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small pistol safe selection

Are the ones you unlock with a series of finger inputs (handprint) good?

How about biometric?

These can be unlocked with a key as well correct?

How many pistols can fit in these generally?
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I have a GunVault and I have been very happy with it. The model I have can be opened with a push button code or a key, but they do have one that operates utilizing fingerprints. When you enter the code the door is spring loaded and opens quickly. There are different sizes the model I have will hold two medium size semi-autos and a small flashlight. They can be secured via screws or an optional cable.
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I have an Amsec one and it serves its purpose for me.

It comes with a set of emergency, backup keys but really they aren't needed. It came with batteries 2-3yrs ago and has never needed a refill - also it will let you know days prior that the batteries are running low. worst case scenario - you put more batteries in and/or use the emergency keys to open.

I have an electronic locking device which allows you to use anywhere from 4 to 8 digits as a code. my 8 digit code doesn't display on the screen when I use it either because I press the pound and star sign first(which makes it invisible).

the safe is to keep my kids from ever finding their way into the safe with a key. I actually locked my emergency keys in the safe because it is so important to me and because they really aren't necessary(knock on wood). I store knives, guns, and ammo for the shotgun/rifle in the safe as well as someother toys like cuffs, stungun, peppersray, brass knuckles, small flashlight, etc. The safe is small yet I have four firearms loaded in it along with shotgun, rifle, 357, and 38 ammo(I double ziplock bag them to save room). I like the safe. I do not store valuables in it, as someone could pick it up and walk away even though it is heavy. At least I know someone won't open and shoot a weapon by accident on my property. It is small enough to hide, leave nearby when sleeping, or stash pretty much anywhere if I go on a trip, whatever - like I said I don't keep valuables in it. my guns are important to me and have value but I have it as an added safety device. I like them much more and prefer them over the little safes people attach to their bed but its your choice as some people would never want a safe not locked down. It is good not to have a safe that draws attention. It holds everything for me except the rifle, shotgun, and big knife I have under lock and key. If someone was able to get around my other setup, there won't be any ammo available, but I got that one pretty much under raps to my satisfaction too. to me, this stuff was very important so you just have to do whatever necessary to make you happy and more comfortable with your situation. To me, its a lifetime purchase so was worth it. I paid a very small amount for this to be delivered and was very satisfied. I am sure someone could find a way in eventually but it doesn't seem or look cheap in the leastbit. The cylinder bar locks are think and strong.code allows knoob to be turned and opened for a few seconds only, door can stay up on its own, and if you shut it locks automatically(even though you should turn the knob again for added protection). keep us posted... I have the one on the left and still haven't had to upgrade but might have to eventually if my addiction comes out of 'remission'
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What features are you looking for in a handgun safe? You have a lot of choices. Are you comfortable with the quality and reliability of electronics for your HD handgun? Some are and some don't want any electronics at all. Are you just trying to keep the kids out or do you want something that will deter a thief a little more than than light gauge steel? Do you need it to hold more than one gun (your HD handgun)? Do you care if the trigger is protected when you reach in a grab it at night?

Here is my choice that started when I could't find what I wanted already in the market. Here's a quick clip that shows how it works.
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