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c. 1750 Coach Gun; Spring loaded bayonet on Pawn Stars

Did anybody else see the Pawn Stars episode last night that involved a muzzle loading circa 1750 French-made, English-proofmarked double bbl. coach gun, with an attached spring loaded bayonet? Awesome Gun!

Pawn Stars is an often interesting program in case you've never watched.
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I saw it - the coach gun was an interesting piece. Reminded me of some that Robert Abels from NY used to list in his catalogs MANY years ago!

The show is an interesting one and every so often they have a nice firearm come through the door. I'm sorry though - I can't for the life of me figure out why they are so obsessed with taking some of them out on the range and touching them off - the coach gun in particular - for the value of it I can't imagine what they would do if a problem developed and they burst or bulged a barrel, etc. The 45/70 they had come in one time I can see trying it out. But something of this value - ??? Just my opinion though which isn't worth a whole lot! But . . . . it is an entertaining show and maybe that's what they are trying to provide. A lot of neat stuff anyway and if you haven't seen it - you ought to check it out! It's as interesting as the Antiques Road Show and does a lot to educate on various collectibles. In last night's show, I thought the counterfeit quarter was interesting as well - just goes to show you how far some folks will go. I felt sorry for the lady who had saved it all those years because she thought it was worth something.

Shoot safe and have fun!
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Old February 2, 2010, 11:35 PM   #3
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Well, I can see why they make Chumley shoot most of the guns, LOL. I *dang sure* wouldn't have let him charge the target with the bayonet though.

They had a "Key Gun" last night, wow. I saw one of those in a gun value catalog when I was a kid, quite rare. They touched it off too, but with no projectile- just powder. That's one that I wouldn't trust, could be cast pot metal or something.

I think they finally admitted that they do it because they want to, because it's a hoot (under the pretense that a verified working gun would be worth more or easier to sell).
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The few bits and pieces I've seen of that show have turned me off because they consistently violate the first and most important rule of safe gun handling and that's verifying that the gun in in fact unloaded! Twice in the same day I found cartridge guns that were loaded at our local flea market and one was an alleged "broken" 7.92x57 Mauser with the only thing that prevented people from getting hurt/killed was the black paint holding the firing pin from dropping on the live round as two schmucks were waving it around like idiots. The other was a lever action .30-30 and when I confronted the dealer about it, he claimed it was not his responsiblity to check because he bought it at an estate auction. There is no excuse for violating safety rules!

Another thing about Pawn Stars, if these guys were allegedly "in the business" for so many years, why do they know so little and have to constantly "call in an expert"? Some time ago a fellow came in with a suit of armour the pawn guy claimed was a reproduction and worthless ... It was clearly obvious that while it was in fact a reproduction, it was a good quality handmade repro an far from worthless, limited market yes, but not worthless.

Don't believe what you hear coming from the alleged "experts" at the Antiques Road Show either. I went to the one in Orlando a while back where the self-annointed gun "expert" proclaimed that an original un-fired Remington rolling block in .45-70 was a "cheap reproduction valued at $200-$300". I don't know where they got that clown but even a reproduction of that quality level and in that condition would easily fetch way more than his estimate. Yes, I did try to buy that Remmy myself.
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Old February 3, 2010, 06:44 AM   #5
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I wanna see the episode when they get robbed and chumly and the old man go out blasting, now that would be interesting. Seen it though and was surprised at the amount of the apprasial.
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Old February 3, 2010, 08:23 AM   #6
Uncle Buck
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Sometimes even the experts are wrong or need a second opinion. Ever had a house appraised, not liked what they said and had a second appraisal done?

In court, when you have estimates done to repair your car, you need to have (usually) three estimates.

No one could be an expert on everything they have in the pawn shop. Just the coins and stamps alone would require years of training to evaluate.

Nice show, but take it for what it is, history with an entertainment value thrown in.
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It is an entertaining show & i did find the double barrel + bayonet quite interesting. It seems like they have all their experts come in to add to the show; IIRC the shop is usually almost empty when the experts come evaluate a piece. I would think they "recruit" some of the more interesting characters who come in to the shop.
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its a good show and somethings they deem worthless aren't but theres is a very limited market for them. The thing is whats the chance someone that's in that small market is going to waltz in and buy that item that's in a vegas pawnshop? When the experts walk in its a good chance its a day or two after there called and is after the shop closes
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Old February 3, 2010, 06:37 PM   #9
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That was the nicest looking gun, if there was a reproduction I would gladly buy one. My grandfather said he liked French guns because they were only dropped once.
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Old February 4, 2010, 05:07 PM   #10
Brian von Etzel
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"My grandfather said he liked French guns because they were only dropped once."

Too funny...
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Old March 30, 2010, 08:57 PM   #11
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If anybody is interested i took snap shots of the gun and i recently inquired about it. Chumlee answered the phone and said it went for 24k! so my dream is over for owning it lol. Now i wana replicate it if possible.

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Old April 6, 2010, 05:37 PM   #12
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Cool that you called and actually spoke to Chumley. I guess its a real pawn shop after all. I really like the show. They've had several interesting guns and cannons. They even had somebody trying to sell them a jet aircraft ejection seat one time, and supposedly discovered that the explosive charge that fires the seat out of he plane (with the pilot in it) was still live. If Chumley had tried that one out, it would have blown him right through the roof.
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