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  1. Atlanta area homeowner charged with aggravated assault
  2. Training
  3. "extra" furniture...yeah right.
  4. Bad Habits
  5. Shooting with an injury
  6. Shooting Without Sights
  7. Sage legal advice
  8. Camping out vs staying on the move
  9. Non-Standard Firing Positions
  10. If i hear it one more time!!!!
  11. Madison, WI- Intruder Shot and Killed
  12. They have gun control; now it seems they need axe control...
  13. What is wrong with shooting and moving?
  14. Okie Pharmacist?
  15. human resistance to being shot
  16. BlackwaterUSA Chimes in on Point vs Sight shooting
  17. Less-Lethal Devices
  18. AAR for YFA Carbine & Handgun Class
  19. A great place for the bedside firearm....
  20. Does anyone have a tactical shield and helmet for home defense?
  21. The Absolute Best Reason for CCW
  22. Officer survives .357 mag shot to forehead
  23. No Cure For Carelessness
  24. Alternative training methods?
  25. How many guns do you carry??
  26. "Sling" bags for concealed carry
  27. Friend got mugged Wednesday afternoon
  28. Dogs, whats your preference?
  29. Night Lights
  30. Cash or Cashless
  31. Worst Case Home Invasion Scenario
  32. Tac Pro Shooting Ctr
  33. FBI Report and Officer / Offender Shootings
  34. October Rangemaster newsletter posted
  35. Jury duty & CCW
  36. NRA Basic Pistol Instructor course – CT – 11/1/09
  37. Implications of carrying concealed and having a medical emergency
  38. Strangers at the door
  39. Drinking and being protected
  40. CAR-15 vs Katana
  41. Strength training.
  42. My Urban Gullie Suit
  43. Attack at Night Questions
  44. Best Home Protecter
  45. Accidental shooting
  46. Real Life - Boxed in.
  47. Script for Shooting Aftermath
  48. Warning shot gets a shotgun to the face--news video
  49. neighbors got robbed
  50. TV shows, shoot out training, & actually shooting at & being shot at...
  51. Paranoid...or...Prepared?
  52. Strategies to avoid being shot in error.
  53. You've got 57 seconds or less
  54. Roommates
  55. investigating an alarm
  56. Great oppertunity for shooting instructors
  57. A shot in the dark - Man shoots fiancee
  58. Laser sights reveal shakes?
  59. Force on Force Training
  60. Surviving Disaster: Mall Shooting - Full episode
  61. Vigilance or paranoia?
  62. NRA instructor in Lafayette,LA
  63. HD training
  64. Revolver vs. Auto for home defense
  65. Two .45’s versus five M-16’s and a grenade launcher...?
  66. How to answer that knock on the door.
  67. LEO qualifications
  68. You can learn a lot from the Balloon Boy
  69. Zombie Apocalypse: Tactics: Mobile or stationary
  70. Weapon placement with kids around?
  71. help a retard.....
  72. anyone ccw while on motorcycle?
  73. Swedish Police Point Shooting
  74. Ready Position Debate
  75. Finally signing up for a class with Mas Ayoob
  76. Reasons as to why having a pistol by your side is important...
  77. Any Missouri CCW Instructors?
  78. To stay or to go?
  79. Creative, yet also funny...
  80. Best Home Defense Nightstand
  81. This happened near my parents house.
  82. Psychological factor in Force-on-Force Training
  83. Simulator question
  84. CSAT Tactical Pistol Instructor AAR
  85. Tunnel Vision
  86. Concealed Carry Handgun Class
  87. What is your midnight strategy??
  88. tactics from movies
  89. Group Defense Tactics
  90. When Something Goes Bump in The Night...
  91. target systems
  92. Ok so I signed up for a basic pistol class.
  93. Pat Goodale's Advanced Handgun Oct 16-18
  94. Learning from the shootings at Fort Hood...
  95. Interesting, scary, SD situation...
  96. Shoot to stop vs. Shoot to kill
  97. What Should I Have Done Different?
  98. Your tactics for a sudden close-quarter attack
  99. I Was Kidnapped And Got Away
  100. Experimented with aimed vs point-shooting (or maybe flash sight, hard to discern)
  101. Wo/Men, Handguns and Self-Defense
  102. After the fact
  103. Sign of the times? SD scenarios different today?
  104. This happened about a year ago.
  105. Tactics guide to home security/defense?
  106. Armored Car Guards using better tactics, but armored car robberies in arms race
  107. limited ammo, shoot it for practice?
