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Which Primer?

When I was first getting my consumables, I went into a LGS and told them what I was reloading, and asked what primers I should use, and the fella told me I should look in the book, with the load data I was using to determine which brand I needed. Well, when I look in the "Modern Reloading" book, I see nothing about brand, just the size. In the Hornady I do see a brand with it, but I am wondering how big a difference it makes as to brand. From the way the fella at the store said it, it was safe/unsafe difference. Opinions/views?
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Brian Pfleuger
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Brand doesn't generally matter as long as you're following the reloader's creed "Start low and work up!"

There are preferences, and exceptions... for example, an exception being that certain auto-loading guns can slam-fire with certain primers....

Otherwise, large rifle for large rifle, small pistol for small pistol..... etc, etc... don't need magnums unless load data says so....

I use CCI BR (bench rest) for rifle loads. Federal match primers are also popular for precision rifle (not so much for auto-loaders I guess due to the slam fire thing but I could be mistaken)....

Lots of people see no need for match primers at all, and they are more expensive.
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For me type trumps brand in most situations. If switching primes I use the starting load, and work up.

Exceptions to this are using standard Remington Small Rifle primers for loading .223, There is a warning on the box about not using them. I made the mistake early on and pierced one in my Savage. I used the rest of them for 9 mm which they worked just fine for.

Oh I also use CCI small rifle primers in place of pistol primers if in a pinch, though I check with a starting load and work up. Also I check them in each pistol I am going to use them in, to assure the firing pin will crush them.
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I once did some experminting with different brands of primers. I was totally confused with what I found. Useing the same load and only different primers I found that some times with some powders I would get exactly the same velocity with standard and mag primers useing several different brands. I think I was useing 8 different primers. With other powders the primers had a very large difference in velocity. What totally baffeled me was that with 1 powder I started showing persure signs with standard primers long before I saw presure signs with mag. primers. The only thing I am sure of is that you can never be sure what will happen when you change primers.
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Old January 24, 2012, 09:54 PM   #5
Brian Pfleuger
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I did a small experiment like that myself, Catfish.

Regular and magnum primers in 357sig.... no difference in velocity whatsoever.
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Old January 24, 2012, 10:17 PM   #6
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All depends on the powder. For example Unique is primer insensitive. Only a few fps difference. On the other hand, 2400 is primer sensitive (example Ruger .45 Colt load -> CCI-300 1022, WLP 1123, CCI-350 1181) . Over 150fps difference in test I ran. Then some powders like H-110 and IMR 4227 require a magnum primer for good performance. So, it is all about the powder. Unless you are the 'bleeding' edge it usually doesn't matter. When you are, you back off and work back up with the new primer.
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It doesn't matter what primer you use to develop your load, as long as its the right type (magnum/non magnum, etc) whats important is that once you develop a load with a specific primer, you keep using that specific primer, and if you have to switch primers for whatever reason, you need to reduce the load 10% and work up. Many times it will make no difference. However sometimes It does, and you dont want to be the poor sap that happens to find the primer/powder/brass/bullet/crimp combo that does bad things to your gun and/or you when you switch primers, right?

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