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  1. Pepper spray
  2. tactical training
  3. Country Outlaw Shoots man in bar and walks free
  4. Car as cover ?
  5. Guardian PD Pepper Spray Seminar -- Northeast Philadelphia on July 15, 2011
  6. Florida/Virginia/Utah Nonresident Multistate CCW Permit Class-Chadds Ford, PA-7/16/11
  7. Non firearm training?
  8. Anyone know...?
  9. Practicing with several guns
  10. Some thoughts on SD tactics
  11. Poor experience with Front Sight
  12. 2 men attempt strongarm robbery on CCW
  13. New Video - Tactical U's Fighting Rifle Course
  14. New handgun user training?
  15. Harmony balls for buildng grip & forearm strength
  16. I've switched from IWB strong side hip to small of back for ccw
  17. Slide locked back
  18. Help shooting (looking down the sights) !!
  19. Instructor Development
  20. Happened to a friend- WWYD?
  21. Nightstand gun question
  22. paranoid
  23. some thoughts on the tactics and strategy of defense
  24. Home Invasion Pitt County JUN2011
  25. July Rangemaster Newsletter
  26. did whole range session both eyes open.
  27. New Video - Tactical U Instructor Hits 10" Steel w/ Glock 26 Subcompact at 104 Yds!
  28. Trunk/Truck guns
  29. practicing advancing fire
  30. Airsoft For Close Quarter Training?
  31. Tough tactical home defense question
  32. Open carry legal- Does "printing" matter?
  33. A Real Incident, What Would You Do?
  34. So, what's your EDC?
  35. Would You Have Acted Differently?
  36. Is More Than 3 Shots Necessary?
  37. Having trouble with Rogers/SureFire
  38. RE: Breathing during hi-stress shooting
  39. Martial arts tailored to modern carry?
  40. Did I do the right thing? Or should I have used force?
  41. I need opinions, help!
  42. Keep your finger out of the trigger until you're ready to fire...
  43. Oklahoma pharmacist Jerome Ersland sentenced to life in prison
  44. Tactical U - New Video - High Risk Concealed Carry Course
  45. SEALS Training Quote.....
  46. A different case?
  47. law enforcement grants or scholarships???
  48. Win for shooters
  49. we're overthinking certain aspects of CCW
  50. Bad Decision!
  51. Clint Smith on firearms safety
  52. Tactical YouToober demonstrates how NOT to draw a 1911 (video)
  53. For those who think home invasions only happen to drug pushers....
  54. Non-resistance doesn't work in this case...
  55. For the Anti-Gunners...
  56. Canton, Ohio Officer Rage Incident
  57. Is there more of a learning curve with longer barreled guns?
  58. Training Weapons
  59. Airsoft Training
  60. Reacting with your CCW
  61. Question about side-stepping to the left
  62. Reminded of a few things...
  63. Learned a lesson tonight
  64. Recommended Training in SE NC
  65. 40 Plus Members: Be Advised
  66. Anyone know suarez international?
  67. Tactical U - Florida High Risk Concealed Carry Course - 8/19/11
  68. Becoming a Palma Competitor
  69. Another carry question.
  70. I got "Interviewed" this evening
  71. Scenario: Unarmed assailant advancing
  72. Carry Question
  73. Issn Ryu Karate
  74. I think it is time to get my concealed weapons permit.
  75. Any Experience with Scenario Targets?
  76. Gun bestows 'supernatural' peace of mind?
  77. Getting Bin Laden
  78. New "private range" in Panhandle Florida
  79. wikihow- how to react to gunfire. thoughts?
  80. So, the worst has happened.
  81. Double taps - got tips?
  82. Any time , any place (Philly Bus Shooting)
  83. facing a violent mob when carrying, milwaukee state fair...
  84. Best place to take concealed carry class in Austin TX
  85. Gun or Glasses?
  86. My new open carry conspicuously inconspicuous
  87. it coulda been me....
