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Long range caliber recommendation

An article in the May issue of GUNS mentioned 6.5mm Creedmoor and 7mm Rem Mag are popular in long range shooting.

Does any reader here use the 7mm, and if so, what bullet is selected if shooting to 1000 yards?
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T. O'Heir
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Work up a load using Match grade bullets. Just remember that not all matches will allow any kind of magnum. And out of a hunting weight rifle, shooting magnum loads all day will pound your shoulder. Plus you must know the ballistics of the cartridge and be able to read the wind and mirage.
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The 7 mag was somewhat popular for a time, much less so today. I don't even know of anyone currently offering a rifle set up for long range target shooting in 7mm RM. Some custom builds can be had. And just because it has magnum stamped on the barrel and cartridge doesn't mean recoil is excessive. 7 mag recoil is virtually indistinguishable from 30-06.

But the 6.5 will do similar things with recoil closer to 243. The 7 mag will do it with heavier bullets, and might be a little better option for hunting elk size game at extreme ranges. I'm taking 500+ yards. But for long range target shooting, or even big game hunting at reasonable ranges, I'd take the 6.5 every time.

Most of the serious long range shooters are using one of several options in 6.5mm or even 6mm. There are other options besides 6.5 CM. The CM version is just the most common and the one with lots of options for factory rifles and ammo.
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I have a 6.5 Creedmoor, it's rock solid at 1000 yards and out to 1,300. I used factory Hornady 147 gr ELD's. I don't have a 7mm, but used one to shoot steel at 1 mile, also a solid choice.
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Jim Watson
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Experienced LR shooters have done a lot of balancing of supersonic range, recoil, and barrel life. When I was shooting F class, I saw Zero 7mm RM rifles.
A friend got into the brief popularity of the .284 but I don't think he has stayed with it.
The 6 and 6.5s seem to be the edges of the sweet spot for 1000.
(Wouldn't it be neat if somebody had some high BC .25 bullets made to get the quarterbore into target shooting? Prolly have to call it a 6.35mm for the 21st Century.)
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Just to clarify, we are talking about calibers for shooting matches, not hunting, right?
HUGE difference between that and a hunting rifle capable of shooting to 1,000 yards.

Most of the matches in my area do not allow magnums.
You'll see 223 Rem, 243Win, 6mm Rem, 6 CM, 260 Rem 6.5 CM,6.5-284, 7mm-08 ( oh wait, that was me), 284 Win, 284 Shehane (an improved 284 Win), 308 Win, 30-06.

Essentially most popular calibers.

On the 25 caliber, there is a company making a 131gr high BC bullet, but it requires a special twist barrel.
I have watched one person not in a match, just shooting, use a 257 Roberts with 75gr Sierra HP varmint bullets shoot an almost perfect score 20 rounds at 1,000 yards.

It more comes down to bullet selection, and LOTS of trigger time!
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