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Old July 10, 2012, 03:42 PM   #51
Frank Ettin
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Originally Posted by armoredman
...Perhaps I was extending the courtesy of granting "reasonable" status to the young lady in question without extensive legal questioning.
I have no doubt that the young lady is reasonable. I'm just reluctant to assume that about everyone who might read the post.
"It is long been a principle of ours that one is no more armed because he has possession of a firearm than he is a musician because he owns a piano. There is no point in having a gun if you are not capable of using it skillfully." -- Jeff Cooper
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Glockstar .40
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dont be too quick to grab for your firearm. especially in close quarters they might just take it from you! WALK AWAY! if they dont let you and if need be use your fists a bit to gain some distance. but pulling out a gun with 3 guys close in on ya could be bad for YOU...just a thought
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Old July 10, 2012, 07:01 PM   #53
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Get both of you into a "Gunfighting Course" of which there are many listed and reviewed here on The Firing Line, including more than one of the big one's headquartered in Arizona. They can take someone who has a good basic knowledge of handguns and give them the skills and drills to learn what and how to defend themselves with lethal results. She made some very good decisions, now get her some "Gunfighting Training". Me, I always CCW in Wally World.
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Old July 10, 2012, 10:15 PM   #54
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A note about the DC 'Delmarva' area. I live here, and so I want to throw something out here. Regardless of carry status, the people you should announce a potential threat to you are not the store employees. It's the rest of us... the customers. It's the DC area and there are a lot of us ex-mil ex-gov types walking around in every walmart you go into. Not to mention, there are an awful of what I would call 'Assertive Americans' in the DC area. That woman you see yelling at the kids... the couple you see making eyes at each other. Those are the people you need to get the attention of, in addition to the store employees. It's like shining a light on cockroaches. As soon as you get the light on (by getting the rest of us to start looking) then we make those roaches run away.

I know that sometimes Delmarva does not seem like the friendliest place. I moved back here after being out in the country where a honk meant 'hello' and not 'move you f**king ass'... but when it comes to defending yourselves against a**holes you'd be surprised how fast we can come together regardless of race creed and color :-)

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Old July 11, 2012, 07:47 AM   #55
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Sounds like she did just about everything right, especially in quickly seeking assistance and having an escort to her car. But the bottom line, EDC is a must, plain and simple. While going to guns is a last resort, not having one means what might be your best final option isn't available. Don't see much of an issue with purse carry for women if they pay attention to the purse at all times; it's not ideal, but women's clothing, especially work clothes, do not readily lend themselves to CC ...
"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants." Albert Camus
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Old July 11, 2012, 08:16 PM   #56
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I have a cheap gun holster I keep my stun gun in, and put a pepper/tear gas sray in the mag pouch attached. My S&W 638 .38spl snub is in my pocket as a third option.
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Old July 11, 2012, 09:20 PM   #57
old bear
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Wally world-what would you have done.

Another reason, as if anyone really need one, to stay the hell out of Wally-World and away from the great unwashed it attracts
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Old July 15, 2012, 04:49 PM   #58
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from the sound of it
she did about everything rite

about the only thing that maybe should have been different would be to seek help from more than just the employee's at wal mart. Unfortunately most big box stores have a strict hands off approach to this kind of situation. Mostly due to Tort Law Suits, and civil liabilities. Don't yell fire, but you should definitely get all the attention you can.
as stated guns are a last defense. She was smart. She kept moving, didn't panic and was observant of her surroundings. These are some of the hardest lessons for anybody to learn.
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Old July 29, 2012, 11:40 AM   #59
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A bank I used to work for had branches iin the Walmart you mentioned. We always had issues with our employees running into suspicsious folks. One gal fought off an attempted car jacking. That particular location is especially unsavory.
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Old July 29, 2012, 12:48 PM   #60
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That young lady did very well.

Now, it should be plain to her and everyone why we should carry everywhere all the time.

Yeah, the boss says no and the sign says no but concealed works. You can apologize later.
Ancient Airman
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Everyone Has to be aware of what's going on around them

Your daughter did well you should be proud. Believe this or not many people don't have the awareness your daughter has because of the type of work she or I do for a living. I work in the Law Enforcement community & I might noticing things that are more out of place than other's. I had something similar happen to me & a bunch of ladies I was with a few weeks ago. It was a Weds night & my best friends sister who is a young college student & a bunch of her female college friend invited me out for a few beer's & some gambling. So I met them at about 8:00PM for a few beer's. We had a nice time & decided to throw a few dollar's into the slot machine's. As we walk around playing a few machine's I noticed a guy that appeared to be heavily intoxicated & a little rough looking following the ladies & myself around. This guy followed us around the casino for 2 hours & he tried to be inconspicuous about it but I noticed him the first 30 minutes we were walking around. Within that first hour I told the girls, "hey their is a guy that's following u ladies around stay close & I got this if it goes south." So we then decided to go have a burger at one of the restaurants & this guy was pacing back & fourth waiting for the girls to leave the restaurant. The table we had I sat in a position to which I could watch him the entire time & follow his movements. They told me that they were glad I was with them because they never noticed this guy following them until I pointed it out to them & then they saw it. So after we where done eating I told the girls I would walk them to their car to make sure they leave safely. Needless to say the guy never followed us after leave the restaurant & it's a good thing for him because he would have met the Muzzle of my G26.
"Better to fight for something than live for nothing."-General George S. Patton
"He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and "if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buyone.'' Luke 22:36
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Old July 29, 2012, 03:48 PM   #62
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She did well given the circumstances. I also think people should be careful not to jump to scared conclusions as to draw a weapon as soon as they feel uncomfortable. Although not desirable, a good experience to go through none-the-less. Did the cop approach the 3 men after she got into her car?
"Vegetarian, an old Indian word for bad hunter."
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Old July 29, 2012, 05:31 PM   #63
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Bottom line is carry all the time, or at least where permitted. We all had to find a way that was comfortable-took me a couple years. Now I feel naked without, so I spend as little time as possible in CEZs.

I expect your daughter is already planning this, as she's shown herself to be quite sharp.
Join the NRA/ILA
I am the weapon; my gun is a tool. It's regrettable that with some people those descriptors are reversed.
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Old July 30, 2012, 06:10 AM   #64
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As soon as she walked over to the black and white, the guys must have beat feet and blended into the crowd. I do not know if the policeman went back into the store at all.

What I do know is our daughter was very aware of her surroundings and did not wait until it was too late to do something.

She will not be going back to that store and she is carrying a G30.

We are looking at some products from Coronado Leather to help with the carry part. They were recommended by the wife of the guy I shoot with. She is an LEO also. There is another company, I do not remember the name, that sells quality purses for CCW for ladies. We will be looking at those also.

If any of you have your favorites, you might consider posting their names so we can check them out.

Neither of us want a repeat of the incident.

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Old July 30, 2012, 11:07 AM   #65
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You and your daughter should look at (which you've probably both already done), and consider PMing Pax directly to ask for holster and purse advice.


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Old July 30, 2012, 11:35 AM   #66
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Sounds like a plan.

Thank you.

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