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Old May 3, 2019, 08:28 PM   #26
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got a Bersa CC runs 100% ....nice light carry gun, I definitively do not like the ground down sights.
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the hammer spring assembly is also captured differently on the Bersa and simplified, it comes out as a unit. the hammer strut also does not work at an extreme angle like on the Walther or Sig which is possibly why the DA trigger is lighter.
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Old May 4, 2019, 11:25 AM   #28
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Review Continued....
This is a Bersa Thunder 380 in the Gander Mountain Exclusive color scheme. I paid $286 for it at Gander.
Nice weather, no wind, and hanging out at the 25 yard range with NRA 25 Yard Slow Fire Targets.
These groups were shot one handed, bullseye style, with no support. Just like it was a match. It's not a bullseye match pistol, but it's biggest limitation right now is lack of optics. For a little iron sight pistol, this thing is a shooter!

Winchester White Box 95 grain flat tips were best of a limited trial of factory ammunition at about $20 a box

Excellent accuracy for such a short iron sight radius is why I feel this feature is so important in the Bersa- Adjustable rear sight. Factory sighting was not adjusted. The accuracy potential is there, so I am pleased they put adjustable sights on this gun. I can't think of any competitors that have this feature.

Aguila 95 g FMJ was about $13 a box so I gave it a try: it barely held the paper but put more in the black... less consistent but good luck?

Since my initial review, I took a little sandpaper to the beaver tail and knocked off a sharp corner. 2 minutes and much more comfortable.

I tried three types of factory ammunition:
Winchester 95g White Box Target (flat nose fmj)- held the 5 ring consistently
Aguila FMJ 95g (ball)- held the paper consistently with flashes of brilliance and flashes of sparks out the barrel!
Fiocchi 90g Hollow Points- could not hold the paper

The White Box shot best, even though it's scores were lower. On average, I think the lack of fliers will pay off.

I liked the Aguila fine, and it cost about $13 a box. Not bad at all!

The Fiocchi was scattering off the paper by a few inches but I don't think people buy hollow points for shooting at 25 yards.

Just recently I saw that S&W is now offering it's M&P .380 ez in three different "Performance Center" packages with fiber optic (not adjustable) sights and cool cutouts and porting. $500ish list. If the pistol could mount a red dot sight... I am tempted to rent one, next rainy day I feel like going to the indoor public range.

The regular M&P lists around $400 and I've seen for about $365 locally.

This Thunder was $286. It doesn't require much hand strength to rack the slide, but it does take some strength to put together after cleaning.

Not every small pistol is limited to shooting at man-sized fbi targets at 5 yards! The Thunder is accurate enough that tin cans and pine cones will tremble in fear and who knows what can be achieved with some handloaded ammunition and a dot sight! Minor gunsmithing to mount a dot sight, and it would spoil it's beauty as a "walking around field pistol"

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Old May 5, 2019, 07:14 AM   #29
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Well done Stinkey.
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Old May 11, 2019, 08:58 AM   #30
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I have the two tone bersa thunder cc version. It’s been a 100% reliable gun from the start. Works great. Although I do question the metal they used for the frame. I do have an issue with it though which isn’t a huge deal. Pulling back the slide to lock it back...the slide lock doesn’t hold it back reliably. I think the lock may have been damaged, When locked back the smallest amount of force will bring the slide home.
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Old May 11, 2019, 10:13 AM   #31
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Nice review. I've owned a Bersa Thunder for years and frequently carried it concealed for a couple of years. This was before the wave of the the small 9mm pistols. It was a nice size for IWB carry---small and slender enough to conceal, but large enough to properly hold. It was also reliable and accurate enough. I haven't shot it in quite a while but I still think it is a viable option for those not wanting the extra recoil from a 9mm.
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Old May 11, 2019, 03:04 PM   #32
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Wife had a Bersa. Friend also had a Bersa. Both repeatedly broke and jammed. Don't get this pistol.
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Old May 12, 2019, 09:50 AM   #33
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My Bersa is in .22 or and has never fired a full mag without malfunctions, even after a trip to the Bersa hospital it continues to be a dog. With this in mind I would never invest in another Bersa no matter what caliber.
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Old May 15, 2019, 05:22 PM   #34
Prof Young
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Sold my but regret it . . .

I had a Bersa Thunder 380 CC. Ran fine and I could get a decent group out of it. I sold it as I found that every time I reached into the safe for a carry gun I pulled out the Sig P238. I think I acted to quickly. Should have keep the Bersa too.

Life is good.
Prof Young
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Old May 17, 2019, 07:40 AM   #35
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Many years ago, when my wife first got her carry permit, she tried a couple of 38's, then a 9mm and didn't like the recoil of any of them, so we went looking for a 22 just so she'd be comfortable with something. She picked out a Bersa Thunder. She loved that little gun. That thing ran like a watch with CCI mini-mags, I mean I don't think it ever jammed with the "high test stuff." Oh, sure, it would choke on cheap bulk pack ammo, but even that wasn't often.

She used it as her carry gun for a couple of years. She was confident in the gun, and in her ability to use it. Not ideal, but better than crying and begging "Please don't hurt me."

In the meantime, she was becoming more and more comfortable with other guns, and the day came when she graduated to a Glock 19, but that little Bersa still went along on most every range trip for a long time. No idea how many rounds went through it, but it was a bunch. Eventually she saw something else she wanted, and it got sold to someone who's daughter was looking for her first gun.
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Old May 17, 2019, 10:47 AM   #36
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I have a Bersa that I bought at a pawn shop used a few years back. It has been reliable and accurate, I have no complaints. I have a co-worker who decided she was going to get her CCW permit and knew very little about handguns. Her husband wanted his CCW as well, crime was becoming an issue in their neighboring neighborhood. They are from the liberal side of the political aisle so I was eager to engage these two and convert them.

I had them come to my house at my range and we shot jframes, the Keltec P32, the Keltec PF9, an FEG P63, an FEG Walther .22LR clone, a Bersa .380 and a few more firearms after getting a range safety lesson. The guy quickly settled in on the PF9 as his favorite and the girl the Bersa. So she carries a Bersa regularly in her vehicle and purse and loves it.
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