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View Poll Results: Is a S&W .38 Special Snub Nose enough for concealed carry?
Yes 131 90.97%
No 13 9.03%
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Old September 7, 2018, 03:01 PM   #126
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I assume we will do this topic again in a month or two with the same results and opinions.
And probably another caliber war thread.

Just remember, Gov. Cuomo, Nancy, Chuck and Diane will see that common usage and reasonable restrictions will make 5 is enough the mantra for self-defense and kiss your higher cap semi handguns and rifles good bye if they have their way.
It doesn't matter what we say here. The gun grabbers deny the unassailable fact that the MSR is in common usage but they still want them.
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Old September 7, 2018, 03:12 PM   #127
Glenn E. Meyer
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They are not in common usage in NY or CA, with their neutered guns. Thus, CA and NY are the world. Ever see that map of the USA?

I hate the term MSR by the way as it indicates the gun is for sport and not for the purposes of the 2nd Amend. Said that before.

However, I am concerned that the focus on self-defense from Heller and later seems to abandon the defense against tyranny.

But that isn't relevant to this thread and I'm bad for bringing it up. Stop that Glenn.
NRA, TSRA, IDPA, NTI, Polite Soc. - Aux Armes, Citoyens
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Old September 7, 2018, 03:14 PM   #128
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"I decided this a long time ago, when I started carrying: If I ever do get into a gun fight, the only thing I have to do to win is not lose.
Really interesting point there. It has a whole lot of extra bits tied into it, such as I don't have to kill the guy to win, either.

If we could ever miniaturize a tazer to the size of a
G19 and give it a fifteen round capacity and 100 foot range, how many people would flock to buy them? Ohh, boy, I think that I would.

The average CW carrier isn't interested in less than lethal rounds, at least I've not seen many posts from them. In fact, it seems that almost every carrier at least makes an effort to get the most dangerous kit possible. How many times have we ever heard "i want to find a bullet that will cause the least possible harm to they guy who has just threatened my life or safety?"

I think that the repeating concealed carry multi round tazer would never make it into the stores because NOBODY is going to use an ltl weapon that might fail to give him the win. Would the guy who carries .45 acp say to himself 'hey, I don't want to hurt the guy too badly, I just want to make him leave me alone.' He probably won't carry fmj, either.
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Old September 7, 2018, 03:19 PM   #129
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To me (as well as Tom Kaye the president of a major manufacturer of rounds for the FN303 less lethal launcher) the term is "less lethal" not "less than lethal" in that it does away with the implication that somehow these rounds do not pose a lethal risk.

Less lethal rounds are still dangerous and can kill an individual. Further they do not carry the same physiological impact a traditional "lethal" round carries. Note that most police officers use them when time or circumstances permit the use of traditional lethal rounds should the less lethal round fail.

They would have to fall somewhere between mace and a firearm and if you have time to cycle through a whole kit of things to use at different times you had time to retreat in most cases.

Add to it some idiot would insist shooting his buddy with these taser rounds is perfectly safe...

Reanswering (not making a second post): I carry a round that balances the ability to create physiological damage with an ability to control recoil. It is NOT the most powerful round available or the one most likely to kill. It is chosen by several law enforcement agencies. While I am fully aware that said round MAY cause severe injury or death my only interest in using lethal force is in stopping my attacker be it by ending his or her motivation or creating a physical impossibility for him or her to continue. If someone told me they used a "less lethal" round I would instantly question if they actually believed they had justification for lethal force.
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Old September 7, 2018, 06:07 PM   #130
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I just now saw this... Sorry
You kinda answered my comment in another post. Thanks for the specifics. I've use that statement [at least my poor version of it] in discussions with friends. They all get it and most have agreed with its real meaning.

briandg - I would carry a less lethal weapon if it proved to be 100% reliable and really did stop an attacker. The Star Trek phaser on stun would be a wonderful thing to have. But until they invent that, we have to deal with stopping an attack, protecting ourselves and loved ones, with just exactly the right amount of deadly force.
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Old September 7, 2018, 06:21 PM   #131
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If I ever do get into a gun fight, the only thing I have to do to win is not lose.
I can't take credit for this idea. I read this somewhere, but I cannot remember where. The original referred to the Continental Army during the American Revolution.

Still, as briandg points out, there's a lot to think about in that simple statement. It's author wasn't thinking about ccw or individual self defense, it certainly applies to my attitude about a gun fight.
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