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The TFL Rules are still in effect in this portion of the forum. State your case, provide the facts and leave it at that.

Namecalling and unacceptable language must be avoided in Retail Deals & Feedback just as in any other part of TFL.

If you are not involved in a dispute then DO NOT INVOLVE YOURSELF!
Please feel free to add your experience to a thread if you see feedback for a member or business that you have personally done business with. IF NOT, LEAVE IT ALONE! FIRST TIME VIOLATION WILL RESULT IN A 7 DAY BAN.

If you see a problem developing then please report the situation either by PMing a Moderator or by clicking on the "Report Post" icon in the lower lefthand corner of the offending post. Do NOT contribute to the problem by "bumping" the thread with your own response.

Avoid creating multiple threads for a single dispute.
If a transaction is already under discussion then do not start another thread discussing that same transaction.

If a buyer or a seller agrees to a sale with a documented "I'll take it" or similar confirmation and later backs out of the deal, then the party affected by the transaction will be allowed to post a negative Feedback. The stipulation is proof is to be readily available if a complaint is posted. Documentation can be in the form of a written letter, email, PM, or the like.

This rule is subject to change if deemed necessary by Staff.

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