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Old December 13, 2019, 10:25 AM   #1
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We know most readers have not shot anyone?

But how many have pointed, but not shot, a handgun at another human?

Sitting in front of my Lap Top, I was amazed pondering that question.
At 84 YOA, what memory. For the purpose of this exercise, uncovering, just showing a holstered pistol, is to be classed the same.

1962 Lancashire UK driving south on the East Lancs road. That runs from Manchester to Liverpool. I had been to a Shoot, at a Military Range.
The only pistols I saw, were Browning Hi-Powers, all except mine were Mil-Spec models. Mine an immaculate civilian model, fixed sights, walnut grips (long story on its acquisition) I was carrying my pistol, in a shoulder holster, we could not carry loaded I was told so mine was carried empty.
It was a rainy Sunday (England!) Stopped on the backside of a roundabout, two young men looking for a ride. I was driving my Company Van. Four new TVs in boxes in the back. Mondays work. The engine was set back into the cab, so to seat 3, one sat on the engine cover. They were soaked.

They noticed the TV's, a what-if comment was made, "What if a knife was pulled, you giving us the keys?" Pulled my coat back for a sec, "How about I shoot you off the engine La?" I did not have too, he managed to fit on the seat with his wet friend. Five miles further on, the next island was just far enough. I still had my van and TVs. Did I call the Police? No Cell phones then, plus I did not do so after either.

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Twice that I know brandishment has been effective.

Three people in front of me at work, a fairly tall counter separating myself and them, and unhappy I did not have what they wanted. All of them displaying signs of meth use - both current and past. I made the error of telling them I could not go get what they wanted because I was there alone and one of them put all his weight on his arms on the counter and told me it was not safe to be there alone. I believed at the time he was coming over and his buddy had taken a step to the end of the counter. I took two steps back to the aisle, put my hand on a cocked and locked Kimber .45 on my belt and told them I was fine. We had reached an understanding and they left.

The other time I recall a car had followed me from work - it had been sitting in the parking lot as I left and followed all the way home. The route I had taken was not exactly direct and had gone around a block. I was going through the divorce at the time, my ex had some "wanna-be" computer boyfriends who thought they were all that, and I decided I was just not dealing with it. I pulled into my driveway far enough to one side they could not have gotten to that side, exited the car suddenly with my pistol in hand in a "casual" position by my side, and watched. I was really at a "don't care" point in life. The car pulled in, paused a few moments, then backed out and I never saw it again. Was it stupid to pull into my own driveway in the middle of nowhere? Very much so.

The "I don't know" times? If I exit my house at night to check on noises (its rural as likely animals as anything else) it is normally with a firearm in my hand. Sometimes a pistol and sometimes a long arm but there is no attempt made to disguise it. If it has ever served as an effective deterrent I do not know.
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Old December 13, 2019, 10:49 AM   #3
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Between growing up in South Africa, and living in AZ for 15 years. I could count at least 8 times in the last 40 years I had to pull a firearm because I felt my life was endangered. And a lot more times I was glad to have it with me.

Only had to discharge it once, when I assisted my policeman friend on an armed robbery and we were being shot at with a 38 Special. Either he or I hit the robber in the shoulder, he checked into the hospital 6 days later with his arm rotting off. He did not need it, because he was traced to numerous murders by the revolver he dropped after being hit and later hanged.

Numerous other incidents, attempted carjacking in AZ, attempted robbery of my friend at an ATM, assaulted by a drunk and stoned neighbor, sex offender messing with my wife and following her home, being threatened by some really bad looking gangbangers in the AZ desert (they did not like the L1A1 I produced much, and I came within 1/2 pound of pressure of going off on them). In all cases the threat quickly became either an apology, or they beat feet.
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Old December 13, 2019, 11:34 AM   #4
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Five miles further on
I think I would have shown them the door, not driven 5 more miles...

Not ever 'brandished', not even come close...

"Tools not Trophies”
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Old December 13, 2019, 01:36 PM   #5
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Not even in my year in Vietnam.
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Much better to not discuss such experiences in a public forum.
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