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  1. Northern Virginia Bullseye Instruction?
  2. Shot placement for small caliber pistols
  3. Failure to fire drills unsafe.
  4. Magpul Dynamics Training Videos...
  5. Firearms articles on Facebook
  6. Defense against vehicles?
  7. The Tueller Drill w/ Michael Janich & Mike Seeklander (video)
  8. pocket carry draw with timer
  9. Pistol optics- useful training aid or crutch?
  10. Happy I train with both hands...
  11. June Rangemaster Newsletter posted
  12. What do you think of this video?
  13. CCW with handloaded ammo...
  14. MDTS Training School in NY - great Carbine class
  15. Do you carry +1?
  16. RIP Paul Gomez
  17. CCW & getting pranked. Along with real life recent occurrence.
  18. printable target with guide to improve accurace.
  19. Body armor for instructors
  20. Retired Firefighter Shoots Neighbor, Claims Self Defense
  21. AR15 for HD...what condition?
  22. How often do you practice presenting your weapon?
  23. Can you recognize incoming fire?
  24. Free Book Offer for "Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals"
  25. Am I right about best HD Ammo?
  26. question on a defensive scenario
  27. We need a new forum "Really Stupid Mistakes"
  28. 14 year old shoots armed intruder.
  29. How to optimize your weapon systems
  30. The Police Just Left My House, Part II
  31. When should children be taught about firearms?
  32. Home Security Help
  33. Talisman or tool?
  34. Running your slide?
  35. Figure Eight Training Drill
  36. Why teach women-only classes?
  37. Woman Shot in Face on Atlanta Interstate
  38. Shooter puts a Round Through His Foot... What do you do NEXT?
  39. Airsoft as a training tool?
  40. Don't slap around customers in Dallas stores...
  41. Wally world-what would you have done.
  42. Handgun Training: Endurance or Frequency -- which is better?
  43. New shooters first range day!
  44. Off duty officer has accidental discharge
  45. Tactics for Home Defense: OC v. CC (NOT Politics...) from Trigger Time TV
  46. Shooting on the move
  47. My latest Concealed Carry Magazine article - A Sequential Training System
  48. AR / Pistol tactics question
  49. When someone comes a knockin'
  50. Advice for bringing a first time shooter to the range
  51. Officer Shooting - 14 hits and attacker still fighting
  52. security signs
  53. 71 year old man shoots two armed robbers
  54. I was reading some pages and saw a post I have to reply to shooting with bifocals
  55. Will competition get you killed? Police take
  56. Colorado Movie Theatre Shooting
  57. Colorado movie theatre shooting
  58. Drinking & Carrying?
  59. How to engage someone in body armor?
  60. Shooting with both eyes open?
  61. NON LETHAL weapons
  62. Random Shooter Training Drills...
  63. Firearms book recommendation for a semi-newbie
  64. Find the hole in this Theory...
  65. Could Use Some Advice
  66. My apologies
  67. Flashlights, an interesting concept.
  68. Ever shot without ear protector?
  69. Is there a site with info on real instances of SD with firearms?
  70. Realistic Full-Action Training handgun--Does it exist?
  71. Ammo Recomendations For CCW 22 Rimfire
  72. Concealed Carry: Clearing the Cover Garment?
  73. Thought About This For Awhile..Your Thoughts?
  74. cross-draw carry
  75. Citizen Makes 165yd Shot With Revolver to Stop Murderer From Ambushing Cop
  76. Spotting firearms
  77. Are you doing things differently?
  78. Handgun shooting low and to the left
  79. August Rangemaster Newsletter
  80. Regarding Cars and Self Defense
  81. Dry Fire Training.
  82. requesting input:training program?
  83. Best type of home defense shells?
  84. Good Friend Got Into A Gun Fight
  85. I Am New To Concealed Carry Got 1 Question
  86. 3 gun first time
  87. situation question, inspired by a dream...