  108. The "Danger Zone" and the "Step-back technique"
  109. A situation had arised
  110. Instructional Book
  111. Maintaining minimum proficiency for the average joe
  112. Had a break in.
  113. Instructor for Florida?
  114. Airsoft guns?
  115. Magpul Dynamics "Dynamic Carbine" 1&2 (A VERY surprising Colt failure)
  116. Home Defense...Service-Size .38 Special VS. Service-Size .357 Magnum
  117. Mid-Atlantic Tactical Conference
  118. The fellow who is organizing Mas Ayoob's New Class in S/AZ is coming to Las Cruces
  119. The Importance of Good Training...
  120. Tactical hearing protection for home defense
  121. Mental Exercise ("Be a Good Witness")
  122. Kansas State Militia
  123. Courtesy
  124. Sight Alignment Illustrations
  125. Today's Denver Post Article on Thugs
  126. Hot tub, where to put a gun?
  127. Situational Awareness Sure Helps!
  128. ccw las vegas
  129. NRA DVD series: Personal Firearm Defense
  130. Black Friday... Thoughts? Concerns?
  131. Kids and Guns
  132. Suggestions needed on the Front Gate.
  133. Changed guns and tactics for the time being.
  134. Plinking games?
  135. Police shoot out close to home
  136. why isnt the .45 SWC a popular defensive round?
  137. Shooting at Cvs Pharmacy
  138. How much is enough?
  139. When eating out
  140. Book training
  141. New scam (don't fall victim)
  142. Tactical experience liability?
  143. Mental Preparations
  144. Women in Washington state -- save this date!
  145. Combat Reload
  146. Would you carry a gun you cannot accurately shoot one handed?
  147. Poll-Two eyes or one
  148. 12 Elements of Firearms Training
  149. New security system...need training
  150. Can I get some advice?
  151. Danger close
  152. pistols & magazines & flashlights, oh my!
  153. If anyone needed a reminder on gun saftey in the home
  154. CCW
  155. Tactical Drils and shot log & tracking performance
  156. Do you answer your door?
  157. Here is my plan, how does it look?
  158. which do you think is the best tactical school
  159. Answering the door naked
  160. Suppersors and chemical enviorments
  161. You would have loved it
  162. question about ccw
  163. Teaching kids to shoot
  164. Shooting stance under stress and your heart.
  165. Vehicle Situation
  166. Favorite firearm book
  167. New baby in the house. I need advice on home defense
  168. Epiphany
  169. Defensive Driving
  170. Does exterior bodyarmor make your head more of a target?
  171. Pocket Carry As Primary Method Question
  172. Dangerous Holsters and Carry Methods
  173. Just let it drop
  174. IDPA schools
  175. Local home invasion
  176. Bringing a gun to a snowball fight...
  177. Training
  178. Training methods for indoor range?
  179. Why Chamber empty carry is such a bad idea
  180. Shooting Video: Suicide through inaction.
  181. Modifying Garments for CCW
  182. Whatever happened to....
  183. Should I re-take the CCW class
  184. Recent scare...
  185. Cross draw holster
  186. From sheep to empowered
  187. CCW classes?
  188. Even in the best case scenario...
  189. newbee to hand guns
  190. Multiple Assailants
  191. Front Sight Handgun Training
  192. Special Forces Training Video
  193. Any of you folks Gunwriters?
  194. Unintended shot during self defense
  195. Night Time Rifle of Choice
  196. Does everyone shoot center mass?
  197. improving marksmanship
  198. NRA Basic Pistol class Saturday January 16th, 2010, Orlando FL
  199. CCW shooting distances
  200. S/A revolvers
  201. Store owner cleared in thief shooting. Michigan
  202. Home Security Ideas?
  203. Handgun vs. Longarm for Home Defense
  204. A different kind of gun owner
  205. Sensible rules for a gun user.
  206. Have you ever wished you were NOT carrying?
  207. I PASSED!
  208. Close Call
  209. Gun hiding spot
  210. Armagedon / Global breakdown type preparedness
  211. Embarrassing call for Backup
  212. Holster Types
  213. Have you ever been shot at?
  214. Great idea for charging target
  215. Tragic Shooting a few miles from my home yesterday...
  216. Rochester Personal Defense
  217. Pistols for self defense
  218. Range trip with Video
  219. Basic First Aid kit, do you keep one handy?
  220. The Use of Excessive Force
  221. Trainer in MI. forbids Serpa Holsters in his class
  222. non-standard home defence items?
  223. Times have changed...
  224. Do we focus too much on being reactive verses proactive?
  225. Handling the Irate Man
  226. What makes people shoot low with a double action trigger?
  227. Carrying experience
  228. "Benefits" of Having a CFP
  229. Virtual Training question
  230. Anybody Know about These Guys??
  231. point shooting better for dark?
  232. shooting from the hip, and other positions
  233. How do you carry?
  234. AR or 1911 For HD
  235. After the shooting Poll
  236. do you change carry methods???
  237. IN Your Space?
  238. HP or FMJ .223 for SD
  239. How to handle this situation
  240. Strong Start, Weak Finish
  241. Training/instructional DVD
  242. Revolver tactics DVD?
  243. various distance shooting
  244. A reason to get more training and carry with one in the pipe.
  245. Specifically, the Cardiac Triangle
  246. Realistic Kidnapping Scenario - what can we learn from it?
  247. Pistol Bayonets
  248. how many people know you carry?
  249. Carry Knives to accompany your daily CC setup
  250. How often do you get out your gun during the night?