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please help choose ammo

I have a place where I could get up to a 300 yard shot at a deer, I want to take my PSS in a 308. I normally shoot AE 150g or Fed. Gold Match 168g SMK "naked" bullets out of it, I was thinking about using Winchester Supreme with the 168g Ballistic Silvertip which are moly coated.. Is there any problem using moly for hunting ( and re zeroing before hunting ) and using naked bullets the rest of the time? BTW. I really want to score a head shot, so if these aren't a good choice of bullets please offer some better suggestions.

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Art Eatman
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Odds are that there would not be much difference from one bullet to another where the point of impact is, so re-sighting to set up for hunting is no big deal. shoot three, move the group center, check it, and go hunting...

For whitetail, I'd go with whatever 150-grain flat-based bullet suits you. I'd never use a target-style bullet because they're not designed to expand.

I've no idea how skilled you are, or how much hunting experience you have. So, I tend to recommend avoiding neck or head shots for most folks if Ol' Bambi is much over 50 or 75 yards out. Only you can know, of course.

Out at 200 or 300 yards, I'd recommend a heart/lung shot unless you know you are highly skilled. I'm talking the awkward-rest situation here, of course; benchrest groupings are meaningless.

I've used the Remington Bronze Points, Hornady Spire Points, and various Sierra bullets. They all work just fine. Any of them will give groups which are plenty good enough for deer hunting. I'd say that any three-shot group inside one MOA is more than "just okay".

You're running a bit late in the year, but I always suggest a few boxes of practice, offhand, at beer cans out around 75 to 100 yards...


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First, let me address "head shots on deer". No way. Don't even think of it. You'll end up shooting it's jaw or horns off and leaving it to a slow death. If you were lucky enough to kill it, that'd be one hell of a trophy for the wall. Folks would think your some kind of Steven King fanatic. That is if you can even hit it in the head at 300 yards. Shoot for the heart/lung area just behind the shoulder. At 300 yards the only bone to hit are the ribs. The bullet will punch through and make mush out of the lungs. The deer will go no more than 50 yards.
Some of the moly coats don't shoot as well as normal bullets out of various guns. Hornady, Remington, Winchester, Speer, Federal etc. have all been in business a long time and make good solid hunting ammo. Don't compromise on accuracy to get another 50 fps out of the barrel. An accurate, slower bullet is far superior to a faster inacruate bullet any day of the week. Buy what shoots well out of your gun. If your going to shoot out to 300 yards, you better be able to keep them within 1 - 1/4" at 100. That's ~ 4" at 300 yards. If you can't hit that far, get closer. Your hunting, not target shooting.
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First of all...a 300 yard headshot? Which magazines have you been reading?

And secondly, a moly bullet will perform totally different than a non-moly bullet, and once you fire moly in your gun, it is part of the barrel...unless you take days to scrub it out.
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