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Old September 17, 2000, 06:07 PM   #1
Jim V
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During my shooting trip of last weekend (See: my report in Lock and Load) the batteries in my Peltor T-6's died. I decided to replace them with the new AAA Titanium alkaline batteries I had with me. The package indicated that the batteries would operate everything that good ol' alkaline would, wrong. The electronics did not like those batteried and were as dead as the old alkalines. I took the batteries out of the 'muffs and checked them and they were showing a full charge. I put 'em back in and the 'muffs still did not work. And before anyone asks, they were installed correctly.

The next morning I bought and installed alkalines and the 'muffs were back on line. I don't know why the Ti batteries did not work with the 'muffs but before installing a set because of their supposed life and then heading off to the great outdoors where batteris will not be found, check to make sure they work in your electronic 'muffs or what ever.

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Old September 19, 2000, 11:24 AM   #2
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I use NiCd rechargables in my Aero Peltor Tac 6 for well over 6 months w/out a recharge. I don't recommend it, esp. if they are used for home protection equiptment. Nevertheless, I wanted to see how they would hold up under normal use. Then, when I am out during deer season all week, I can be confident that they w/last.

Thanks for the info. Haven't tried the new generation batteries yet, but w/buy alks next time I need them.

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Old September 28, 2000, 06:50 AM   #3
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Check the positive contacts VS the ones on the `regular' alkalines. *Sometimes* the manufacturers will make them a little bit shorter than usual. (Over the years as an electronics tech repairing `consumer' equipment I found this to be quite a problem whenever a company introduced a `new' line of batteries. Seems that they never really ever bothered to check what the previous lines were like and someone would design the new ones `the way they liked'. AARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! [And then there's the old Eveready VS Duracell `feud'. One makes the positive contact one diameter and length and the other goes the other way. Usually about the time the makers of the equipment that use them `twig' to what's going on and engineer some more `slop' into their product it starts all over again and we'd have to explain it to the poor customer that they were all but stuck with using whatever had been supplied unless they didn't mind us `modifying' their holder or compartment. There *are* supposed to be standards for battery sizes but when you have two 1000# `gorillas' fighting each other they tend to fly out the window until good old manufacturing `slop' finally takes over.]) In your case, unless the battery compartment or holders are such that you *can't* `tweak' them I'd recommend that you check them and `tweak' them *if* you want to use the latest `latest and greatest' that's come down the pike. At least you don't have to always be looking for those danged pesky N-cells that no one either seems to stock or only two companies make. (BTW, watch out for the latest thing in batteries! AAAA cells! They are even harder to find than N-cells!)

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Old September 28, 2000, 11:55 AM   #4
Mal H
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What is the voltage of the Ti batteries? Alkalines will be around 1.57 VDC when fresh and NiCd's will be around 1.2. Maybe the Ti's were either too low or too high for the muffs.
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