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  1. How do you reload? I need some advice!
  2. Guy bleeds from forehead after firing .38+p snubby first time. Recoil or Richochet?
  3. Rogers/SureFire technique?
  4. we the sheep
  5. I changed my carry load due to HIGH failre rate
  6. Corrective Action Target
  7. Massive SHTF situation brewing
  8. Help a CCW Newbie
  9. Pointers for Sig P226
  10. Would you trust your life to ammo you have never tested?
  11. CCW and Significant Other's position
  12. Farnam Defensive Handgun Course in Philadelphia
  13. The Weaponized Flashlight and the Law?
  14. 1911 draw by Chic Gaylord
  15. Strange situation from the news
  16. Real STOPPING POWER demonstrated by Spanish Police
  17. Placement of defensive weapons in your home
  18. Bring a stun gun to a gun fight?
  19. Defense and accuracy
  20. Penetration of Home Defense Rounds
  21. Sight alignment
  22. FATS Firing Simulator
  23. Ladies shooting in high heels
  24. long gun for home defense vs pistol
  25. Options of self defense in a particular situation?
  26. Help!!!
  27. Glaser v Magsafe
  28. I almost cleansed the gene pool
  29. Four-legged tactics and training
  30. How can a citizen obtain NRA trainer certification?
  31. Stopping power of .38s and .45s
  32. Spray and Pray benefits?
  33. Tennessee-On Target Handgun Training Club
  34. What is the best type of .38 Special ammo?
  35. Shotguns-SxS, pump, semi, O/U or SS?
  36. Great Point Shooting Articles/books
  37. Point Shooting Home Study Course
  38. Do you disclose CCW when stopped by LEO ?
  39. OC Decontamination
  40. Giving a BUG to a non-CCW in an emergency
  41. weapons retention
  42. 2006 Quantico Instruction Schedule
  43. Concealed carry etiquette
  44. CHLing in another car
  45. Having to go to Pocket and SOB
  46. Parking lot smash and grab, WWYD?
  47. Georgia Carry?
  48. Theory of Self Defense-What do you think?
  49. Variation on the Smash and grab, WWYD
  50. Anyone in here carry a .22 pistol for a CHL weapon?
  51. Recommendations for good firearm training this summer
  52. Drop Your Own Weapon.
  53. In the bank and...
  54. Tactical House Shopping
  55. (AK) terrorists urge attacks on our pipeline
  56. Almost got shot.
  57. ccw and carjacking
  58. walking the thin line
  59. Home Invasion - Was I wrong?
  60. Need help double vision
  61. I got shot at the range
  62. Fu or Kharma?
  63. Weapon access while in the car.
  64. I haven't been shot at for a long time, why now?
  65. NOVA Classes for shotguns and carbines
  66. crack house or not?
  67. Book- Gunshot Wounds : Second Edition
  68. At range: rapid fire or evenly spaced shots?
  69. How good of a shot are most BG's?
  70. baaaaaaaad week
  71. Beanbags for HD
  72. Say It Ain't So
  73. How many guns do you carry on your person tops?
  74. It happened to me.
  75. What to use for Snakes on a Plane?
  76. Taking your gun off in the car
  77. training scenarios
  78. Good Instructor for Training?
  79. A 'person' with a knife
  80. _The Snubby by Ed Lovette_ can y'all review as a tactical and handgun book?
  81. Do you think Tasers have a place in non LEO self defense?
  82. Civil Defense Ammo for .223
  83. How fast to draw?
  84. hypothetical math question
  85. Getting gun grime stains out of your clothes?
  86. Up close and personal weapon: The Tomahawk?
  87. Newb to CCW, many questions
  88. Bump in the night.....
  89. Bird Flu/avian Flu
  90. Snubby fans: Say a guy with an AR 15 drives a car through the windows of a restraunt
  91. Shooting someone from behind with .38 (or similar) caliber gun.
  92. One for the good guys (and gals!)...
  93. On DA triggers- John Farnam Quips
  94. At what point can one legally respond to a threat?
  95. Granny Vigilante Takes on Con Artist
  96. Shooting drills from retention...
  97. My biggest scare EVER.
  98. can you shoot with either hand ?
  99. Funny or Amusing CCW instances
  100. UNarmed, billards, darts, onion rings and...
  101. Tactical House Shopping (2)
  102. Got into a sitution where I had to pull my weapon
  103. Armed Store Owner Allows Robbers to Flee
  104. If someone is shooting at you with a .357 Magnum...where is the best cover?
  105. summer concealment
  106. Drawn Handgun For Defense.
  107. Shooting an unarmed criminal
  108. hypothetical situation - unknowingly drawing on LEO
  109. military tactics?
  110. Point Shooting Home Study Course
  111. Standard Carrying load in the field (military)
  112. Standard Carrying load in the field (military)
  113. Question about self-defense.
  114. BAD situation today
  115. I wanna shoot somebody - tell me this is OK!
  116. A Not-so hypothetical question.
  117. New shooter, I can't hit crap...
  118. This bugs me
  119. Another Scenario...
  120. Do you notice other people carrying now that you are a CHLer, Cop or other gun bearer
  121. Church Security
  122. If you have to draw...
  123. Do/should CCWs call the police after every incident?
  124. "I Know where You Live"!
