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  1. COURSE REVIEW: High Intensity Tactical Training (handgun/handgun) w/ Louis Awerbuck
  2. COURSE REVIEW: Carbine/Pistol w/ Louis Awerbuck - 29-31AUG06
  3. Defending against a no-Knock
  4. Real Life: Girl in Supermarket screams, "I'm being kidnapped!"
  5. Airguns with triggers similar to pistols?
  6. Intruder shot with own handgun
  7. No-Knock Entries
  8. I work for the govenment and I'm here to help
  9. Robin Brown 2-day course in Knoxville Oct 14/15
  10. The importance of training
  11. POLICE PISTOLCRAFT by Mike Conti
  12. Gun vs. Knife
  13. Holy moly, she didn't need a gun!
  14. Point Shooting Demo
  15. Drive by shooting
  16. Comments on my practice.
  17. PS in Houston Sept 30
  18. Knife Fighting?
  19. "Milking the grip" vs. Firm Hold
  20. Texas Kali Mastery Camp
  21. Woman in wheelchair shoots would be mugger.
  22. Are YOU ready?
  23. Home Drill Pays Off
  24. Gun vs. Knife Follow Up with Video
  25. Friend shot while on the phone
  26. Something went *BEEEEP* *BEEEEP* in the night
  27. Do you pay attention to other drivers?
  28. what to do with a mad dog?
  29. Here's a tactic that didn't quite work out...
  30. Recent FBINA Firearms Training
  31. Samurai vs Indiana Jones
  32. Doorbell rings at 2:45 AM...what do you do?
  33. Safest cities
  34. Legality of a "rapist trap".
  35. some one is pointing a gun at you demanding $$ do u...
  36. Bi-dominant eyes?
  37. On, "What would you do if robbed", part XIX
  38. HD: Codes?
  39. Just received this from Chuck Taylor
  40. A JHB mall incident
  41. Has anybody else noticed...
  42. Need some feedback on a DIY target rig...
  43. Tactical reload?
  44. conceal and carry question.
  45. Scenario: You are followed home
  46. We were confronted by a bum the other night
  47. Robbers case the place???
  48. Urban Intelligence
  49. madman discharges shotgun at my apt complex
  50. I want to learn some stuff...from YOU.
  51. Dallas SWAT TV show
  52. Clothing for concealed carry--my idea
  53. What happens?
  54. Just another scenario (with video)
  55. Range Report: TASER INTERNATIONAL "M26"
  56. Medically discharged Air Force TSgt.
  57. How Many Reloads do you carry?
  58. EAG Carbine Albion, MI 22-24June07
  59. Slow analysis of my trigger-pull flinch...
  60. Good Tactical leg holster?
  61. EAG Carbine Dane County WI 14-16May07
  62. Policeman in trouble
  63. Can anyone post the link of the LEO that was killed...
  64. Shooting with one eye closed.
  65. Night watch
  66. kubotan training in Indianapolis?
  67. Three Gun Extravaganza In Los Angeles
  68. Use of a knife against an assailant in a gun grab maneveur.
  69. So much for not firing warning shots
  70. Broken Rib (Again)
  71. Training DVDs with both Genders
  72. High Speed Chase, Officer shoots and drives
  73. Airsoft As Training -- Substitute For Range
  74. Any motorcyclist close call/draw on a raging cager?
  75. Defense
  76. I just got made out today
  77. Craigslist and strangers
  78. Question about LTL ammunition
  79. First post... Serious question...
  80. (TX) DFW Area Initial Handgun Training
  81. Handgun Drills/Qualifications/Standards Listing
  82. How will this
  83. Best first line? A good dog.
  84. Protecting innocent bystanders from your defensive fire
  85. Want to see what emergency self-defense situations are REALLY like?
  86. LFI 1 class in NC/ 2006
  87. Yelling at someone who is attacking you
  88. HD Intruder Scenario - Night vision instead of flashlight
  89. Firearms training in Kentucky?
  90. curious: ear protection for soldiers?
  91. Sleepwalking and firearms
  92. Just had a knife pulled on me.
  93. Looking for security agency
  94. Policeman in Trouble Part II
  95. Visualization training in addition to physical training
  96. Active Shooter Response source?
  97. Self-Defense TV
  98. NRA Cettified Instructors in NY?
  99. Leaving the scene of a SD shooting before police come?
  100. In class today
  101. Call for help ends badly...
  102. Getting in shape to better handle stressful situations
  103. Odd day...
  104. Unanticipated knocks and locks turning...
  105. Carrying Multiple platforms?
  106. Baby Sitter KILLS Bear!!!!
  107. Unarmed shot 81 times
  108. Restraint in SD/LEO Training
  109. Which Flashlight Technique for Stability?
  110. Problems with different primary and bug?
  111. Cops worst Nightmare
  112. Why you shouldnt go small. . .
  113. Good self-defense courses in NC.
  114. .45 acp fmj penetration on human targets
  115. Uneven 8" concrete block walls and ricochet
  116. NYC-Long Island Shoot.
  117. Obese bg's
  118. Attacker about to grab you; no eveidence of weapon; what do you do and what's legal
  119. Post restart Obese BG's Minus the racist junk
  120. break in last night.
