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Wow! I could of had a V-8! Don't have a CH cannelure tool, but it would change the whole ball game for a 1.590" OAL. I haven't even seen the bullet except in the Hornady catalogue. Thought I would ask if anyone was aware of this situation, or already began experimentation, and I'm sure somewhere, somebody has.

Thanks for the E-mail address JG. I can work up the load, but I don't have an Oehler Personal Ballistics Lab. It would be very beneficial to get some pressure readings. I think I will start with a phone call to Hornady, If they were interested, they might work up some data. They might even consider a second cannelure, since the precedent has already been established with the XTP, might also contact Western Powder Co. and talk to the Ramshot ballisticians, they might also be interested, and since they own Accurate now, who knows. Either way, it can get done!
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Corbin has a cannelure tool also. It's called a HCT (hand cannelure tool) and works great. I don't use mine often but it works on everything from 17 to 458 and is easily adjustable. It was about 60 bucks iirc. The wheel is easily replaceable.

I used it to add a second cannelure to some 45 Colt bullets for my friends 454, worked great.
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Don't start drooling yet....

Hi guys.

I have a set of bullet swaging dies for making .411 bullets. I have two point is a 3S ogive and the other is a 1/2 ogive. The 3S would be too long for handguns (or, at least for a revolver).

Unfortunately, this set up is more for rifle bullets (using copper tubing for jackets). And, there is no source for "cheap" .41 cal jackets. Not only that, ordering them takes more than 3 month to manufacture, so I am told. Although .44/.45 cal. jackets can be reduced down to .41 cal., I do not have the die to do that. Ordering it could take quite a while - last time I ordered something that was not "off the shelf" it took over a year to get it!

The question was brought up earlier in this a .411 diameter "close enough" to .410? I asked the "swaging die makers" when I purchased the dies and they replied that they "wouldn't worry about using .411 bullets in a .410 barrel. If anything they should shoot a little better". Anyone check their .41 Mag barrel yet to see if .411 will work?

If I order the jacket reducing die, ordering the bullet reducing die at the same time might be a good idea. But...I hate spend the $'s if it's not needed.

In the meantime, would a 300 gr., 1/2S lead bullet (i.e., no jacket) be useful for sizing things up (even that won't be immediate as I have to clear a spot to set up the press). As you probably know, for bullet swaging dies, there is no real limit to produce a 300 gr. bullet....although there is a "practical" limit, there shouldn't be a problem in swaging a bullet from 50 gr. to 500 gr. (ok, 500 gr. might be pushing it...). Somewhere, I have the code (does anyone still use BASIC?) that estimates the length of, for example, a .41 cal bullet with a 1/2S ogive...just plug in the cal and the point shape, give it the desired weight, and it spits out the length; or, plug in the desired length, and it give you the weight (at least that's what I THINK it did).

BTW, the C&H cannelure works GREAT...I have used it on .50 AE bullets to put the cannelure groove in (for use in a .500 S&W). I have Corbin's cannelure tool, too, but grabbed the C&H one and set it up and used it first...didn't see the need to break out the Corbin's.
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