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Originally Posted by Reloadron View Post
Re post #5 this is likely the referenced thread. I know of no thread over there making any reference to a member being murdered at a range or otherwise. I would be curious as to a link of the incident.

The latter more addresses people out shooting in the desert.

Here in Ohio I shoot at a private members only range which is pretty well monitored. I have no reservation with leaving gear on the bench during a ceasefire for target changes. If I did I would be looking for another range to shoot at. I shoot to relax and enjoy and somehow keeping a constant vigil of my back seems to deter from why I am there in the first place. While I agree with situational awareness I also try not to place myself in certain situations.

I remember one day after rifle I wandered down to the short range for some handgun. Wow, I was now the owner of a Sig P220 and a nice stapler. Took them over to the range office and a day later got a thank you from a member. No reward necessary but it got me making sure I never leave anything behind.

Nope, that's not it.

The member's name was "The Preacher" or something similar. He was clergy. His sister logged in a month or two after he died to let the Forum know he'd been murdered. The thread was AT LEAST 12 years ago.

I'm pretty sure there's a reference to the killing in the thread you linked to
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7.62 man
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I think the best way to prevent this is situational awareness.
Be aware of what is going on around you & your own vulnerability.
Don't take all your guns to the range at one time, only get one gun out of your vehicle at a time. Make sure you can pack up & exit fast by cleaning your guns at home.
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If a person is alone as well as involved in a "task".. I wouldnt count on much in the way a "situational awareness". Sure, a person should pay attention and paying attention can certainly foster the opportunity to detect danger BUT lets be realistic. Having a good handle on what is going on is hard enough when you are devoting 100% of your efforts toward meaningful observation, much less when you are involved in the task of firing a weapon at a paper plate.

I dont go hunting alone, I dont go swimming alone and I dont go to the range alone.
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Protection From Theft/Ambush While At The Range

I agree having multiple people for lookout is an advantage. I generally don’t have an option these days to go to the range with someone else. Most of my friends and I all have young children and our schedules rarely if ever line up, especially as some of us work weekends. Those that don’t have kids are most often busy with the fairer sex. I’m lucky if my wife or immediate family can watch our kids to give me time to get to the range, but that leaves them occupied and frankly most of them have no interest in shooting. I do make sure people know where I am, when I left, and when I plan to return, though I understand that in an ambush situation that is only useful after the fact. The range does have cameras and locked gates, which might serve to dissuade someone. In the end I go alone and I accept the risk associated with it.

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Carl the Floor Walker
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I spend a lot of time in the woods hunting, scouting and hiking. Go pretty far back in. I only want to go alone. That is one of the joy's. My club range is fairly isolated, and I love to go in the winter. Most times I have the range to myself. I actually check out the weather. If it is going to rain, snow, or just cold, those are the days I will head out. Most people do not want to be outdoors at those time.
I feel safer in the woods alone than anytime in the city. I EDC all the time, so I will just have to rely on myself. If I go down, at least it will be doing something I love doing.

The woods and swamps are just woods and swamps. The City is a Jungle. And full of predators.

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Man, what type of ranges do you guys go to? Public ranges here folks are friendly, not looking to rob one another.
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Carl the Floor Walker
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Originally Posted by FITASC View Post
Man, what type of ranges do you guys go to? Public ranges here folks are friendly, not looking to rob one another.
Not all ranges are public some, are Private and some are not in the city but in rural areas. And can be isolated with Police a good distance away and yes as I mentioned you can be alone. Mine is actually in the woods semi remote. About 5 miles from the nearest very small town.
Friendy? Heck they are not all friendly and you watch you back anywhere. Especially Public ranges even indoor ranges. At our local indoor range at the store front, a guy grabbed a AR on a special display on the counter and took off. Dumb S*** was on video and even signed his own name at the counter to shoot at the indoor range. You never know what the Public has to offer. Especially when ranges get very busy. I do not even shoot at the local indoor ranges on weekends. (Pre riot days)

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Ignition Override
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Apparently thieves know when a remote gun range is unoccupied, drive back out and watch for a car to approach. etc. Or cruise by at random times and get lucky.

They probably learn the best tactics & procedures while 'doing time' in County or State Prisons.
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Son and I went desert shooting in NV a few yers back - primarily ARs. When we'd go down range to change out targets he'd use one of those cables (from a clam shell lock box) to secure the firearms to the portable shooting bench. Someone could still steal the ARs but would have to drag the table with them.
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