  121. Protecting someone else's life?
  122. CCW - Traffic Stop
  123. Good Samaritan
  124. Gunsite or S&W Academy revolver question
  125. What would training tell you to do in this real incident.
  126. Urban Combat: Shotgun or Assault Rifle?
  127. Uh-oh Another discussion of the 9 mm
  128. Lights on weapons?
  129. Three, Then Stop, Look and Listen?
  130. Could Have Cost Myself My Life
  131. Someone is trying to kill you with their car
  132. Car broken into...
  133. Granny re-creates Crocodile Dundee scene
  134. Urban Ninjas And The Free Running Talent
  135. The Sound of the Shotgun
  136. A Very Sad Story from My Town
  137. Need some fun practice for kids
  138. Upcoming Training: Post Your Training Events Here
  139. How do females conceal?
  140. Movement Inside of the Fight Continuum
  141. Any more advise for new shooter
  142. Home Defense Question?
  143. Petersburg, Virginia man shoots two during attempted robbery
  144. Blinding flashlights
  145. What would you do?
  146. Bob Kasper obit
  147. extremely stupid question
  148. Percentage of CCWs involved in "Incidents"?
  149. Non (Less) Lethal shots?
  150. A Newbie's first Time Shooting
  151. night-time hd
  152. concealed carry permits
  153. Deadly force encounter
  154. Nearsighted Shooting glasses
  155. MOB carry question
  156. What exactly is follow through?
  157. Need Suggestions for a Really Fun Range Session
  158. A little nervous here
  159. Video: Israeli Army Draw; alternative to cock&lock
  160. I thought this was interesting...
  161. WARNING to all the Home Defense Fanatics out there...
  162. Moving targets
  163. hub for moving targets
  164. Handgun "grip": thumb position?
  165. Shooting the Bad Guy
  166. War Stories: How have they affected your choice of CCW firearms,bullet selection?
  167. "Combat Focus" now available thru Valhalla
  168. Soft Air
  169. FBI Doc. on Handguns + Wounding Effectiveness
  170. Increasing shooting skill
  171. Article: Who's Pulling You over: Is it a Cop...or a Creep with a Fake Badge
  172. "The Impact of Killing" - re: soldiers but relevant for everyone
  173. Cheap 'n' easy Texas Star
  174. Defensive shooting and sight picture discussion.
  175. Louis Awerbuck CQB pistol
  176. Sticky situation.......
  177. Da/SA Trigger
  178. Had to draw, seeking validation.
  179. Officers of the Law,Your Advice?
  180. A CCW question.
  181. Had to Draw...(This poll),,, Vote now or forever hold your (piece)...
  182. Video: Shot with LEO .45 and still fighting for minutes
  183. Video#2: Multiple COM hit from several LEO's guns and walking on...
  184. Video#3: It's placement, nothing else
  185. "Academia Nuts"
  186. Practical Readiness/Vehicle
  187. How many bullets do you really need?
  188. A friend of mine had to use a firearm in self defense..
  189. Scary Encounter recently.....
  190. How not to do it !
  191. experience at the gas station.
  192. On Back Up Guns
  193. True Story/Scenario: Home Inv. Stabbing...
  194. Little forewarning via device...
  195. Blackwater Training?
  196. learning instinctive shooting
  197. Concealed carry and a school zone
  198. First time out.
  199. Horrible carjacking rape/double-murder.
  200. Break-in right next door.
  201. Firing from front seat
  202. T&T articles and videos
  203. new car..help
  204. What do you do in a mugging?
  205. Defensive Long Arm Class
  206. The Art of Point Shooting
  207. Talk to me about Blackwater USA
  208. Situational awareness while doing #2.....
  209. Armed robbery at church.
  210. Considering Kendo-japanese fencing class
  211. Iranian Policewomen
  212. Parking Lot Observation
  213. Good Pistol Training Classes
  214. Late Night + Long Drive + Abandon Roads =???
  215. Serial Rapist at large
  216. Speaking of Tactics and Training...
  217. A real life CCW Question
  218. Rule #3......
  219. Color code for dummies...
  220. COM v Pelvic girdle
  221. You are in unfamiliar country and are being tailed
  222. Sould one use the peephole?
  223. Learning To Shoot Straight
  224. Carjacking senario
  225. Does anyone ever actually fail a CCW permit class?
  226. Follow up - Sentenced
  227. Bumps in the Night
  228. Louisiana/Gulf Coast - Firearms Training is Coming to YOU! Mckee, Givens, Awerbuck...
  229. Cops
  230. How many carry an OC spray?
  231. Somone tried to kick in my front door!
  232. Guy Gets Robbed With A Gun In His Pocket
  233. Rough Night
  234. Shooting Lessons In The Orlando Area
  235. 6 gunshots and no police.
  236. Anyone here been in a gunfight?
  237. 911 Protocols
  238. nerve racking moment
  239. Taurus 4410 - Home Defense Tactics
  240. FBI Miami shootout: Better Handgun Caliber or better Tactics
  241. Eddie Eagle
  242. Home defense guns.
  243. A Reply to the Seattle Times
  244. The local PD likes me tonight
  245. It pays to listen to your instinct
  246. Mozambique Drill
  247. Slow but acceptable Bill Drill
  248. What are the legal ramifications surrounding blanks?
  249. Where to store a HD gun?
  250. Massad Ayoob might be in my area...