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Old February 17, 2001, 06:09 PM   #1
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Join Date: January 18, 2001
Location: Kettle Moraine country
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I'm considering two alternatives, but the variables are too many for this neophyte, so I am soliciting your opinions...and I'll premise by saying that I won't sacrifice on ammo and range time...:

A - Pro-porting (magnaporting) or
B - Aftermarket compensator
B.1 - Cutts compensator, fixed or
B.2 - Screw-in compensator like Briley's

The Briley sounds nice because it screws into existing threads for screw-in chokes.

A few considerations: does the screw-in choke add to barrel length as far as batfy is concerned? Meaning would a 16" barrel with a 2" compensator constitute an 18" barrel? Would a fixed (soldered) compensator? And lastly, can a barrel with screw-in chokes be Pro-ported?

Thanks in advance for your input
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Old February 18, 2001, 02:41 AM   #2
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Join Date: January 18, 2001
Location: Kettle Moraine country
Posts: 871
None of my barrels are below 20"...I was just curious how total length was calculated, whether a compensator actually contributes to the length of the barrel...16" was just an example.

Vang is a tad expensivo from, and from what I've gathered he goes beyond porting into reaming and lengthening forcing cones and such stuff...Since all I'd want is straight porting, Pro-port seems like a good bet, though I like the flexibility of a Cutts compensator, since you can adjust the choke.

But this is all theory...Is Vang the only game in town now?

Thanks, Erick
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Old February 18, 2001, 09:26 AM   #3
Dave McC
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Rom, may I assume(always risky) that we're talking about mods to cut kick on serious shotguns? If so...

First, a software answer, instead of hardware. Work on your form, and practice with light loads. An old thread here about proper Mounting Techniques may help.

Besides porting,gizmos that suck money from your wallet, Nullification of Newton's Laws and Divine intervention, the only ways to better deal with kick are better form,lighter loads,custom bore work, and heavier guns.

Better form, we've mentioned.

Lighter loads, quite popular right now, which is why those reduced recoil/"Tactical" loads are selling like cold beer in August.Remember "Lighter" can mean slower as well as a reduced weight payload.

Custom bore work, the soul of Vanging, etc, is expensive, and while the overbored bbl aids patterns as well as reduces kick, some of us cringe at the idea of removing perfectly good bbl metal. Another approach is lengthening the forcing cone, which also helps patterns and cuts the kick a trifle.

Heavier guns, which is why trap guns run heavier than field guns, and why my HD 870 runs well over 9 lbs.Taking a 7 lb gun to 8 lbs reduces kick 14%.

All this is incremental and adds up when a couple of things are done, not just one.

Back to compensators. I've extensive experience with the Cutts/Polychoke type, and note it does reduce the kick,at least subjectively. It looks like a small apple stuck on the end of your bbl, and that bothers some folks.Upside, nigh instantaneous choke selection.

Some folks I know that are fecally cognizant have Proported bbls. They like them. I haven't seen any on serious shotguns, and ALL comps will add low light flash and increase blast. There's always a tradeoff.

The Briley doesn't add much weight at the muzzle, a consideration with the Polychoke,nor does it bulge. Since the heavy duty clay gamers(those who cannot stand the idea of a mere 99 straight) are buying Brileys, the smart money's there.

And, there's no reason only one method can be done, Proporting behind a choke tube is common.

I wouldn't mess with a minimum length bbl/comp setup, BATF has absolutely no sense, and some govt lackey may decide you're a public menace and get more lackeys to agree.

BTW, bbl length is measured from the breech/bolt face to the muzzle. Drop a dowel done your bbl, mark it at the muzzle, remove it and measure from the mark to the end. That's the govspec length.

Hope this helps....
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Old February 18, 2001, 10:57 AM   #4
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Join Date: November 24, 2000
Location: Griffin, GA, USA
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Everyone has a different level of comfort as far as dealing with recoil...for myself, I had the barrel on my 870 Trap "C" overbored, had the forcing cone lengthened AND had porting done by a local machinist/gunsmith (looks kinda like Pro-Port, but done on a drillpress rather than by EDM)...the difference in perceived recoil before and after was like night and day!!! Prior to having the 870 done, I had had the same guy lengthen the forcing cone and "port" the barrel on my 1100 12 Ga. Skeet gun...again, like night and day!!! I PERSONALLY consider ANYTHING that we can do to ANY GUN to reduce recoil/muzzle rise/"face slap" to be worthwhile. The "Cutts" compensator might be hard to find...don't know of anybody making them right, they kinda SPOIL the lines of a shotgun, IMO...but, they DO WORK...don't know about the Briley "ported choke tubes" experience...and yes, a gun with choke tubes CAN be ported...most often, the porting is done BEHIND the choke tubes,threads and "skirt"...tho' not always...YMMV....mikey357
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Old February 18, 2001, 01:30 PM   #5
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Join Date: January 18, 2001
Location: Kettle Moraine country
Posts: 871
Exactly the answers I was hoping to get to decide which way to go...Dave McC, the "form thing" is first, thank you.

Muchas gracias to you all
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