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I agree that it sounds like she started out on too much gun for her experience level.

I suggest lots of dry fire practice, then lots of .22 ammo down range.

Don't try to have her feel the "wall" and all that -- just squeeze the trigger until it goes "bang". Less to think about. Also, the "bang" should be a surprise, not something she anticipates.

I like your idea of breaking things up. Drill on proper grip, ignoring trigger technique and sight alignment. Then drill on sight alignment, ignoring grip and trigger. Then drill on trigger, ignoring the other two. Then put two of them together, mix-and-match. Then drill the whole package. Do this dry-fire as much and as often as her attention span will tolerate. Once she seems to have it down, go through it again with a 22, live fire. After a few dozen rounds, if she's doing good, move up to the Glock 19. Only introduce the Hellcat after she's comfortable with the G19.

When (not if, when) it starts to fall apart, start over with dry-fire, focusing on whatever part she's struggling with.
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Old April 30, 2024, 08:47 PM   #27
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One other thing I should have mentioned. The most important ingredient:

Patience. Lots and lots of patience, from both you and your daughter. If you get easily frustrated, you're probably not the right person to be training her. If not, but she does, you need to do all you can to reduce the pressure she puts on herself. Explain the process and that it's going to take time and work.
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Old May 6, 2024, 12:38 PM   #28
Recycled bullet
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Hello Nathan. I suggest that your daughter read this thread, that she can pick and choose from it however it suits her in her journey of pistol shooting.
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Old May 22, 2024, 10:10 PM   #29
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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
My daughter is working on her shooting to move towards her CCW license. She has shot 22 rifles and AR’s in the past and done ok. Those are hard to CCW.

So, without my guidance, she bought a Springfield Hellcat. She liked the longer mags for a better grip and shorter mags for carry.

It has a decent, but probably 6.5lb trigger.

When she shoots, she either stokes the trigger too fast or too slow. This combines with some weird grip loosening which causes the front sight to drop like 2 foot POI shift at 7 yards.

Oddly, my 45 auto 1911’s trigger allowed her to hit a paper plate, but it looked like she was going to drop the gun.

Essentially as she squeezes better, her grip loosens to limp grip levels….like almost dropping gun in recoil.

Anybody see this? Tips?
She needs to be Convinced - that the firearm is not hurting her - it's hurting the target.

Like a loud barking dog... her dog... protecting her.

Get that into her head, and the rest is just dry-fire practice with a penny behind the front sight.

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Old May 23, 2024, 01:16 PM   #30
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So hitting very low USUALLY isn't from relaxing the grip. It's USUALLY from anticipating recoil.*

I think you have been given several fine suggestions. I'll offer something else. Once she has practiced dry fire with dime drills, and can keep the dime from falling often enough, take her out for live fire. YOU load her magazine, mixing in a few dummy rounds at random as you load it. Then video her as she shoots. This does two things... it allows you to study what is happening repeatedly with video review, AND it allows her to see her own mistakes.

Others have said that Dad sometimes just can't be the best teacher for certain things because he is Dad. I have experienced that with all of my kids, at least with varying activities, over the years. That being said, my young'ins knew to listen to me on certain things. Swinging a baseball bat, hitting the ball, and shooting were among them.

*it's much more common to squeeze even harder when anticipating recoil, but I'm not going to challenge your observations because I obviously wasn't there.
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Lots of practice with a Ruger Standard Model Mk 2,3,4 or a Buckmark should let her walk before she tries to run.
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