  125. De - Evolving
  126. How Many Not Leo Members Own A Bulletproof Vest??
  127. Practical street fighting courses
  128. Do-All Steel Resetting Target
  129. Training
  130. What do you say?
  131. So a store is getting held up... hypothetical
  132. Liberian Militia Assault Tactics
  133. Dry fire fun with video camera
  134. Handgun trap shooting
  135. Testing in Wetpack?
  136. Visiting Florida
  137. "Sightless in Philly" course announcement
  138. OK, it is 13 degrees F, where is your CCW?
  139. Your favorite shooting techniques articles?
  140. Going to Front Sight
  141. Help me out with the wadcutter theory
  142. Shooting with one gun in each hand
  143. How many different shooting stances, positions and fast draw tactics to you use?
  144. CCW incident in Baton Rouge?
  145. What stances do you use at the range?
  146. Problems with dogs....advice sought
  147. Carrying in Waistband (No holster)
  148. Your guns, Your wife, or Your dog???
  149. Anyone worry about what cops might think....
  150. Riot defense senario
  151. Personal Range
  152. Review - Defensive Handgun 1 - Shootrite (New Location in Alabama)
  153. Shotshells...
  154. pancake belt holster or inside the pants holster for concealed carry
  155. Permit to carry question
  156. Audio recorder while carrying
  157. Real world shooting vs. Range time shooting
  158. NRA Programs
  159. Church Shooting - Detroit
  160. SRT Training Material
  161. Mugging defense senario
  162. 2 shots center mass from .45 acp story
  163. Snatch and Grab: Robbery teams Wash DC
  164. Steve Tarani in Pittsburgh (March 25 - 26)
  165. Unarmed assailant
  166. Hollywood Tactics & Training (AKA no no tactics)
  167. For those who wear A LOT of gear and guns....
  168. Scary day at the range
  169. safe direction
  170. airsoft vs paintball
  171. Why Carry????????
  172. Watch the front sight!
  173. Tactics and Training/Fantasy and Paranoia
  174. Defensive Handgun in Rochester, NY
  175. A bad week for central NY LEO
  176. Is Duane Thomas a knowledgable gunwriter?
  177. Short Story ,Good Ending
  178. is it dumb for me to carry a P22 as my only ccw?
  179. Urban Survival?
  180. This may be controversial but...
  181. double please delete
  182. Help with Womem's training in Arizona
  183. Navy Handgun Qualification Course - Official Target Size
  184. Carrying Multiple Guns On Your Person
  185. Confrontation on Airplane...How Do You React?
  186. Double Taps and SD shooting
  187. Shooting terms?
  188. DA/SA Trigger drills
  189. They actually wear this?
  190. Suppose you are being shot at in a parking lot
  191. Bulletproof windows
  192. Carrying LOTS of weapons
  193. Those Who Have a Concealed Weapons Permit, Please Read.....
  194. Thunder Ranch and Gunsite graduates????
  195. Self Defense
  196. Road Rage
  197. It could happen to you
  198. hit 9 times, twice in the head and apparently having no problem (Rapper 50 Cent)
  199. Got the crap scared out of me!!
  200. Weird range day 2 vs 1 handed shooting
  201. Looking for Princeton, NJ area Handgun training
  202. Live fire training at home - something new I'm trying
  203. After the gun fight - your psyche
  204. Summertime Concealment: How do you do it?
  205. Boston Point Shooting Training
  206. What are your goals at the pistol range?
  207. Shooting at multiple opponents
  208. Restaurant Shooting
  209. If Someone Breaks In...........
  210. Gun vs Knife [Graphic !!]
  211. What is best for home defense in an apartment/condo
  212. Alien Invasion Scenario
  213. Cross-draw? Sure, why not.
  214. Shooting out tires
  215. The damage a knife can do. GRAPHIC!
  216. Chambered and cocked?
  217. What Would You Use And Why?
  218. Double tap 2nd shot low
  219. Practice Drills
  220. Managing Ricochet Risk (defensive shooting)
  221. Anyone familiar with Turnipseed Firearms Instruction?
  222. Ever observe other shooters at the range?
  223. Should I use this or a 22 for Home Defense
  224. going to blackwater have a ?
  225. Good Scare
  226. CCW on the Streets - When to Use Deadly Force?
  227. Help me out here fellas
  228. Will .38 Special +P LSWCHP (F.B.I. Load) penetrate windshields?
  229. A question....
  230. My Mall Scenario :)
  231. I hate setting scenarios but....
  232. Defending neighbor's property?
  233. Scenario What-to-Do!
  234. Pointshooting and CQC in Southern California
  235. I heard a gunshot...
  236. How do you hold your piece?
  237. Tactical firearm instructors info
  238. My trigger finger slips after every shot?
  239. Metropolitan Downtown shooting. Two questions.
  240. For When A Gun Won't Do
  241. Weird Events at the Range
  242. Translation help !
  243. The Grandma situation
  244. Reserve LEO training?
  245. Criminal tactics alert?
  246. Happened moments ago
  247. Did Not Read the Sticky
  248. Real Life situation, what I would do differently
  249. Offense vs. Defense - Do you fire on the move or go for accuracy?
  250. backup gun