guy want to rob me or am I just paranoid?
  185. Where do you keep your HD gun?
  186. Rob Pincus' Advanced Pistol Handling DVD
  187. Maryville, IL Church Shooting UPDATE
  188. A case for distant shooting (Pistol)
  189. Home Defense Set-Up
  190. KY Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons Training / Gun Permit / Shooting Lessons
  191. Rochester, NY man charged with murder, claims self defense
  192. Renting a house
  193. Using front sight
  194. Night Sights - Help Me See The Light
  195. Weak hand flashlight, Bezel up or down?
  196. How do you defend yourself against pirates and terrorists?
  197. The Quick Peek Technique and Active Shooters
  198. Rifle/Carbine vs Shotgun vs Handgun for HD POLL
  199. How to train for 3 simultaneous head shots at sea?
  200. Robber at AA Meeting Meets Fate
  201. your opinion on clearing a double feed malfunction
  202. How and how often do you?
  203. James Yeager on Active Shooters
  204. practical tactical training for Bolt Action?
  205. Adrenalin+Nerves=Distress
  206. Training Drills With a Carbine
  207. Weaver vs Isosceles
  208. Why Shooters Practice for the Real World
  209. Importance of training
  210. Drawing from Concealment
  211. First Range Trip in 6 Months
  212. Frontsight Training
  213. 2 apartments below me ... Home Invasion
  214. BB guns for practice
  215. training at night
  216. Utah and FL Out-of-state CCW courses in the South?
  217. Tampa Ranges that allow drawing from a holster.
  218. carrying concealed
  219. Top 3 holster-draw precautions!
  220. Red light help night vision?
  221. Consider this situation...
  222. plywood, lexan, both?
  223. More on mass shootings and sole responders
  224. A "Helping the Cops" Scenario ...
  225. How To Let The Police In?
  226. NRA Personal Protection in the Home?
  227. Personal experience ....
  228. This has worked twice.....did not have to pull CCW. Good Luck maybe.
  229. Support finger on trigger guard?
  230. multiple gun ccw ???
  231. attentiveness
  232. how much dry fire is too much for the gun?
  233. In defense of others
  234. RACS Training
  235. opinions on grip tape
  236. Bad situation resolved...
  237. What kind of dog protects your house?
  238. Fighting stick vs. Knife
  239. to call or not to call... legal vs morally right
  240. threat is down... 911 is called...what to say/not say
  241. Advice needed for a junior shooter
  242. Never show your cards and don't bluff...
  243. To stir up old discontent... MA training
  244. Layers of Security and Tips for home safety
  245. Home defense gun for my parents?
  246. what should my draw speed be?
  247. 10 College Students at a party, 2 Masked Gunmen Burst In
  248. Creative answers to the question: "Are you carrying?"
  249. Paintball for training?
  250. OC VS CCW story and Questions