  88. I just drew my revolver on a guy
  89. IDPA 150 round practice video and Training Question
  90. Kind of a ridiculous question, but humor me.. Collateral/Tom Cruise
  91. What would you do????
  92. Self teaching, help with proper grip?
  93. Run, Hide, Fight
  94. info request: tactical training in VA
  95. Self Defense Scenario v. Dreams
  96. Securing Your Gun in a Vehicle
  97. Excellent Video on Gunshot Wound Ballistics <GRAPHIC>
  98. Mag positions in mag holster
  99. Bullet Tests Flawed
  100. Question About Marksmanship Under Stress
  101. Reloading from closed mag pouches
  102. Shooting while moving forward
  103. Lights on during a home invasion?
  104. Heads Butting
  105. What not to do, Muscle Memory gone bad
  106. How often do you train?
  107. Reason why its hard to believe competition doesn't count in SD Situations
  108. Tactical Handgun - Shotgun classes in sw ohio besides tdi ?
  109. Tactical Conference 2013
  110. Beta Testers Wanted for new Firearm Training Software
  111. Shooting Stance?
  112. Home Invasion - Bad Ending
  113. September Rangemaster Newsletter Posted
  114. Arms locked or bent?
  115. Keltec Sub2000 home invasion
  116. Key to surviving a gun fight
  117. Short range 1911 techniques
  118. When to carry?
  119. True Lies
  120. role of combat shotgun
  121. Home Invasion - Everybody Got Shot
  122. Where do you keep your truck/car (hand)gun?
  123. A few scenario questions, I could use some advice!
  124. AAR: 21st Century Gunfighter Handgun 1
  125. mag reload issue
  126. Bath Salts
  127. CCW Q and A
  128. Do Rampage response training videos teach rampagers how to do it?
  129. Looking for targets with bad shot causes in quadrants
  130. Nighttime Robbery in Dallas Texas
  131. What training do I need?
  132. Propane tank penetration
  133. Mindset: It will never happen here.
  134. Non Lethal Options
  135. Pink Power
  136. Panteao DVDs
  137. GF calls at 4am "drunk guy at front door"
  138. Wifey Making Progress
  139. What homework do you get done while at the range?
  140. Overland Park, Kansas Gets Open Carry
  141. What does your home defense plan consist of?
  142. How would you identify an intruder. Conn shooting
  143. Chasing the Perpetrators?
  144. Attempted Home Invasion
  145. Halloween Precautions ?
  146. October Rangemaster Newsletter
  147. weapon manipulation: is it second nature for you?
  148. Reason #1,000,001 to legally carry
  149. First Frightening Experience
  150. Have you used the LaserLyte LTS Target? Thoughts on cartridge alternatives for it?
  151. Free Frontsight membership
  152. HD plan- stay guard at top of stairs?
  153. carry conceal classes in va?
  154. EDC - Will you be ready?
  155. Will you be exposed?
  156. How to survive a shooting incident...
  157. Weapon retention
  158. Firearms Training Vacation Ideas
  159. Scary incident and a test of my reactions
  160. concealed carry gun grab defense
  161. Bad Practice!
  162. Bait gun
  163. Appendix carry?
  164. Real self defense
  165. How Fast ?
  166. What would you do??
  167. Holding @ Gunpoint, Shot in Back
  168. Poor police procedure?
  169. Crimson Trace with Carry -- A Tactical Advantage?
  170. Does anyone use an AirSoft pistol for training against targets or mannequins?
  171. Grips, Guns, and control, a properly fit handgun will improve your shooting
  172. force on force training tools
  173. Long Range Shooting class?
  174. stevens model 235 16 gauge parts
  175. Interesting article by Michael Bane: "Understanding the Hammer"
  176. Do women hesitate when using a firearm for self defense?
  177. Looking for training
  178. Woman Pulls Gun On Flasher
  179. Training, Target Identification, Fratricide
  180. Any good vids on proper pistol grip
  181. Another newbie ? on grip
  182. How many folks here from the Dallas area?
  183. Sex offenders, something to make note of!
  184. Shotgun for home defense, weaknesses and strong points
  185. Interesting 5-gun pick, video
  186. .22 LR for carjacking defense?
  187. Best defensive place to sit at a restaurant, theater, etc.
  188. Wife calls and says man at door wont leave.
  189. Training With Steel or Paper?
  190. Teaching
  191. Breaking a Rule, Reholstering
  192. Permit
  193. NAA Mini revolver fifth pocket carry
  194. Question for alarm system owners
  195. officers slugs deflected by cell phone and sheath knife
  196. Cooper's color codes
  197. My apartment layout, my plan, critisisms?
  198. Trainers/Presenters/Topics, Tactical Conference 2013
  199. Burgulary suspect calls 911
  200. Does stopping power work both ways?
  201. Shotgun/carbine training
  202. Body Armor
  203. Marksmanship Matters Training School.
  204. Active shooter scenario in a public place (Oregon mall)
  205. What do you look for in an instructor?
  206. Bad advice from military/law enforcement...
  207. Weak hand cross draw - Viable option for 'lefties'?
  208. Best way to load an Ar-15?
  209. States legalizing pot vs a SD shoot scenario
  210. My HD guns and gear
  211. A Note Regarding the CT School Shooting
  212. Shot Group Card
  213. Stevens model 320 12 gauge shotgun, and shotgun tactics -- PART TWO. Street Cop, Stra
  214. Range time at 35 below zero!
  215. Rainy Day Training
  216. Difference in attitude about personal defense
  217. Need suggestions for defense gun for my wife
  218. Must Read on Stopping School Shootings.
  219. My HD dilema
  220. Guidance in finding tactical handgun training in CA
  221. CCW- Check, Spare Mags- Check, Knifes- Check, Blowout Kit- WAIT...WHAT???
  222. What Sights For Self Defense Shotgun?
  223. Linking Up
  224. Dave Spaulding (& Ruger's Tactical Tips)
  225. whats your most common problem with new shooters?
  226. Tactical Flashlight
  227. Preparation and Training at Cabelas - Buda, TX
  228. Video game for practice
  229. Road rage. What would you have done?
  230. The shooting "Triad"
  231. Car holster
  232. New Gun Owners and Appleseed
  233. Carrying a BUG for sig others...
  234. engaging the active shooter
  235. How much training is enough?
  236. January Rangemaster Newsletter posted
  237. how to lose your CCW permit
  238. Trouble spots or "places to avoid"
  239. Training value of your dry fire sessions
  240. Tactical lights and techniques ... new toy!
  241. ACOG at USMC recruit training/knitial qaulification?
  242. How long to reload a revolver?
  243. Tactical light techniques at home
  244. Weak side barricde with a long gun?
  245. Justcarry.com - reputable?
  246. Just signed up for a course phsyced!!
  247. Army m16 m4 qualification test (AQT) Target
  248. Pros & Cons of loading just a few in the mag.
  249. Tunnel Vision and Tunnel Hearing
  250. How do YOU operate a Pistol Mounted Light??