All information you post at TFL, including your user name and possibly your e-mail address and other information if you disclose it, becomes part of the electronic world and may wind up in multiple locations over which neither you, nor TFL, have any control.

There is simply no way for TFL to make your posts or user name invisible to web searches, information accumulators, etc.

We suggest that you choose your TFL user name and e-mail address VERY carefully, and pay attention to the email privacy option during registration. (It can be changed in the User Control Panel [UserCP] after registration, as well).

If, at some point in the future you have second thoughts about your user name and/or posting history, TFL MAY, at staff's discretion, change a user's name or delete an individual message when there's good cause, but under NO circumstances will TFL staff delete a member's account and/or a member's entire posting history (because that would disrupt the continuity of all the threads involved).

Recent revelations about the NSA's surveillance indicates that not only are any internet communications at risk of being monitored, but specific cryptography implementations or even protocols themselves may be compromised. TFL supports SSL/TLS (, but that's mainly to protect login information, and to prevent employer snooping and firewall blocking. This is a public forum, and what you contribute is public regardless of whether your connection to TFL is encrypted.

I have read and understood the above, and I DO NOT WANT to register at TFL.

I have read and understand the above and I WANT to register at TFL.