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Like you don't have to size and lube cast bullets any more? I mean you can lube them without sizing at the same time.
If the cast bullets are the right size already, you can coat them with a thin film of liquid bullet lube like Lee Liquid Alox or Rooster Jacket. When they are dry, they are ready to load. Lee makes bullet molds especially for use with their LLA, but you can use the stuff with regular bullets too.
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I also started with the hammer bang! Lee loaders, back probably 1972.

There was a steady progression for many years and then I got heavy into other things and lost interest. President Obama got my interest back up even before he became president.
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Reloading since 2005

About 4 years ago I started reloading just so I could shoot more and spend less. I purchased a Dillon 550B, read the manuals for a few weeks, re-read the directions for assembling the unit and changing the shell plates a few times, setting the dies, etc., and began reloading after about 2 weeks. Starting out I loaded .38's and 45's, but now I mostly just reload for hunting rifle calibers.

If you're new to reloading, just be cautious and read as much as you can before you get started. My advice if you're new to reloading would be to start with a single stage press, and wait a few years before deciding to getting a progressive reloader. If you only load a few hundred rounds of hangun ammo here and there to target shoot with, a single stage is all you'll need. At the time I got started everyone was talking up the Dillon stuff, and I ended up going that route. In the last 3 years I probably haven't used it enough to justify owning it anymore, but it sure loads fast!

A lot of times of you'll here about a good load that other reloaders are using that ends up being considered "The Load" for a particular caliber. Getting this info can make things a lot easier because then you don't have to do as much trial and error work trying to find the right load combination, while spending money to try out a bunch of different bullets and powders. Check out the forums like this one to see what other people are doing or just ask a "Fat Old Guy" at your local gun shop. If he's been reloading for a long time and isn't missing any fingers, he probably knows what he's doing!

I always stay within the limits of the manuals, avoid high pressures, and check out 3 or 4 manuals before I decide on a load. If you have a 300 Win. Mag and want to push a 180 gr. bullet 3300 fps, it would be better to just move up to a 300 Rem Ultra or 30-378 Wby. If you're careful and use common sense, inspect your brass thoroughly and check your powder funnel once in awhile, you'll be fine. I've heard that statistically reloading is a pretty safe hobby, although I'm not sure what hobbies it was being compared with! But I don't know anyone personally who's had a reloading accident. (Knock on wood). However, I do know of someone who had a factory load in .22-250 blow up in his face.

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I started reloading back in 1977, so I guess that would be 32 years experience. I started on a Herters press, but I've owned 3 or 4 RCBS presses (including an A2) and I'm currently using a Dillon 550B for my handgun reloading. Still use a Rock Chucker for rifle ammunition. I'm currently shooting about 15,000 rds / year but I shot less when the kids were born than I do now. I'm not sure how many rounds I've loaded, but I am sure its over 100,000.
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I started in 1937 with a win 73 and win 32/20 tong tool and mold,still have it.
not the 73 darn it.I load about 25 calibers.and have 15 tools and 30 molds.
I also convert cases.I dont load in great quantities.but probly have 30,00 rds and 100 lb powder.I load for knowledge and fun.
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I started with the Lee hand loaders in the 60's and still have them, but have moved up to the Modern Presses and Dies. Just recently got involved into Bullet Casting.
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"woolleyworm: First bullet that I made - 2006
First bullet made on my own press - 2009"

Come on Wooley, get on board. Them things are called cartridges, not "bullets". Bullets is the little lead things we poke in the open end of the cases!
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Started in 1995 with a yard sale bargain box full of Herters reloading equipment and a bunch of accessories for $50.00 takes all . Had a lot of fun hunting down shell holders for that old press. It was a monster though, had they been loading 50 BMG in those days it would have handled it with no problems. Been using single stage presses ever since and adding tons of accessories along the way. Just started casting bullets this last year and am hooked on another part of this "so called" hobby to save money ,,,, Parden me while I laugh my _ss off !!!
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Realy I have noneother than shotshell. Just started loading brass tonight lol. I have my first 10 rounds of.30-06 waiting togoto the range. I loveit spent countless hoursof research from here and books I have read. I am very meticulous and do everything one step at a time. Its a very peaceful way to spend my evenings and I hope through all your guys help I will be able to create the perfect roung for my rifles. Thanks All for the infoand help and willpost results maybe tomorrow.
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Ok lets talk Experience

I have been reloading since 1965 and now have 9 presses set up and a whole basement full of equipment.
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