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Black powder revolver questions.

I'm think'n about geting into black powder & would like to start off with a wheel gun since that's what I'm most fimiliar with.

What I'm try'n to figure out is these 'conversion' cylinders. I've read that the .36's can be fitted with a cylinder to fire .38 special (which I already have) But isn't a .36 cal BP bore around .375" where as a .38 special fires a 357"-358" That's a lot of slop between the barrel & bullet!

I'd shoot it most the time with the regular BP cylinder but I figure if I already have .38's to shoot why not?

Figured I'd come to the experts before I dive in head first. Thanks!

On second thought what about the .44 cal BP & a 45 colt cylinder? My main concern is with accuracy.
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If you have a .36 caliber revolver & gotten a .38spl. conversion cylinder fo it then all you would need is a heel based bullet that will expand enough to take up the difference in diameters of the two.

The .44 caliber revolvers with the .45 Colt cartridge conversion cylinder is close enough to use standard bullets but they all need to be cow boy ammo not full house loads.

Accuracy I hear is pretty good for both.
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I have both .36/.44 cal BP's, and also have conversion cylinder's for both.

In the .36 to .38 conversion, you should use ".38 short colt/.38 long colt" or, if you reload you have to make sure the OAL does not exceed the cylinder length. You will need a "hollow base" bullet to expand in the barrel. Do Not use a gas check.
Keep loads to a mild/medium.

Use only lead bullets!

I use .38 spcl cases and load them with "hollow base" .357 or .358 dia. wadcutter's w/ a medium load. They are accurate. I also use LRN .358 dia.'s and keep the OAL inside the cylinder. With mild/med loads you dont have to crimp as long as the bullets fit snugly in the case. Also accurate!

The .44 to .45 conversion, you can shoot any .45 colt "cowboy" loads.

I reload .45 colt as well. The 250gr SWC mild/medium loads in my .44BP/.45colt conversion shoot better then in my .45 Blackhawk.

The smokeless powder I use is W231. It's pretty clean and consistant.

Or you could use 777, black powder or pyrodex. Make sure you follow the factory's load data. Also when using BP's, 777 and pyrodex, the case needs to be filled so when the bullet is seated the powder is lightly compressed. You can also use a "filler" over the powder (like cornmeal) so the load can be lightened to mild (don't use too much filler or the load will be too light and the bullet could get lodged in the barrel which would be extreamly dangerous!). Common sense is needed.

The company you get the conversion from should recommend the ammo you should use.

It's been one of my favorite hobbies, to shoot bp and reload for these cool lookin replica's!
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Lining the barrel . . .

If you are going to shoot cartridges only, have the barrel lined to .357 by a gunsmith and enjoy good accuracy with the .38 specials (or .38 Long Colt).

If you want to shoot it both ways, use the heel bottom bullets as directed when using the cartridge cylinder, Either way good luck and good shooting.
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