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I understand the Finns let their people buy suppressors over the counter like any other gun accessory with no special permit required and they report they are seldom used in crimes, probably for the reasons Briandg mentioned. In the few instances in which criminal do use them, they apparently don't make a difference as to how easily the crime is solved.

As to home defense, it makes sense to me you will not likely have time to don hearing protection when a home invasion commences. From that standpoint, the can may be an advantage. For one, obviously, your ears are less likely to ring and stuff up and prevent you from hearing where your remaining opponents are moving around. For another, more inertia at the muzzle of a gun tends to dampen flinching and tremor (the second reason Olympic free pistols have removable balance weights) and and the extension in line with the "barrel" is likely to make an adrenaline-driven "instinct" shots place less wildly. It also gives you a place to put your weak hand, at least until it warms up. That seems like it might also be a flinch control-plus for the critical first shot. The main downside will be speed of pointability will be at least slightly reduced by even a very light can.
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"Do not, under any circumstances..." say anything but "hello" and "I wish to talk to an attorney" when police ask you to make any statement.
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I understand the Finns let their people buy suppressors over the counter like any other gun accessory with no special permit required
I'm not even going to pretend that I can make an authoritative statement, but if I understand it correctly, a rimfire rifle is possibly unregulated in england. I don't recall exactly. These rimfires can have a suppressor and it's not regulated either. So, IIRC, a guy who can pass the background check that is required can walk into the place of purchase and carry home a suppressed squirrel gun and they are not afraid to use them on things as big as english hares and foxes, taking shots at head and neck.

If you check some of the videos, you will find that a rimfire the suppressor is borderline unnoticeable. They can be less disruptive than an air rifle. The things fire about three grains of powder and a minuscule bullet down a long coal chute of a barrel, and then that little bitty fart of a powder charge literally expands in the chamber ten or more times and the velocity of the plume is brought down to almost the speed of spray paint. I was astounded to hear a few examples of the 17 HMR being fired. There is a crack. Not much, and that takes up almost all of the sound. I know that some of the ammo I have used in rimfire would literally shrink to a pop. CCI CB shorts in my rifle seriously make only a pop without a can.

Some of these guys can sit in a field and pop rabbits all dog gone night with their night vision equipment and never spook the entire warren. Then they will juice the brains of a fox or two so the foxes won't be in competition for the rabbits. I believe that the english, since they can't just walk into a store and pick up a centerfire rifle have really gotten a lock on how to blow the snot out of a varmint's nose at ultra long range with nothing but a rimfire.

This short video shows a guy with a non-suppressed rifle. I don't care for the fact that he's taking body shots. His one forward shot left bits flying. the others left them twitching. If you look at 1.12, you will see a pair of partridge or some other bird literally walk away from a shot hit about a yard or so away.

A suppressor functions based on a few things, but two part of it is whether the metal is heavy enough to dampen the vibrations and how large that blast of hot gas is. It can't affect the supersonic sound, but you can cut the sound of a subsonic round significantly with large and stout steel and a small charge. A large handgun would probably take a few hundred feet of carpet and a plastic fifty pound barrel to dampen that shock.

The guy who owns my range put up a corrugated roof at about three feet over head level. If he had laid any sort of insulation such as even a sheet of used carpet under that steel, the vibrations would have been minimized. The sound would not have been reflected right back onto the top of your head.
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