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SASS-legal weapons/holsters?

I've taken a look at the SASS rules, but I can't figure out whether the personna I'd like to develop would be legal or not.

I mentioned him somewhere in the Rambling Anecdotes thread. He was my great grandfather. He was involved in one and only one classic Western-style gunfight, on the side of the law as it happened.

In his gunfight, he used a pocket-carried, round-butted, nickel and black Smith and Wesson double action tip-up revolver, five shot, in the obsolete .38 S&W caliber.

In his honor, I would like to use at least one black and silver pocket revolver, if possible fired from a holster sewn inside a left-side pocket. I have a New Vaquero .45 and I'm getting a .32 Single Six Birdshead, just because; but the .32 is probably the closest SASS-legal piece to the one Great Grandpa used.

So. Anything say I can't use two different calibers? And must both revolvers be carried in belt holsters?

I'm also thinking (wildly) of the unlikely possibility of having the gunsmith Mr. Gallhager rebuild the .32 as a .38 Special, perhaps 5 shot. Being a New Model, assuming he could do this modification at all, and assuming I could afford its astronomical price, it would be safe to carry fully loaded with five rounds. But I don't know whether SASS rules would allow this.

I had thought, just because it would be more comfortable and secure, to have a holster rig built based on a bandelero-style strap over my left shoulder and down to my right hip, with a leg tie-down. I may have something like that made for my own use anyway, but since nothing like that has appeared in the real or fictional West (unless you count the string from which Tuco suspended his revolver in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) I really doubt any match would allow it. I would think it would work very, very well, though.
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I don't know about the concealed aspect of your carry.
As I understand it. You must have an empty cylinder or a safety system like Kirst's 5 shot sixshooter cylinder with one chamber nothing but a stop.
I know a SASS shooter that uses 2 different calibers, so it must be legal.
Legal, but a PITA IMO. Except for the Rifle cartridge. I'll conceed a different cal. there.
Instead of the Weapon like your Grandfather's you might want to use a 1st model Baby Russian, It would still shoot the 38 S & W. That would put you in an earlier period. But if you already have Granfather's gun, I'd use it with only 4 loaded. Or just carry it in respect for your Grandfather.
I used to own a Baby Russian and it was a neat gun. I bought up all the 38 S & W ammo I could find.....still have several boxes of it.
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Don't have my rulebook handy but I believe that you must use a holster.
One idea is get a shoulder holster for the Vaquero or buy/have a suspender holster made for a small pocket gun or derringer. Several shooters at our CAS club use the derringer suspender holster and one guy uses a twin shoulder rig occassionally. These are available from quite a few sources online.
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Old December 4, 2005, 01:15 PM   #4
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You can probley find a S&W break top in .38 S&W for $125 - $200. I see Iver Johnsons occasionally as well. .38 S&W ammo is still made but is expensive. However a friend of mine makes his own out of .38 Special cases cut down to size.
I think the shoulder rig is a great idea. Keeping the pistol in your waist band or pocket is an accident waiting to happen. I don't know if it is legal in SASS but I suspect it is not.
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Old December 11, 2005, 02:18 AM   #5
John Krzos
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SASS Legal

Go to the SASS On that page you will find a sass rule book. I believe it states the minimum caliber is .31-but don't take my word for it. The reason I use one caliber is my own preference. I use 45lc for both my pistols and rifle, with a 12 gage pump '97. There are shooter that use 357 in pistols and 38 in rifle, but as far as a sass rule it only has the minimum you can use. I believe the first EOT(National shoot) was won by a man shooting an 1873 chambered in .30 carbine, but I believe that rule has been changed. I have an EMF/JAEGER 1873 dakota, 7.5" bbl, calvary model chambered in .30 carbine. It always draws a crowd. It's a hoot to shoot. It's a little milder than my .45LC with 300 granners in it. Love the sound of lead on steel. I also bought 2 S&W Mountain Guns in .45lc and love them, too!

John Krzos
alias Mick McCrady SASS#30504
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Old December 12, 2005, 09:20 AM   #6
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You need a holster for your guns. Because of range safety concerns, you need to be able to draw from those holsters without sweeping anyone behind the firing line.

Multiple calibers is fine, just a little more work. Keep in mind that some clubs use knockdowns calibrated for .38 so shooting .32 might not have the oomph to drop them.
These views are not representative of those held by the US Army, DoD, or US Government.
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