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Guns of LAPD

In the lastest issue of Guns & Ammo, they had an article on guns of LAPD. It covered the author's years on the department and how firearms changed over the time he was with them. Any thoughts on S.W.A.T. maybe doing a indepth article or articles on the change in police departments firearms over the years, past to present? The two big departments, NYPD and LAPD, leap out, but I'm sure other departments have a colorful history also.

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Trigger Finger
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I am a new member or I would have responded sooner. LAPD SWAT has used 1911 type handguns since it's inception and just went to Kimbers several years ago.
I m not sure what you are asking! The other weapons LAPD SWAT uses are the normal type that any SWAT team would use in most major departments.

If you are talking about the guns that uniform and detectives have been authorized to use over the years, that would be very interesting. Along with the approved type of ammo for each gun!
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Article referenced.

Guns of the LAPD

Interesting read.
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Interesting article. Not entirely correct but good.
The author claims to have been with the department for 20 years! I was with the department for over 30 and this statement is not correct at all!

"Unlike most big-city departments, the LAPD has always allowed officers an extraordinary amount of leeway in choosing a duty weapon."

I wish it were true but no way. A large selection of handguns has just become approved under Bratton. Other flaws but like I said interesting article. The subject was just touched upon.
Land of the Free Because of the Brave!
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gordo b.
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Do Cottonwood Az. for PD arms history for last 100 years !
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First post and its spam
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LAPD SWAT has used 1911 type handguns since it's inception and just went to Kimbers several years ago.
I'm not sure that that's true. I've seen the report of the SLA shoot-out in 1974 and none of the itemized SWAT weapons and ammunition were of .45 caliber. It also stated that each SWAT member was equipped with a .38.

I do recall noticing an LAPD SWAT member utilizing a .45 gov't model in a news feed in the early 80's or perhaps late 70's, so they did have them by then.
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