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  1. Biker enters gas-station with helmet and shades on...
  2. My group moves down and to the left during rapid fire.
  3. Which way to move?
  4. should we have to have a permit for concealed
  5. Question Regarding CCW Draw Time...
  6. Where is the line?
  7. Call for help or handle the situation?
  8. Carrying At Work
  9. Unexpected Hard Rap On My Bedroom Window
  10. October Rangemaster Newsletter
  11. Which trigger should I use?
  12. Stupid Training
  13. Florida G license training
  14. When SHTF, what would you bring?
  15. Let's talk tactics:
  16. Needed: some advise for crippled concealed carry
  17. A knock on the door...
  18. Tactical lights
  19. Pat Goodales Tactical Rifle Course
  20. Cirillo On Point Shooting
  21. Couple questions
  22. Defensive Shooting Statistics
  23. Possible home invasion atempt...
  24. active compliance more likely to get you killed?
  25. Just a hint on WHAT IF
  26. Jeff Cooper on Point Shooting
  27. The latest I.C.E. Training Update.....
  28. What are the different types of tactical training?
  29. LFI Class 10/06/08 Phx
  30. Unorthodox Positions
  31. Clearing a house with a pistol/flashlight
  32. Food for thought
  33. NTI
  34. Boy shot while tp'ing mans home
  35. good strategy doesn't always include a gun
  36. What should I be doing at home for SD?
  37. Which in your opinion is best for home-defense?
  38. how close is "too close?" how soon is "too soon?"
  39. Public Safety Vs. Self Preservation
  40. Duty To Retreat / Deadly Force, while pregnant?
  41. Utah Concealed Carry Class?
  42. “Front Sight or No Front Sight that is the question”
  43. I think I've had it wrong all these years
  44. How do you define "Prepared" ?
  45. Carrying and the proper mentality
  46. Magazine Changes
  47. AAR: EAG Level 2 pistol and COC courses
  48. Practice Methods when you can't Live Fire
  49. Retention and Pickpocketers
  50. Political Signs?
  51. How do you smell trouble?
  52. Using Deadly Force
  53. Neighborhood Watches
  54. Home defense with a knife.
  55. Jeff Cooper DVD Series
  56. Guns Not Going Bang Stories...
  57. Primary/Secondary
  58. Managing those with weapons
  59. Anti-Gun Security Company vs. Pirates
  60. long range engagements
  61. Gabe Suarez: Extreme Close Range Gunfighting II
  62. Force on Force book
  63. what does sight radius do for me?
  64. 2 to the chest 1 to the head
  65. Folks are asking me what one thing I learned at LFI about shooting?
  66. Need help with legitimate scenerio
  67. Seecamp's Advice On point Shooting
  68. No rear sight
  69. New training outfit: Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy in Fredericksburg, Va.
  70. Strike bezels on flashlights tactical or gimmick?
  71. local news story...
  72. Investigating a noise:
  73. Why has the military moved to 3x scopes?
  74. Shooting from Cover
  75. Chuck Taylor on Competition.
  76. Does everyone blame the caliber when things dont seem to work out for the best?
  77. Home Invasion Story
  78. Real World Tactical Training
  79. The more things change, the more they remain the same, Long but worth the read
  80. anyone ever do HRP?
  81. Dave Spaulding on WW2 Combat Methods
  82. South Florida Training
  83. Getting tactical with a lever action
  84. Where do you like to carry your weapon?
  85. stopping power statistics
  86. Stuck in a war ridden land with only a glock...
  87. Position SUL
  88. NRA Instructor Trainer
  89. Carrying live round
  90. Handgun eye: was right; after injury used left; should I change back?
  91. Wad in the Snout - shotgun fun for the hostage
  92. why do police take cover behind
  93. Police actions
  94. Concealed Carry and College
  95. Does shooting to kill make sense?
  96. Practice range.
  97. this is gonna sound silly...
