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Old March 10, 2012, 12:53 AM   #1
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problems with Hornady .223 die

I am having a problem with my .223 die. I have the Hornady lock-n-load ap press and I am trying to load .223 ammo. So I lube the case and put it in the slot in the shell holder. I raise the handle and when it goes through the sizer die the lever pulls hard than it shakes the whole table when I push the lever back up. I tried using Hornady case lube in the aerosol can and also tried using the Imperial Wax. They both go through hard. I have also tried older cases that have been loaded a couple times and brand new cases and they all go through hard. So I am thinking it is something with my die. I used the Hornady gun cleaner and dry lube and cleaned the die and it still didnt help any. Can anybody help me out and tell me what might be wrong....?
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Old March 10, 2012, 07:03 AM   #2
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Did you lube the inside of the case neck ?
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Kuca I hate to be the bearer of bad new, and I am sure there are many out there who can probably do it, but I had the same problem as you. I just don't have good luck full length sizing bottle neck cartridges on a progressive press. I gave up doing it. I now come home from the range, lube and resize my brass on my orange crusher single stage press, check OAL and trim if needed, and then clean them in my tumbler and store them. When I'm ready to reload I put a decapper die in my Hornady LNL stage one slot to clean out the flash hole from any tumbling media and then go through the reloading stages. It's a lot less hassle believe me. Good luck!
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The 223 will size harder than pistol brass. Will the sized brass fit the chamber of the firearm?
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Are you lubing inside the case necks? Try dipping them in powdered graphite, motor mica, or talcum powder (make sure it's real talc and not cornstarch)
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I am using Hornaday dies for reloading 223 brass but with a single stage Co-ax press with imperial wax. They go in and out without very much effort as long as I lube the cases with my fingers, most important to lube the shoulder area well. I dip the case necks in the lube tin once in awhile to keep the expander ball lubed.
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Lubing the shoulder should be avoided.

The body and inside neck is where lube is needed.

My guess is the OP is using enough lube.

Edit: is *not using

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Old March 10, 2012, 11:24 AM   #8
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I haven't been lubing the inside of the neck. I will try that, I have some graphite powder. on my hornady 22-250 die it works amazing without lubing the neck so I figured I would be ok with the 223.
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If you're having trouble getting a case to start out of the sizer you don't have enough case lube; it's easy to move if you do. If you have trouble getting the expander out of the neck you need to lube the necks on the inside. You should have no trouble determing which it is and in both instances it's a matter of lube, not the die.

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RCBS packages a nylon brush and handle with its lube pad kit, I put a little case lube in the corner of my lube pad and pick some up on the brush every tenth or so case, and run it through the mouth with a "back and forth" motion. It seems to work perfectly, and the tumbler cleans out the excess.
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Old March 11, 2012, 05:22 PM   #11
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I have the same press and had the same problem when I used the Lee RGB die to load for 243 even if I lubed cases inside and out with Hornady one shot, I switched to the RCBS die and no more problem.
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I was having trouble chambering ammo some time ago.

I called RCBS and asked for 'the technical support' dept. The young lady that answered asked 'what is the problem'? I told her and she asked "are you lubing the inside of the necks?" I said maybe??

Turns out that the expander was probably stretching the case neck on its' way out due to not enough lube.

I tried her advice and everything was much better. I didnt even have to talk w. tech support-the secretary knew my problem!! Ill bet she was a reloader. I always have wished I had asked her if she reloaded.
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Sounds like you dont have enough lube on the cases. I've run 223 through my LNL with Hornady dies with no issues. Try this - put the cases in a shallow plastic container, about the size of a cake pan. I put on rubber gloves and put a dab of Imperial sizing wax on one hand and rub my hands together till it's smeared pretty well. Then I just reach into the brass and roll them around in my hands. Keep doing this until it looks like I've touched all the brass. Never had one stick, nor cause dimples on the neck, with this method.

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