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Well, of course I wipe between... oh sorry, you wrote shots.
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If you do get a stuck patch, all it takes it a couple drops of patch lube or cleaner and it will slide right out
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Old Stony
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I've said for years that there is no absolutely correct way to load and work with muzzleloaders....and that is great as far as I am concerned. About everyone you talk with has a different way of doing it, and it's not necessarily wrong..just different. I shoot with a bunch of guys in a match once a month, and they all have their own ways...and sometimes win using them. Whatever works best for you is what it is.
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Jim Watson
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At Creedmoor in 1876 the Irish team, shooting Rigby muzzleloaders, said the big advantage the Americans had with their Remington and Sharps breechloaders was the ease of wiping between shots.
Doubt it matters much on a hunting rifle, but the 1000 yard target cares.
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The guys who shoot unlimited bench rest muzzleloaders in the TMLRA shoots all wipe between shots. First a damp cleaning patch followed by two dry patches. They also load very tight, a coned false muzzle allows bore or larger sized balls to be loaded without cutting the patch. But they are allowed two consecutive 30 minute relays to get off their five shots. A lot of that time is spent watching the wind flags waiting for conditions to be perfect for a shot.

Offhand rifle matches have to be done in one relay, five shots. Considering my ability to hold the rifle still while squeezing off a shot, cleaning between relays is "good enough", I use a damp cleaning patch on my ramrod to wipe as I seat the ball. If I put a shot in the 7-ring, it was my, not the rifle's fault. On the 100 yard target, a lot of the game is waiting for a hole in the wind to shoot through, especially with my .36 caliber offhand rifle.

When shooting trap at the shotgun range, I just load the barrel and after the barrel is loaded, I squirt a shot of water+Murphy's Oil Soap down the bore. I can pretty much shoot indefinitely that way. If the bore starts feeling dirty as I seat the wads, I'll increase the amount of water/Murphy's mixture down the bore. A lot of it depends on the humidity.

When I'm shooting black powder cartridge shotgun trap or skeet, I'll carry that spray bottle of water/Murphy's with me and spray a few shots down the bores while waiting to shoot at the next station.
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When I first bought my New Englander, I confirm sighting and a month later

went down to Camp Perry aas they were having the ML matches in the 90's.

I enter the hunting classificatio and fire four seperate matches, some were unlimited sighter and five round for record and some were limited sighter and ten roundfor record.

I knew that fouling had to be minimized and I adpoted a routine of every third round was followed by a wipe with patch of bore butter or No. 13, then afer the match cleaned the nipple with toothbrush and no13. had no problem and took third place in Huner catagory. awarded two can of blackpowder.

Had observes a fellow shooter using a Mossberg ML barrel of his 500, and he was having problems with fouling for puting primers in and loading a ball, with that wimpy rod was a chore

So, wiping does help.
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Another reason to do it is if you use a wooden rod especially in the field. You really don't want to be pounding your balls with a wooden rod, especially if it's the only rod you're carrying on a hunting trip.
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