  98. I hope I did the right thing...
  99. Dominant Eye
  100. Is airsofting beneficial?
  101. 10 Commandments for concealed carry- Stolen from BlackwaterUSA
  102. Concealed Carry Help
  103. How many shots to put down a BG?
  104. Do You Carry a BUG?
  105. Best Tactical Pistol Book?
  106. Gun placement while sleeping
  107. Glock 26 Carry, Business Casual
  108. How does this measure up....?
  109. Review of Extreme Close Quarters Shooting Video
  110. New School Tactics: Active shooter
  111. Showing yourself as "good guy" in defense shooting
  112. Terminal ballistic question
  113. The "Group Think"
  114. Real Life Feedback on the Taser C2
  115. Just ASKING to be shot--stay aware
  116. Proper Reloading Method
  117. Encounter In Wal-Mart parking lot
  118. One handed shooting for self defense.
  119. ccw near calls or worse
  120. Run in with a vagrant
  121. Blaming the Caliber vs. Blaming your training
  122. How important is it for you to carry gun?
  123. Weak Hand Training
  124. CCW question...
  125. Videos of realistic training scenarios
  126. Best stance to face an armed threat?
  127. Trampled by a Mob
  128. Best Alternative to Carrying a Firearm
  129. new ammo law
  130. Combat Knife CArry
  131. You carry...Are you scared to pull the trigger?
  132. Your pick of a combination in Combat like situation.
  133. Zombie Haiku
  134. Be a peacemaker? Or do nothing?
  135. Why carry? Monday morning quarterback this scenario.
  136. CCW scenario-- What to do?
  137. Marker Item, secured home?
  138. Night Sights & Low Light--An Experiment
  139. Big Guy down the chimney?
  140. Endless Scenarios
  141. P1 Exclusive: Hojutsu-Ryu, the martial art of shooting
  142. Navy Seals: Long hair, beard, jeans, etc.
  143. RBSD
  144. Small of Back Carry?
  145. Would you shoot an attacker with a tazer?
  146. Which Came First: The Gun or the Mindset?
  147. Preferred CCW position / rig
  148. How to improve three dot sight shooting accuracy
  149. Blogger gets shot . . .
  150. What if I was attacked by gang members?
  151. CCW Training in the Phoenix Arizona area
  152. LI, NY: AK-47 saved this person's property& maybe his life when burglars broke in!
  153. Very Disturbing Video -- Victim mentality
  154. Anti-Terrorist Tactics in 1909, England
  155. Are you a newbie to shooting in the Seattle/Tacoma area?
  156. conceal/carry question
  157. Dealing with possible drunk in apt. complex
  158. terminal performance
  159. Hair, Clothing, Jewelry --
  160. I Guess I was Naive in Thinking that all Police Officers were Excellent Shots.
  161. Why 8 bullets simply isnt enough...
  162. Bank Carry
  163. threat levels
  164. How is handgun recoil controlled for 2nd+ shots?
  165. frangibles?
  166. How to reduce recoil with your grip
  167. Security credentials for armed citizen (VA)?
  168. Hit rates and FOF training.
  169. how often do you fire off your ccw load?
  170. Shot Placement vs Effective Threat Stoppage
  171. ccw with out a holster
  172. Further Proof of the Need for Self-Defense
  173. Revisiting the Harold Fish incident
  174. Utah (31 State) CCW Class in Northern CA
  175. Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons (CCDW) License Applicant Class Offered
  176. What do you do when the SHTF?
  177. Suspicious incident- thoughts ?
  178. Feces In The Fan Blades -- Contingencies.
  179. When someone is struggling with you...
  180. I saw two guys get shot last night.
  181. Over-The-Top ParaMilitary MindSet?
  182. Concealed Carry vs Carry but not concealed.
  183. Frangible rounds for Home Defense?
  184. All hands stand by to repel boarders! (Do you lock your car doors?)
  185. Tactics section in Combat Handguns
  186. The Tactical Roll
  187. An interesting article on the possibility of martial law being declared in the US
  188. do you carry +1 ?
  189. are you practicing for the cold?
  190. do you ccw fmj?
  191. Looking for shooting school close to Indiana
  192. Have you ever accidently discharged your handgun?
  193. Scenarios For Drawing and Fatal Shot?
  194. extremeshock ammo
  195. Who Switches Carry Guns Regularly?
  196. Opinions on Front Site training...
  197. Encounter with a gunman last night (long post)
  198. how often do you clean your ccw/hd gun?
  199. Vehicle Considerations
  200. Home Defense Training Practice Drill
  201. What is the largest caliber you would carry?
  202. How Many Spare Mags?
  203. Full Fanny Pack sighting at the Mall
  204. CCW... & that football game...
  205. Why shooting from the hip can be so important for CQ
  206. Do you use one handgun?
  207. CQB and Sights
  208. how many people do you see carrying?
  209. Excessive Defense
  210. Accidental CCW Exposure
  211. Training the handicapped ??
  212. hornady jhp/xpt for personel defence?
  213. Home Invasion / Lights On or Off?
  214. How do you answer the door?
  215. rules of gunfight
  216. Terrorist Scenarios
  217. What do you think?
  218. Most useful portion of your CCW course?
  219. Armed Citizen Analysis
  220. Real World Indoor Shooting Experience
  221. A badge to go with your concealed carry permit
  222. How Many Shots Typically Fired in Self Defense Situation
  223. can someone post their experiences at Appleseed bootcamp?
  224. New Publication: The Training Log Book
  225. How many of you open carry at home? & how many open carry with people visiting?
  226. Exercising a high level of restraint and knowing when to walk away
  227. Where Does True Stopping Power Come From?
  228. lingo
  229. COM?
  230. Barricade shooting - Police Pistol Combat
  231. Fat Guy Carry
  232. shoulder holsters?
  233. How much time training?
  234. MUGGING and CC
  235. Suppressive fire and the 5.56 for civilian defense
  236. CCW Takes On Bank Robber
  237. Safety on HD Gun
  238. Seeking Instructors
  239. Interview with a gunfighter
  240. Can I trust Walmart generic hollow points as my main self-defense ammo?
  241. Defensive Handgun Material
  242. Need advice or tip
  243. very cool vid
  244. Look then shoot, or shoot then look
  245. "I'd rather be caught with it than caught without it."
  246. Multiple BG's
  247. Florida man shoots robber...Video/911 call
  248. how accurate is using reduced targets?
  249. flashlight/taclight
  250. anyone go to appleseed boot camp?