  88. Ever try this sequence of double taps?
  89. NRA Basic Pistol exam
  90. Carried Concealed for the First Time!
  91. CC when to draw when to shoot
  92. Taking John Farnam To Heart
  93. Training Videos, Opinions?
  94. Another gun in need of a holster? or just old age?
  95. Night shooting aids contradictory?
  96. COM vs. Abdomen Targeting
  97. Stance/Body position
  98. The Combat Mindset: Lessons learned From a Recent Sort of Real Home Defense Situation
  99. Zombie Training
  100. What is this I don't even...
  101. Good News
  102. LMS Defense - Carbine Barricade Clinic: October 9th, 2011 River Oaks Range, Winton,Ca
  103. Another Home Invasion In CT
  104. Who is important?
  105. MAG-40 class with Massad Ayoob
  106. Texas Concealed Carry Class, what to expect?
  107. IDPA... I rock at static drills, but tank at movement.
  108. flash mobs
  109. Tactical shotgun reload
  110. Backup gun...
  111. The PowerFactor Show
  112. Girl Dies from BB Gun
  113. Houston Texas Training
  114. My home alarm system&Home Defense weapon
  115. A thought
  116. Looking for Front Sight Membership
  117. Landlord question & security
  118. Wake up call of knowing your target and what's behind it.
  119. Range report for August 29th
  120. Need a drill for trigger control
  121. What matters is shot placement. Actual bank robbery shooting.
  122. Craning the neck forward
  123. Perfect Example: Position & Followthrough
  124. Follow you home...not just a Nickelback song
  125. Sept Rangemaster Newsletter
  126. Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight...Actually it is all relative
  127. Probation Officer Killed During Training
  128. Why do i shoot better semi rapid than slow?
  129. Does anyone notice that the pinky of their stong hand is stronger than other pinky?
  130. The April 11, 1986 FBI Miami SHOOTOUT
  131. Our Pax in Shooting Industry
  132. Sometimes one gun isn't enough
  133. Real Question...What's the goal of training?
  134. Do You Have A Plan B?
  135. Friend breaks up an attempted robbery!
  136. Wife's near draw experience
  137. TX CHL
  138. Doing anything different this weekend?
  139. Physical Fitness is a MUST!
  140. Looking for CCW training in NE Ohio
  141. Night time home burglary....
  142. Tactical Flashlights & Training with Handheld Flashlight
  143. Best online resource for concealed carry info?
  144. Boycott Walgreens!
  145. Pincus Course Review
  146. Combative Pistol, Longview, Texas
  147. Steel Courage
  148. Shooting technique with Laser Sight
  149. Active shooter plan
  150. Weak hand shooting
  151. Tactical Conference 2012 Announced
  152. Protective vests and being honest
  153. Speed Strips? More Like Slow Strips- Help
  154. TDI or Bust
  155. Looking for conceal/carry training course
  156. # Of Rounds Fired In Self-Defense?
  157. Caliber bullets used in robberies?
  158. How often do you shoot?
  159. Protective Clothing
  160. Four-Legged Threats
  161. You've been shot,. . Now what?
  162. Some days it doesn't pay to rob a pizza joint
  163. Point of diminishing returns on the range?
  164. Active Shooter: Get Down! (or not?)
  165. WOW! House alarm went off... How did you do?
  166. NYPD Sgt. Saves Own Life by Jamming Finger Into Trigger of Felon's Gun
  167. Just the movies or for real?
  168. Training for C&L carry?
  169. Is it better to get someone else to train your kids?
  170. How much ammo is enough?
  171. A shooting right in front of you
  172. Wild Animal Protection
  173. trying to find laws about notifying an officer you are carrying
  174. Marksmanship
  175. Naples shooting
  176. Had a near incident today
  177. No Win Situation?
  178. Woman shoots at armed burglar in Lake City FL, probably saves own life. WWYD?
  179. Bar attack
  180. We Should Be Careful With Our Choice of Words!
  181. Training Without Hearing Protection
  182. How would you handle this encounter?
  183. bicycling?
  184. Shooting at an oncoming car thats trying to hit you
  185. When Is A Cop Not A Cop
  186. Employers Limitations On Weapons
  187. Wisconsin Concealed Carry Training
  188. Is a .22 lr quality for animal attack defense?
  189. Halloween ---- weird to me ....
  190. Where do you draw the line?
  191. Gatineua, Quebec Police Cow Incident...WWYD?
  192. How would you have reacted?
  193. what do you think of this?
  194. Use of Mental Maps to Develop Awareness
  195. Parking lot incedent
  196. lunch time treat
  197. Overheard something at bass pro shops today
  198. It's been on my mind a lot lately.
  199. Scenario
  200. Force on Force
  201. Winter time CCW
  202. front sight background check
  203. about to buy Frontsight Membership
  204. In The Home Carry
  205. Even this was avoidable.
  206. Time and place for carrying Two guns...your thoughts?
  207. Thought ya'll might find this interesting
  208. What IS good off-hand handgun shooting?
  209. Questioning my reaction to incident
  210. Female ccw holder defends successfully
  211. tail between my legs...
  212. Point Shooting: How to get eyes away from the front sight?
  213. Shot with a Glock
  214. Training Correctly
  215. best caliber for training
  216. Your opinion on "non-lethal firearms"
  217. Increasing global, national, state, and city tensions... change your Tactics?
  218. interpreting Box O' Truth: the "best" home-defense round
  219. Really Dropped the Ball
  220. Shooting to the left
  221. Good trainning source for home defense? Book or video?
  222. Here's a twist..
  223. Tactical Response - Fighting Shotgun
  224. Robbery Went Bad
  225. should CCW classes spend more time on Handling the weapons?
  226. yesterday at the range
  227. Training for senior citizens ...
  228. Mental Training
  229. Dealing with a "follower"
  230. Where to Hide the Guns
  231. NYPD report on 2010 shooting incidents
  232. AK training ??
  233. Here is some great dry fire practice
  234. Customer pulls out gun, things go better then expected.
  235. December Rangemaster Newsletter
  236. cc while in sweat pants or gym shorts
  237. How to Remove Occupiers
  238. How often do YOU train with self defense rounds?
  239. Do you keep a training log?
  240. Richmond Man Killed With Own Gun While Open Carrying
  241. taser/spray options
  242. Does anyone carry a blackjack or sap?
  243. Adding a "fifth" rule to firearm safety
  244. Real deal! Early A.M
  245. Condition 3 and revolver precautions
  246. Texas Hospital No Gun Sign
  247. Pulled over while carrying
  248. Great story on Guns Saves Lives
  249. Tactics and footwork
  250. Carrying without a holster